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Son has urges for mommy. Explore and experiment with mommy. Taboo HD video from Rosemarieloves
Son has urges for mommy. Explore and experiment with mommy. Taboo HD by Rosemarieloves Honey... I wasnt going to ask but I just got off he phone with you principal.. Dont ignore me. You have to be honest. Usually I would just let you coming home from school early because you are going through one of those phases but when we get a call from the principal thats where we draw the line. This is serious, SO i need you to tell me what happened today.

There you are ignoring me... Im not having it. All your principal said is you were being bullied.. by your friends. The ones Ive invited over and made dinner for... So tell me honey.

So what you keep a pictured of me in your locker??? thats nothing to be bullied about. Im sure other boys have pictures in their lockers of their mothers. What do you mean its not like that??? its a picture its harmless.. OMFG you cant just take pictures of your mom in the shower, of course your going to be bullied. You cant just take pictures of me in the shower and hang it in your locker. I Know you love mommy but thats different. What do you mean you really love me???? did you tell your friends this.??? You are not supposed to have urges for mommy. Thats why they made fun of you. You cant just go telling your friends you jerk off to me and spy on me. Honey honey honey why.... At your young ripe age you have urges and your confused..

How can you tell the difference between and urge and actual feelings.. Well thats tricky. I guess the only way is to go experiment and have fun with other girls. Cause Ive been the only women in your life.

****Continue to watch to see how my boy explores me. From feeling my breast up and touching them,licking and sucking moms tits, me flashing my pussy, mommy sucking his cock and making him hard, mommy riding his cock pov style, and even teaching him how to jerk off JOI till he cums all over himself.

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