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duration 22:02
Ebony Shaves Off Her Hairy Pussy - CUSTOM video from Rose
Ebony Shaves Off Her Hairy Pussy - CUSTOM by Rose CUSTOM VID You’re sitting in your bedroom with your legs spread open and while you’re playing with your hairy bush and pulling on your pubes, you explain to me that you’re single and that you’ve been fantasizing about me, and you think I’m a really handsome white man. You tell me how much you love your hairy bush and why you like it, but that you’re going to be shaving it completely bald for me because you want our first time together to be perfect and you don’t want any of that pussy hair coming in between us. You explain that you’re a little sad about shaving it all off, but that you’re also kind of excited about it at the same time. You get out your razor, shaving stick and a bowl of warm water and you shave your hairy pussy completely bald while you continue to talk and smile at me. Once you’re all shaved, you’re still sitting there with your legs spread wide open; the remaining time of the video is about me enjoying your new bald pussy while you smile back at me. You tell me how bad you you want my white cock inside of your black pussy now that you’re all smooth and clean shaven for me. You stick some fingers inside and then afterwards, give your shaved pussy nine spanks and then open it up for some more gaping. You then move your hands out of the way for a completely unobstructed view of your bald pussy. [During this video, I get one 40 second closeup while you’re still hairy, and another 40 second closeup after you’ve been shaved, but throughout all the rest of the video, your face and pussy can be seen at the same time. Also, lots of talking and smiling and making eye contact with me; say whatever other sexy thoughts come to mind.] Tags; Hairy Bush, Hairy pussy, Black & ebony, Closeups, Shaved pussy, Dirty talking, Ponytail, Shaving, Pubes, Pussy shaving, Hairy armpits, Hairy, Ebony pussy, Long hair, Nude, Naked.
duration 34:36
JAZZ DAZE FUCK - Meredith Tourmaline & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Tattooed Goth Reading Erotica Succumbs to Her Lover's Touch - Beret, Sheer Blouse, Glasses video from MeredithTourmaline
JAZZ DAZE FUCK - Meredith Tourmaline & DD R'Moan - Real Couple - Tattooed Goth Reading Erotica Succumbs to Her Lover's Touch - Beret, Sheer Blouse, Glasses by MeredithTourmaline Classic, rebellious jazz flows from the record player, sweet and radical, as DD R'Moan enters the room and finds Meredith Tourmaline in bed. She's dressed and dressed well, reading lesbian erotica and wearing her favourite hat, a lavender beret, and her nerdy glasses with silver hearts. One hand holds the paperback open - with the other, she touches herself lightly, her long skirt hiding her round ass, twirling her ankles with the music. She wears deep violet lipstick and a sexy, sheer black blouse. Her lover approaches her, camera in hand, and slowly meets her ass, teasing her with his fingers between her legs. He, too, is dressed well - a grey button-up shirt and skinny black jeans, long hair, and plastic-framed glasses. But nobody's pants stay on for long when Meredith Tourmaline is around. The room is filled with vintage records, posters for old movies, ornate mirrors, and erotic art. Meredith remains clothed, keeps her hat on as she undresses her lover, kisses him through his underwear. She slobbers on his hard cock, her lipstick fading as he thrusts his hips. He holds her head as she caresses his balls, first with her fingers and then with her tongue. She lifts her long skirt and raises her ass in the air, black pantyhose clinging to her round, juicy cheeks. Her face is squished to the bed as DD R'Moan spanks her and pulls down her tights and tickles her through her lavender lace underwear. They become entangled with one another. One camera shoots from the nightstand, while DD R'Moan captures POV scenes from his own hand. Bending, stretching, licking... DD R'Moan crouches over her face and jerks off while Meredith licks his balls, his asshole, and rubs her clit, her golden pubic hair emerging through thin lace, curly and soft and irresistible. Her ass cheeks bounce wildly, mesmerizing, as he enters from behind, fucks her ass, naked now while Meredith remains mostly clothed. Then she straddles him, and his cock plunges in and out, in and out, as she bounces astride. She wiggles her legs and giggles, awaiting the cumshot, knowing he's gonna make a mess.

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