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duration 66:32
Getting to know you: Ashley Lowe and Trix's first trance together! video from Mesmerotic
Getting to know you: Ashley Lowe and Trix's first trance together! by Mesmerotic Sometimes you meet someone, and there's just an electricity that runs between you. And when you get two hypnosis nerds together, spending the day getting excited about linguistic tricks and the science of manipulation, intrigued about the other's skills, attracted to the way they think, you know that the trance that follows will be an erudite exploration of control. Through the course of the conversation, Trix lures Ashley closer and closer, deeper and deeper. Each response Trix solicits from Ashley -- responses that are so deliciously eloquent, tied as they are to Ashley's own hypnotic abilities -- she twists into an potent hit of hypnosis. Watching the slow sink as Ashley's body language changes, they start responding to all the little anchors that Trix sets up in a conversational way -- commands to "Let Go", to become tongue-tied, to crave the sharp sting of a slap in the face. In such a gentle, beguiling way, Trix strips Ashley of their will and takes control of the story inside their head. Eye-rolls and finger snaps abound as they connect on a deeper and deeper level, Ashley left hungry for more, and Trix feeling the buzz of a powerful connection to Ashley's mind and desires. What seems to the uninitiated like little more than a conversation on the couch is so much more than that to us hypnofetishists who get off on the entwining of words and control. We hope you enjoy the authenticity and genuine seduction of this shoot. This is definitely just the start of something thrilling. Models: Imaginatrix topping, Ashley bottoming You can find Ashley's link at https://linktr.ee/AshleyLoweUK ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 20:58
Wanna Play Truth Or Dare, Bro...? video from Fiona Dagger
Wanna Play Truth Or Dare, Bro...? by Fiona Dagger (If you're a fan of my taboo roleplay content, please consider checking out onlyfans.com/TabooFiona - I post regular taboo videos, photos and stories there, including at least 1 full length taboo roleplay a month, including this video! It's $8.99 a month for access to all that, so do yourself a favour and subscribe!) You're chilling out with a book when your sister comes barging in saying she's super bored and wants to hang out. She suggests that you play a game, reminding you of how you guys used to play truth or dare all the time when you were kids... It could be fun to give it another go? You're not fussed but you can tell that your sister is not in a mood to be denied, so you sigh and agree. Your sis starts off and you do a few rounds of truths, with your sister mischeviously asking you if there's anyone you have a crush on right now.... You tell her there isn't and she seems surprised and disappointed, but carries on with the game. After a while she seems to be pushing the questions in a more risky direction, asking you when was the last time you masturbated? You start sending her questions back at her, and she tells you happily that the last time for her was last night! You're feeling a bit weird about this game by now but she's giggling and egging you on, asking you next if you ever had a sexy dream about her...? You're shocked that she would even ask that, but when she keeps pushing you admit that okay, you did have a sort of weird dream about her once. She makes you tell her what happened in it, and you reluctantly tell her that you dreamed that you touched her boobs... She laughs at this but doesn't seem mad or grossed out! You begin to feel bold enough to take a dare turn, and to your surprise she dares you to touch her boob in real life... She pulls her top down to show you one boob, egging you on until you do it.. Then you decide fuck it, and dare her to take her top off. She does this with no arguments, cheerfully peeling her shirt and bra off to sit before you topless. Things start really ramping up now, with her daring you to take your pants off, and then you daring her to do hers.... Soon you're both naked, and though you're not quite sure how this all happened you don't want to stop playing... Your sister dares you to touch her pussy and when you do it you find that she's soaking wet.. You dare her to suck your cock, and before you know it your sister is on top of you, teasing and sucking your dick before daring you to go the whole way and fuck her! She sits up and slides your cock into her pussy, riding you as she tells you about how crazy this is but how she's wanted to do this for ages, she just didn't know the right way to approach you about it... She rides you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then you fuck her hard in doggy until she cums all over your cock, begging you to fill her pussy with cum... You give her what she wants, and then watch as your creampie dribbles out of your sister's pussy all over the bed!
duration 11:19
Using His Mouth To Cum video from Catpaws
Using His Mouth To Cum by Catpaws This time I'm in charge of Boypaws for a change! We start out fully nude with his wrists restrained by velcro cuffs attached to tethers, and I tease him by hovering just out of reach before turning around to plant my ass on his face, allowing him to lick and kiss my clit. He's a very enthusiastic pussy eater, so not only does he do it loudly and passionately, he gets rock hard just from licking me. I get up suddenly to interrupt his fun, leaving him gasping, and turn around to ride his face with my bush toward the camera. Sure, I touch his uncut cock a little to work him up, but this is about my pleasure, and when I'm close to orgasm he licks my clit so eagerly his abs flex with the sheer effort he's using to please me. I change position again, and he sucks me to orgasm loudly as I bounce my big butt on his face. Once I catch my breath I dive down to lick his cock, and his surprised moan is just adorable. Throating his cock turns me on, so I slide it in deep, stopping just before my gag reflex so I can keep it in. I reposition to put my pussy on his face and continue sucking and testing my gag reflex, and we end up in a kind of half-standing 69 position as he continues licking obediently. We both make some ridiculous noises, with my moaning and gurgling on his cock combined with his intense groans and loud wet noises when he sucks my clit. I usually want to cum with a cock down my throat, and I pull away to ride his face partly just to make him think I won't - but when I'm right on the verge of cumming I slide his cock down my throat in one motion and cum hard. Once I'm done I suck him off a little more for fun, but pull away without letting him cum... Which he will soon get revenge for in a future video!
duration 13:32
Exposing The Shy Hairy Intern video from Catpaws
Exposing The Shy Hairy Intern by Catpaws Two coworkers are brought closer together thanks to an unexpected spill! In this video you play a nondescript office worker, assigned to help set up an office party alongside the coworker you've secretly been interested in. She's shy and awkward, and it's not long until she's nervously fidgeting around you - and abruptly she spills soda all over her blouse. Horrified, she begins to panic, but you step in to assist with her clothes in a small bathroom that nobody in the building really uses. She wipes the blouse with a paper towel, but it's clearly not helping, and you suggest that she remove her clothes so they dry faster. Her face pales, but she ultimately agrees. She strips slowly, squirming under your gaze, nervously chatting to try to diffuse the tension. As she removes her clothing, the sophisticated persona she so carefully constructed for office life falls away. Her hairy armpits and jiggly stomach are exposed, and she's even more humiliated when her underwear is revealed - a frumpy bra and silly granny panties! She tries to cover herself once the underwear are gone, but there's only so much you can do with two hands and all that ass. You do your best to reassure her that her body is completely normal, but her discomfort reaches a fever pitch. In all her fidgeting she turns too quickly and trips, taking you both down... and you open your eyes to find her huge ass in your face, her hairy asshole pointed directly at you! She's horrified to the core, but when you continue to reassure her and even admit you find her hot, she realizes you're telling the truth and grows to trust you. She grows more comfortable with you and willingly spreading her ass for you and squeezing her belly. By the time you return with a spare outfit for her, she's relatively comfortable with you seeing her nude body, and you even exchange a sweet moment, having cross the boundary from coworkers to intimate acquaintances. :)
duration 20:28
Aunt Takes Your Virginity video from Dani Sorrento
Aunt Takes Your Virginity by Dani Sorrento I have had my eye on you since I first got to our family reunion. I follow you to your room and talk about how handsome you got. I mean you must have a girlfriend. You don't?! That doesn't seem right, well are you a virgin? Did you at least kiss someone yet? Well why don't you practice with your favorite Aunt right now. You are a natural Nephew! I just knew you would be. I see you got a little excited from kissing, why don't I use my mouth on you another way...just stand up and I'll take care of that. Things start to progress once I have your hard cock in my mouth. I take off my shirt and let my hair down, continuing to enjoy your cock. Another part of me wants to enjoy your cock too, just lay back for me. I take off my pants and straddle you. Now you won't be a virgin anymore! I go slow, but go faster as I get more and more into it. I lean in and kiss you while I ride you hard. I have been in control so far, but I really wanna see what you can do now. I lay back and let you fuck me. I can't believe this is your first time, you are so good at this! I am enjoying it so much, already close to cumming, but then my hubby calls me. I answer the phone and try to keep quiet, making an excuse for where I disappeared to. Oh no, I think I am gonna cum! I keep trying to get my hubby off the phone and eventually do, but then I realize you are close to cumming also. I can't have you cum in me, that would be wrong. Just straddle my chest and cum in my mouth. I start to hear a noise just outside the door as you are about to cum, but it is too late. You release your load with your cock not in my mouth. What a mess we made! (custom clip, taboo, roleplay, cheating fantasy, POV sex, close kissing, virginity fetish, dirty talk, strip tease, light makeup, brunette, brown eyes, long brown hair, chubby, bbw, thick, curvy, belly rolls, big tits, juicy thighs, bj tease, white dildo, squirting dildo, fake cum, facial, messy, eye contact blowjob, dildo sucking, dildo fucking, simulated sex, cowgirl, missionary, orgasm, 38dd tits, 32in thighs, barefoot, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
duration 15:50
Step-Sis JOI - Star Nine video from Star Nine
Step-Sis JOI - Star Nine by Star Nine With Star Nine! Why are you awake? Go back to bed even though you had an exciting day at the amusement park. It sucks that Dad wouldn't get us our own rooms and we have to share a bed. You keep making noise, so I turn on the lights and put on my eyeglasses. You don't want to tell me what you are doing? That means you were jerking off. Don't deny it to your big sister. It's natural and everybody else does it. You're lucky it's me that caught you instead of our parents. They would be so mad if they knew you were masturbating with your older sister in bed! What were you thinking about? Are you crushing on someone? She's tall, long blonde hair, eye glasses and long legs. I want to watch you masturbate. Wow, that's a big cock although I haven't seen many dicks. Are you experimenting or do you know what feels good? Laying on my belly with my bare feet swinging in the air, I encourage you to jerk faster before Mother and Father come back. Do you want me to help? Stroke it to me like I'm stroking my hands. Jack off for my long tan legs as my pointed toes and wrinkled soles make you hornier. My tight ass is out of the daisy dukes you liked and this is your chance to see my firm ass. You like an audience when you're cock stroking and I know what will make you pop. My panties have been disappearing for awhile and giving a panty flashing makes you cum a big load. I knew you had a panty fetish! We have to clean up your huge load, so use these tissues. I hear our parents and have to clean your jizz off my legs. Turn on the AC because spunk has a very distinctive smell. We don't want them to know and if you tell anybody that you jerked off to your big sis and that she was watching and encouraging it, I will cut your balls off and shove them down your throat! Includes taboo, joi, jerk off instruction, masturbation instruction, masturbation encouragement OTHER KEYWORDS- sisters family room older woman younger man older woman/younger man jerk off encouragement joe cock tease dirty talking sensual domination foot fetish body worship fantasies fantasy roleplaying role playing blondes tall woman tall women kink confrontation Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

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