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duration 20:06
Sweetening the Words of the Lord video from Cattie
Sweetening the Words of the Lord by Cattie Cattie's coming home from her Sunday sermon. On the phone with a friend bitching about how it was stupid as always. Pointing out how inconsistent their stories always are as she puts her cigarette out on her bibles pages and closes it. Frustrated from being surrounded by sheep, she stabs her bible to vent. She really needs to relax... and the only way she can do so is taking herself to her own little "church". Stripping down as she complains about how she's been ridiculed for the way she dresses. She grabs her vibrator and feels the holy spirit take over her. Dirty talking in her own sacrilegious way. A small gush of squirt ends her 1st cum. But she's still riled up... she begins tearing at the pages of the bible beneath her. Grinding on its binding until she feels release again. Feeling a little more relived, she feels need to worship just a bit more... tossing the book on the floor, she kneels down on the ground. Cutting away at its pages, seeing them shred to bits all over. She grabs her atrocious & expensive church shoes as her next victim. Dismembering them with her knife & scissors. Going on about how ridiculous it is that everyone buys fancy, over priced clothing just to praise a God that doesn't exist. What this mess REALLY needs though? Some sweetening up! Writing out the word "fuck" in red frosting inside the book and slamming it shut. But she's still not satisfied! Cattie dounces the destroyed bible & shoes in chocolate syrup and more frosting. Is this sin? I don't. fucking. care!! (There is a loOot that goes into the roleplay of this blasphemy themed vid. Heathens will rejoice!)
duration 16:56
DRIPDROP: MARIE SUCKS 3 LOADS OUT OF MATT!! WILL SHE GET A FOURTH?? by DripDropProd After a long day, Matt & Marie finally return back to her apartment. "Want to come up?" Marie asks with a doe-eyed look. Matt knew what that meant. His cock knew what that meant too. His heart pounding, his breaths heavier, his mind racing as he imagines what it would feel like fucking Marie's soft, pink lips. In truth, he was imagining what it would feel like ever since he witnessed Marie drain Brandon's dick earlier that day. "Yes", Matt whispers. Marie throated him moments after they get into her room. Her mouth wetter and softer than what he imagined. After about 12 minutes of sloppy licking and mouth fucking, Marie successfully extracts a load out of Matt. He moans as she sops up the cum that splashed her face and her fingers. But Marie is not satisfied with one load. Oh no. She wants more. She gives Matt no rest, no time to recover. With a renewed vigor, she pumps her dripping mouth up and down Matt's dick, making him yelp as he shoots another bucket of cum on her. Matt is tired at this point, spent as all of this energy has been milked out. He gives Marie a look of resignation, a nod of a job well done, but Marie was having too much fun. Matt couldn't keep quiet as she relentless sucks more of Matt's life out of him. The neighbors heard as he shot out the rest of the semen left in his aching balls. One would think that Marie would have had enough after that. How many can say they made a guy cum 3x's? However...Marie... can never have enough.
duration 13:34
Step-Daddy's Girl Sunday Confession Creampie video from Marigoddess
Step-Daddy's Girl Sunday Confession Creampie by Marigoddess Your little girl calls you into Her bedroom to model Her pretty pink new Sunday dress before church service. "It isn't too skimpy, is it?" She asks, giggling. Twirling around, She inadvertently flashes Her black panties underneath. "step-Daddy, I have something to confess to you..." Your little girl needs to get it off Her chest before church. She knows it's wrong, sinful even, but She can't help Herself. Embarrassed, She admits to fantasizing about you. The way you look at your little girl with greedy, hungry eyes; She knows you feel the exact same way. Your naughty little girl convinces you to sin one last time before church service. She seduces step-Daddy into unbuckling his pants to jerk off for Her, reminding him to fold his slacks nicely so they don't get wrinkled. She lifts up Her dress, pulls Her panties to the side and starts rubbing Her clit for you. Your little girl needs your big thick rock hard cock in Her mouth. Who knew step-Daddy's little Princess was secretly a huge slut? She sucks your cock, slobbering down Her chin until She's practically begging for it in Her pussy. step-Daddy's little girl wants you to fuck Her hard and deep. She lifts up Her nice dress and sits on your cock upskirt, bouncing and giggling in pleasure. When your little girl is right on the edge of orgasm, She becomes cum hungry and demands your creampie as you climax together in unison. How does it feel to watch your massive cum load drip out of Her tight little pussy right before church?

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