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Ponytail Facial

One of my VIP snapchat fans sponsored a blowjob show, but I kept it a secret until showtime. BJ and I were busy taking turns mowing the yard, so my hair was still wet and wrapped up from my shower afterwards and we were both comfy in pajamas. Fresh from the shower, I didn't even bother pulling on a shirt when I called BJ in to the bathroom to start stroking him.
Still covered in lotion myself, I use some of the excess to moisturize him with a handjob. The unexpected teasing gets him hard quickly as he realizes what's about to happen and gets excited. As I stroke him, another message pings through to my VIP snapchat requesting a messy facial. With a tribute and such a polite request, how could I refuse! I finish stroking in the lotion to his cock and then move to an easier position to put his cock in my mouth.

I start out teasing, sucking, and showing off for my snapchat while holding my phone before BJ takes it so I can focus 100% on my unmatched blowjob skills. My almost see through yoga pants hug my ass in a tight heart as I use my thick thighs to add power to my sucking thrust. I alternate between strokes with my hands, licking, sucking, and deep throating his cock until he's ready to blow on my face. The cum shot hits my lip and then a second shot bounces off my nose and splatters into my freshly washed hair, eyes, forehead, lips, and down onto my chin. A third cumshot hits right in the middle of my eyes, splattering everywhere and shooting past my head into my hair. I'm totally drenched! The cum drips everywhere and gets sticky fast. It was a massive, multiple spray cumshot! It's a good thing I wasn't wearing any makeup and my hair wasn't done so it will be easier to wash out because I'm totally covered in jizz by the time BJ is finished with me


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