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Unexpected Probing Causes Accelerated Pregnancy Expansion

It was supposed to be date night, and it's supposed to storm tonight, I'm worried that my date isn't here yet. When I arrived home, I found the trash askew as if it had been looked through, but I couldn't find signs of much anything else. Though, I did hear something behind me on the stairs...

I called a friend, and was waiting for them to arrive when I heard a sound. What was that?! Suddenly, it begins to probe at my face, as if it came from nowhere. I push against it, trying to get away, but it slaps my lips and face, demanding to be let in. It tries to penetrate, but I wiggle and squirm until it manages to pull my sweater up, then pushing down my tights to reveal my belly button.

The probe presses itself into my belly button, releasing what it desires, and impregnating me with its seed. My belly inflates rapidly, growing in an accelerated alien impregnation. I moan and writhe as it stretches and distorts my body, struggling as the gestation expands to nearly bursting! It's coming out!!!


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