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duration 8:34
Extra Lessons With Teacher video from Fiona Dagger
Extra Lessons With Teacher by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've gone round to your teacher's house for some extra help, but when you arrive she's not quite ready for you. You sit on the couch as she tidies up, completely oblivious to how she's letting you see up her skirt by bending over too far, and squatting down on the floor. You try not to look but you can't help it, and by the time she'd ready to start your lesson you're feeling very distracted. She sits with you on the couch and as you go through your work you notice her absent-mindedly stroking and caressing her legs and then her pussy through her panties. Your concentration starts to falter even more and eventually she notices and asks what's wrong, then figuring out that you've been distracted by her legs and panties on display. She says that she can tell you've got a very hard erection there and that it's no wonder you can't concentrate. She encourages you to take it out so you'll be more comfortable, and when you do so she's shocked by the size! She admits that it's gotten her really wet seeing how huge and hard it is, and she suggests that in order to help you concentrate and focus on your work more, she could use her wet pussy to milk a load out of your balls. She assures you that you can just lie back and relax, and she'll do all the work. She peels off her dress and lingerie and ever so slowly mounts you, sliding down onto your cock and whispering soothingly to you. She rides you slowly and softly, telling you to just relax and spurt into her pussy so that you'll be able to concentrate again after - then tells you that if you need her help for extra credit tomorrow as well, she'll make sure she's available to you :)
duration 19:18
Gaping Lesbians Get High And Take Cock video from Davina Davis
Gaping Lesbians Get High And Take Cock by Davina Davis My sugar daddy and I have been on vacation in Paris for the last few weeks, until he decided to trade me in for some slutty French girl. Now I’m stuck in Europe with no money, and no way home!!! It’s the middle of the night so I figured I’ll just get a hotel and figure things out in the morning. I thought that was a great plan until I realized my sugar daddy shut all my credit cards off!! I guess I should have let him fuck my ass when he told me he was gonna replace me for a European girl…..My only option now is to get a hostel, so I checked in only to find out that my roommate is a total pot head! Gross!!! I specifically asked for a non smoking room!!! We argued back and fourth for what seemed like hours, but then I started getting horny…….My new roommate “Aria” told me she had gotten me contact high!!!!! I’ve never been high before, and I guess she is kind of cute, if you like the dirty stoner type…. So I decided to “go with the flow” and let her have her way with me! First she licked my pussy until it was soaking wet, then she pulled out not one, but TWO giant dildos and shoved them both inside my pussy until I came everywhere! After I was done squirting, I decided it was her turn to get off. I grabbed the dildo covered in my cum, and stuffed it right inside her gaping hole without even cleaning it off. I wanted her to feel my cum inside of her pussy. She moaned and screamed with pleasure until she squirted all over the bed! I made her lick up her mess then bent her over the side of the bed and ate her ass until It started gaping, just like her pussy hole. Then I fucked both of her holes some more until she came for the fourth time! I must be a damn good lesbian when I’m high! I guess smoking weed isn’t so bad after all!

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