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Vore meetup gone wrong! BBW swallows you, cums & digests you video from Bambi Lynn
Vore meetup gone wrong! BBW swallows you, cums & digests you by Bambi Lynn We met on a vore forum, and have been chatting for months now. But now we finally meet up to fulfill your fantasy, and my appetite. I tell you I've swallowed dozens of men, digested many more. The ones that don't want to be digested, I just puk e back up. But many more have become a part of these luscious curves. Just let me know if you change your mind, okay? You're so nervous but I reassure you over and over that you'll will be fine, I won't let you get digested. After a while you relax, and I give you a magic potion to shrink you down to four inches so I can swallow you whole. Before I swallow you, I tease you as a Giantess, jiggling my massive tits and ass. I open my mouth and dangle you over it, teasing you before I finally swallow you. I feel you go down my throat and into my belly, filling me up, and it makes me so horny and my belly so bloated. I rub my full bloated belly, burping a bit, and getting so horny. I strip out of my bra and panties down to nothing, and begin to fuck myself with a glass dildo. Feeling you inside my belly  makes me so horny, and I encourage you to jerk off inside of me. Don't worry, I'll pu k e you up as soon as I cum! I cum nice and hard, and feel you start to kick and protest. You want me to let you out, regurgitate you out. You don't want to be digested. I laugh, that was never part of the plan! You were always going to be digested and made a part of me. You're just food to me, and you're where you belong. In my greedy big belly being digested!! My stomach rumbles as I digest you and feel you kick and protest. I bend over and show off my ass and belly from behind, as the protests stop. You've officially been eaten alive and digested by a Goddess, your life long fantasy fulfilled. You were always meant to be my victim, my snack, my prey. You were foolish to think I'd actually regurgitate you up. You got what you deserve!!! 
duration 10:51
Ass and Hairy Asshole Worship video from Amber Adams
Ass and Hairy Asshole Worship by Amber Adams I’m wearing a pair of tight leggings. I slap my ass a few times and say “you want to see this big ass don’t you? You wanna slap it?”. I slap my ass again and moan in pleasure. I bounce my ass for you before sliding my leggings down, revealing my big ass. I leave my leggings on just below my ass. I slap my ass again and ask if you like how big and round it is, and if you can see my asshole hairs peeking out. I say “I know you like worshipping this ass” and slap it again, moaning and loving the feeling of my ass cheeks being slapped. I tell you “I know you love looking at it and jacking your cock to it” while slightly spreading my ass, but not fully. I love to tease you. I bounce my ass some more. I slap my ass again and tell you I love slapping it and that it feels so fucking good. I ask if you want to see my hairy asshole. I say “tell me you want to see it”. Finally, I spread my big ass to reveal my tight hairy asshole that’s never been fucked before. I moan while you jerk your cock to me. I love how you worship this ass and love my tight asshole. I say “You want me to finger my ass, huh? You wanna see how just one finger fills me up?”. I slap my ass again and ask if you like that my asshole has never been fucked, knowing you know how tight it would feel around your cock since it’s so nice and tight. I tell you if you cum enough, maybe I’ll let you slip it inside my nice virgin asshole next time. I get my asshole wet, getting it ready for my finger. I get so horny as I rub the lube against my asshole. I say I wanna put my finger in this horny asshole as I slap my ass again. Finally I slowly slip my finger inside of my asshole, moaning in pleasure as the feeling of my asshole being fingered takes over my entire body. I tell you “I love playing with my horny fucking asshole while you fucking jack your cock to me and watch me please my little virgin asshole”. I continue fingering myself and go on about how it pleases me and in what ways, like how it grips around my finger. I continue to play with my asshole, rubbing, fingering, and teasing it in a kind of horny frenzy. After I let you work up a big load of cum, I tell you I want you to cum on my ass. I say “here let me spread it for you so you can cum all over it” while spreading my asscheeks apart and revealing my horny asshole that I want to be your cumspot. As my asshole awaits your cum, I say “that’s it, cum on my asshole. Fuck I want your cum so bad.”. I beg you to give me your cum. I moan in relief as I feel your huge load release onto my hairy asshole and say “thank you for giving me your cum”.

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