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duration 66:32
Getting to know you: Ashley Lowe and Trix's first trance together! video from Mesmerotic
Getting to know you: Ashley Lowe and Trix's first trance together! by Mesmerotic Sometimes you meet someone, and there's just an electricity that runs between you. And when you get two hypnosis nerds together, spending the day getting excited about linguistic tricks and the science of manipulation, intrigued about the other's skills, attracted to the way they think, you know that the trance that follows will be an erudite exploration of control. Through the course of the conversation, Trix lures Ashley closer and closer, deeper and deeper. Each response Trix solicits from Ashley -- responses that are so deliciously eloquent, tied as they are to Ashley's own hypnotic abilities -- she twists into an potent hit of hypnosis. Watching the slow sink as Ashley's body language changes, they start responding to all the little anchors that Trix sets up in a conversational way -- commands to "Let Go", to become tongue-tied, to crave the sharp sting of a slap in the face. In such a gentle, beguiling way, Trix strips Ashley of their will and takes control of the story inside their head. Eye-rolls and finger snaps abound as they connect on a deeper and deeper level, Ashley left hungry for more, and Trix feeling the buzz of a powerful connection to Ashley's mind and desires. What seems to the uninitiated like little more than a conversation on the couch is so much more than that to us hypnofetishists who get off on the entwining of words and control. We hope you enjoy the authenticity and genuine seduction of this shoot. This is definitely just the start of something thrilling. Models: Imaginatrix topping, Ashley bottoming You can find Ashley's link at https://linktr.ee/AshleyLoweUK ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 17:23
tiny aliens invade video from Sloansmoans
tiny aliens invade by Sloansmoans I’m masturbating, completely naked, riding a diildo hard. I’m on the verge on cuming and as I do I don’t even realize there are tiny shrunken aliens all around me. All over my soles, on the bed, near the dildo. I finish and turn myself around to come down from that powerful orgasm. I spread my legs and feel something tickle my pussy. I gently start touching myself and unbeknownst to me, I accidentally slide a tiny alien inside. I decide to clean off my dildo with my mouth and I don’t even realize that a few aliens are on it. I lick them up. I tell myself that I should get going about my day so I step off the bed and my toes land in a puddle of cum and… ants?? Yes, it must be ants. I scoop them up into my palm and decide that I might as well swallow them. They’re just more protein after all. I sit back and decide on which chores I should start on and I don’t notice that a tiny alien is crawling up my body. He started on my foot, then crawled up to my tit, then below my nose. I inhale and sniff him up. Wtf! It must be a fly, or at least that’s what I think. I scrunch my nose and try to remove it but it’s no use, it’s way in there. Hmmm… that’s when things start getting weird. I lose control of my body. I turn around and scoop up more of these “ants” and realize that they are not ants at all. They’re tiny shrunken aliens and one has already begun to take over my body. He’s controlling my every move and that’s when I grab a little vial and fill it with more aliens. I don’t know what’s going on and I plead with them to stop but they don’t listen. I’m placed on all fours with my ass and pussy and soles in view and I push the vial inside my pussy. I push it out several times in protest but it’s no use, the alien controlling me makes me push it so far in that it won’t ever come out. I continue to plead and protest but I’m made to grab another vial I lube it up with my saliva and suck on it and I keep tell the aliens to stop! Where else do they think this will fit?! They turn me over again and I’m mortified when they make me push it into my asshole. I push it out just like before but they push it in so deep even though I ask them not to. Where else can you possible invade?? I begin crawling towards an alien, getting very, very close. Oh no… I know what’s coming and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I beg them to stop but they don’t, they’ve completely taken over. I get close and the alien is right underneath my nostril and suddenly I inhale. I get light headed and fall onto the bed. When I wake I’m no longer myself. In fact, my vessel is theirs now… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/UNAWARE GIANTESS/MOUTH FETISH/CLOSE-UPS/ROLE PLAY/ODD INSERTIONS/FOOT FEITSH/SOLES/ASS FETISH/DILDO RIDING/DILDO SUCKING
duration 35:12
Mother and Son First Time video from Harley Sin
Mother and Son First Time by Harley Sin ** This is my most in-depth mother and son content to date. Please give yourself some time after this video for processing. This is my first content with background music, and I would love your feedback. Please send me a DM after purchase whether you liked or disliked it. Though I only showed snip-its of the sex scenes for effect, all the sex scene contain mother/son trigger dirty talk** You have surprised your mother. She works so hard, she's a single mom and has been for years. She comes home, thinking you must be having someone over but its all for her. Candles, cheese, grapes, and dinner cooking in the oven. She cant believe it. You've even drawn a bath and left her robe out so she can be more comfortable. You sit down to dinner, beautiful soft music playing just for her. When she hears it, its your song! You're confused, but of course you don't remember. She used to dance with you around the house when you were little, falling in love with you. But you get quiet, your mother starts to get uncomfortable. She doesn't understand, when you tell her you feel more than just mother son love for her. She gets flushed, because mothers and sons are not supposed to feel that way. But she can't lie to you. She feels that way too. But you can never act on it. She's relieved, having everything in the open. She laughs. You ask her to dance.... and down the rabbit hole you fall XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, POV, cowgirl, POV sex, POV kissing, virtual sex, pussy eating, mutual masturbation, masturbation encouragement, love, romance, music, aftercare
duration 40:48
Mindless Terror: Asthalia scared, helpless, then brainwashed to serve video from Mesmerotic
Mindless Terror: Asthalia scared, helpless, then brainwashed to serve by Mesmerotic (NB: Asthalia's wonderful expressions are all visible during the shoot -- we are just unable to show them in the trailer!) Asthalia is in trouble. Tranced to not know where they are, why they're there, or who Sinister is, they're suddenly hooded and shoved around. Their fear increased hypnotically, their reactions are genuine and it's obvious in every pleading word and nervous motion. The repeated trances as that terror was built up stolen away, leaving them with no memory of it. Sinister is no help, of course, laughing at poor frightened Asthalia when they beg not to be hurt. After enough time for them to really appreciate the disorientation and uncertainty, the bag on their head is removed and Asthalia is handed a set of restraints to buckle and lock onto themselves. They do so, even as they're made to face the fact that it's only going to make things a lot worse. And of course, once the restraints are in place Asthalia is pinned against the St Andrew's cross and their collar is padlocked in place. They barely have any time to nervously fiddle with the locks before their wrists are secured too - quickly followed by the rest of them. Barely able to struggle, they're helpless to prevent Sinister's touches and taunts as he slowly exposes them. Of course, restrained as they are it's difficult to take their clothes off. So gradually they're cut off, leaving Asthalia ever more exposed and fearful. Everything that's done to them just reminds them of their position, and their pleas for mercy fall on uncaring ears. Sinister is quite certain that Asthalia will start to accept what's happening, though. Because he knows how open their mind still is. It takes only a few moments to pull them back into a trance, their eyes fluttering and body slumping into their restraints. Once done, Sinister puts them into a delightfully submissive and obedient space, bringing them back awake smiling and happy to be there. They ask very politely to be useful, to be stripped, to be abused. This attitude which falls back into terror when Asthalia's mind is returned with a snap of the fingers. The empty, obedient shell scares them even more, of course, but despite claims that "it wasn't me" they really don't have a way to ignore the fact that it happened. That they're that easily controlled. With only a small amount of "persuasion" with a leather strap, Asthalia is soon telling Sinister that they deserve what's happening to them, that they want it. Anything to avoid more pain. Finally they're given a choice - convince him that they'll serve obediently and willingly, or have their mind taken away permanently, stuck in the obedient shell with no way back. Asthalia begs and pleads, doing everything they can to convince him... but of course it's futile. Sinister has no need of their mind, and they're left stuck to the cross, smiling and happy and patiently waiting to be useful. Models: Sinister topping, Asthalia bottoming. More of Asthalia can be found at: twitter.com/Asthalia1 The negotiation before play and decompression afterwards are both included in the video for this shoot. ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: https://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 34:46
Deeply Aroused: Tranced pleasure puppets tranced and controlled video from Mesmerotic
Deeply Aroused: Tranced pleasure puppets tranced and controlled by Mesmerotic When there's a beautiful woman sitting next to you, it's easy to find your mind drifting to the kinds of things you'd like to do to them, or have them do to you. But then, Kit and Trix are the kind of girls who like to have their drifting minds twisted and controlled for the enjoyment of others! And Sinister is more than happy to have two pretty puppets to play with. Sinister stirs their desire for trance and for each other, watching them as they watch each other, her words weaving their minds together as they stare into each other's eyes. So quickly they drop, their heads softly leaning into each other as their eyes roll. After a few rounds of fractionating them that way this gazing becomes a trigger, and Sinister sets her subjects up in competition to see who can manage to stay awake the longest. Trix's combative nature conflicts with her hypno-sluttiness as she struggles to make Kit drop first, playing dirty with slaps and fingers in Kit's mouth to fuck her mind away. Ultimately, of course, Sinister wins as they both drop into an incredibly deep trance. After the two are brought back to reality, Sinister latches onto the delightful little noises that Kit makes, particularly when she feels nervous or aroused. He sets Trix to making sure Kit makes as many little squeaks as possible. Building the sensations and desires in both of them until they're totally lost in how good it all feels as Sinister's words and Trix's touches melt Kit away entirely. Of course, what is there to do with an empty, tranced-out shell but play with it, and so Trix is let loose to enjoy her. After a while of being utterly transfixed by Kit's nipple and focusing all of her attention on pleasuring it as much as possible, Trix savours teasing Kit, stroking and stimulating her -- not quite as much as Kit would like, as she squrims to be touched in her favourite ways. As the arousal grows between her mindfucked toys, Sinister snaps her fingers to freeze Trix in place completely, leaving Kit pinned underneath her, Trix's immobile fingers just inches away from entering her aching cunt as she begs Sinister to unfreeze Trix. The arousal between Kit and Trix is whipped up further as Sinister hypnotically heightens their need, snapping her fingers to freeze and unfreeze them as they touch and explore, going from panting and grinding to frozen like erotic statues, their need being fed by their inability to act on it. Eventually, Sinister allows them to unfreeze. At this point, their minds are so utterly responsive that Sinister's suggestions quickly become their reality. She snaps them between headspaces: Kit suddenly not wanting to cum, then needing it again, while Trix (who was loving just denying Kit) finds herself utterly focused on pushing her to orgasm, then back to teasing again. As their desires growing to a fever pitch Sinister hypnotically links Trix's pleasure with Kit's, each action on the one causing as much pleasure in the other: Kit needing and begging to cum, while Trix craves the feeling of edging and edging and edging. With a snap, Kit's begging for it to stop instead, while Trix is desperate to crest the wave of pleasure she's creating in Kit. Soon the headspace changes are coming so thick and fast that the two tranced-out, fucked-up subjects barely know what to feel: all is pleasure, all is begging. Finally, Sinister allows their begging to sychronize, and gives her puppets permission to orgasm. They cum together: for Kit, a wonderful physical crescendo; for Trix, a hypnotic orgasm that wracks through her body, the sensation heightened by feeling Kit's cunt clenching around her fingers. They both collapse, horny and happy, Sinister's praise ringing around their trancey heads. Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix and Kit bottoming. More Kit can be found at https://linktr.ee/LisaKitto ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://hypnohedonista.com Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 28:42
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow video from Mesmerotic
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow by Mesmerotic There's something about tits - so soft, pliable, sensitive - that makes them so tempting to toy with. For the person that's being caressed, groped, and pinched, it can feel wonderfully relaxing, arousing, and focusing. In the face of so much pleasure, it can be very hard to think. Imaginatrix knows that. And with Kayleth's beautiful breasts under her hands, she knows how to milk her mind out. Dressed as her cute little hucow and positioned in her lap, Kayleth slips into mindlessness as her tits are manipulated. Once she's submitted her mind to the rhythmic pleasure, Trix begins changing Kayleth: removing her humanity, and replacing it with a simple little cow brain, who's only desire is to have her udders touched and her thoughts squeezed out of her head. Reluctant and embarrassed at first, it isn't long until Kayleth is mooing mindlessly. Whether pleasure or pain, a hucow just needs milking, a Trix attached suction cups to Kayleth's udders to fulfill that need, reminding her that sweet little hucows don't get a choice how they're treated, a Kayleth moos helplessly at the painful tugs to her nipples. Perhaps if she's a very good hucow, Trix will keep her for breeding... Models: Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming. Manacles from https://www.harlequinworks.com/ More of Kayleth can be found at: http://linktr.ee/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 17:21
Slutty Sister Sucked the Wrong Dick video from Madison Ryan
Slutty Sister Sucked the Wrong Dick by Madison Ryan Madison’s brother has heard some rumors around school. There is talk of Madison getting used by a group of guys at a party. When he comes home to confront Madison, she is dismayed to hear about the rumors. She didn’t get used by a bunch of guys! Madison is not some kind of group slut! Madison was only trying to hook up with one guy. But the room they were supposed to meet in was very dark. So, when she saw a guy in there, she assumed it was her hookup. Only it wasn’t her hookup. It was just some random stranger. And Madison had already sucked his dick and was about to fuck him before she even realized it was the wrong penis! Too embarrassed to say anything, she let the stranger fuck her, dumping his seed inside. She even squirted on his cock. So embarrassing. Things got worse, of course. After the wrong guy left, the right guy entered. And he wasn’t in the mood for foreplay. A freshly fucked Madison got her pussy used for a second time in a row at the party. And now the rumors are floating around school. But those rumors are nothing compared to what people would say if they found out what was about to happen between Madison and her brother. Because it turns out the story of Madison’s slutty adventure is too hot for the siblings to handle. Before they know it, Madison is taking a third cock in as many days. And this time, it’s her brother’s! Watch Madison’s shame and embarrassment as she confesses to her brother about her slutty ways. And then lets him have his own taste of what a whore she is.

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