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duration 19:03
All my Kinks... video from Miss Ellie
All my Kinks... by Miss Ellie This video is like a portal to my sexual soul. It began as a custom, I played around with the new editor and made it into something pretty cool. I am really enjoying the quality of the 4k cam. It just so happened that all the requests for the custom were all of my kinks, so I decided to compile them into a hot video, and put some creative touches on it. Here's the script: I start by teasing you, slowly, touching my body and light stripping, playing with my tits. I start talking to you and telling you how to stroke your cock, and to synchronize it with my hand movements. Then, I whip out a dildo and tease you by talking about how good it would feel if my mouth was around your cock *sucks dildo* (you get the point). I finish stripping and play with my pussy while dirty talking and instructing you how to jerk off. Then, I bend over and take it in the ass and show you my gapes. Very very hot views of my ass being penetrated. We then have a little bit of pee to which I taste, riding a dildo and then a massssssive squirt. Best one I've caught on cam! Then I lay back and do ATM ATP ATM over and over. What a wonderful feeling going from ass to pussy like that! I get myself riled up enough that I spread my legs and fuck myself just how I like it. I cum for you (no squirt, just a wonderful orgasm) and then the video ends with a beautiful scene of my naked body sitting beside my lights. Fetishes/categories included: JOI, BJ, Anal, Doggy, Ass to Pussy, Ass to Mouth, Dirty Talk, Strip tease, Anal Gape, Squirt, Pee, Pulsating Pussy, Big Ass, Legs Spread, Spit
duration 36:25
Butt Plug Bonanza video from MsCakes
Butt Plug Bonanza by MsCakes 3 butt plugs, 3 orgasms, and a whole lotta asshole stretching and gaping! I start by stripping out of my bra and panties and spreading my ass open for you, showing off that tight asshole you love so much. Then I get my fingers lubed up and slide them inside my asshole, gently getting it warmed up. I take the first plug, a small pink silicone one, and slowly insert it into my tight asshole. While we give my asshole some time to adjust to the small plug, I decide to give my wet pussy some attention – first with my fingers, and then with a vibrator and a small dildo. It feels so fucking good having both holes filled at the same time, and it doesn’t take long for me to reach my first mind-blowing orgasm, making my asshole tighten around the plug and my pussy creamy. I slowly remove the plug and spread my ass to show you how my asshole looks a little more relaxed and open. Then it’s time to move on to plug number 2 – a slightly larger pink glass one with a flower on the base. I slowly push it inside me with a little more ease, since my asshole is nice and warmed up. This time, I turn around and grind on top of my vibrator until I cum again with my pussy and asshole quivering up close. I bend over and spread my asshole open again as I remove the plug and let you see it gaping a little bit more. With that, I’m finally ready for the pièce de résistance – a clear glass plug that’s almost twice the size of the previous one. Although I’ve already been stretching out my asshole for over 20 minutes, I still have quite a bit of difficulty getting this last plug inside. But I take my sweet time, and after a couple of minutes it finally pops in place, filling me up more than ever. I lay back on the bed with my legs up and use my fingers and vibrator to cum for you one last time, which turns out to be the most intense orgasm of all. Then I bring you nice and close up for the final reveal as I remove the largest butt plug and spread my gaping asshole open wide for you to cum all over it.
duration 27:44
Fucking Ur Used Up Slut Girlfriend video from Delphoxi
Fucking Ur Used Up Slut Girlfriend by Delphoxi SLUT CONFESSIONS | You tell me that you want to be more kinky! You tell me to go out and fuck someone tonight at a party and then come home and tell you all about it while you fuck me! I nervously agree because I want to be a good girlfriend! I worry that you won't like it so much if I really go through with it but you assure me that you think it would be so fucking hot! I come home hours later and you're eager to hear where I've been so long and eager to hear about the stranger that got to fuck your hot girlfriend. I nervously tell you that it went well and that I got a big load of cum and that it's still literally dripping out of me, but I feel bad, I know I have to be honest with you. I begin confessing to you that maybe I fucked more than one stranger tonight....and maybe it was more than just 2 .. or 3...maybe the whole party turned into a massive gangbang and before I knew it men where lined up around the block to fuck me! I spread my legs and show you all the cum dripping from my slutty used up pussy! I confess that the line just kept growing and growing until...maybe I fucked 60 men or more all with no protection, one after the other and they all left me dripping with loads of semen! And now it's your turn! Are you brave enough to fuck me after I've been all used up by so many unprotected strangers!? This was your idea after all! As cum drips from my pussy I climb on to your cock and you fuck the cum of so many strangers deeper into your used up whore girlfriend !!

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