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duration 24:07
barely legal video from Sloansmoans
barely legal by Sloansmoans Men don't frequent this corner without a purpose. Do you need help finding what you're looking for... Daddy? I can tell you're hesitant but it's okay. Let me please you the way you deserve. Plus, I'm BARELY LEGAL. That's right. I know you want to be the first pervy daddy to fuck my tight teen pussy. Your boring life needs something sexy for once so you reluctantly say yes and take me to your house. I start off by teasing you with my body, showing off my tight, sexy body. I've been standing on the corner all day long and my feet are so sweaty. I take my shoes off and socks and shove them down your throat. You're such a nasty, pervy daddy. I tease you about how wrong this is, how you could get in so much trouble for being with me. I slide off my smelly panties and toss them at you. You love my scent, don't you? You're so hard for me! But you start getting cold feet... you ask me to leave and try to pay me put I refuse to go. Instead I blackmail you into fucking me because I'm so horny and I need cock. I'm going to tell your wife what a pervert you are if you don't give in to me. I grab your cock and start sucking you off. You hate the way you love my touch. I continue to tease you with my dirty clothes as I suck you off and then I push you down onto the bed. I'm going to ride you. I bounce on your cock as I talk dirty to you and keep my sweaty clothes under your nose at times. I cum so hard and show off my juicy pussy as I clean myself up with my panties. I flip over and tell you to fuck me. At this point, you're all mine now. You start fucking me so good and I tell you to repeat after me as I say so many naughty and taboo things. As you fuck me I see movement behind you and realize your wife has walked in! I tell her what a perv you are and tell you to keep fucking me. You want to stop but you can't resist my pussy. I can't believe your wife is going to watch you cum deep inside a naughty, teen, escort... enjoy me, xo TABOO/ESCORT/ROLE PLAY/DADDY'S GIRL/SOCK SMELLING/PANTY FETISH/SMELL FETISH/SWEAT FETISH/BARELY LEGAL/18 YEAR OLD/FEMDOM/CAUGHT/BLACKMAIL/POV SEX/DILDO FUCKING/FUCK MACHINE/DILDO SUCKING
duration 65:22
#20-17 Creampie Amateur Audition video from Jay Bank
#20-17 Creampie Amateur Audition by Jay Bank Hello Everyone! Here is my latest release for my 18auditons brand. This video was shot last October in New York City and it's by far one of my best 18auditions videos I've ever done. I'd say in terms of interaction and chemistry the set of videos I shot with this model (#20-17 & #20-18) are top 5 for sure. The video is a creampie and it's about an hour long. The second video, #20-18, will be released next month and it's also about an hour or so. #20-18 is also really really good. The chemistry was SO good, I had scheduled another 3 or 4 shoots in December with the model but the plans unfortunately fell through. Usually I wait until I see how well the videos sell but in this case I didn't really care if they sold well or not. I thought the interation and intensity was that good and strong, that I wanted to produce more regardless of profitablity. I shot a few models like that. If I think the videos will be high quality, I'll produce them. I can't really say enough good stuff about this set of videos, they really are some of the best I've ever done. Without question. Enjoy! PS - check out my OnlyFans, I post a lot nowadays and you get a 25% OFF code for my ManyVids page for the full duration of your subscription. You can use it an unlimited amount of times. Also, it's only $9.99/month and I have a LOT of videos and pics up there now. I also upload previews as I edit the new releases. Next Wednesday's release, April 7th, will be 18auditions Creampie Clip #19-33. That's the same model in #19-19. A lot of you have been waiting for more from that young woman, and I don't blame you! Take Care Everyone!
duration 35:13
Cheating With The Clingy Ex video from XxNaughtyGirlxX
Cheating With The Clingy Ex by XxNaughtyGirlxX Even though she is super clingy and crazy, you still find yourself thinking about your ex when you're with your new girlfriend. Although things are going well, you're desperate to feel her touch again, specifically her lips wrapped around your cock and to fuck her. Last time you spoke it was a booty call and you find you've done it again. After your call she rushes over. You knew she would, she's obsessive and clingy as hell. You're willing to look past it for tonight just to make sure you get your way with her. It is unsurprising how willing she is to be all over that cock again although she has a few conditions of her own this time. She wants you to tell your boring gf about it after. Uh-oh, not good, but fuck, the moment is here and you'll say anything to get inside her right now. You agree but then she pulls out her camera phone and demands to take photos of herself sucking and fucking your horny hard cock. Although this definitely isn't good for your new relationship, your throbbing dick has needs and you have to just let this happen like the little cheat you are. She slobbers and sucks, and goes to town pleasing your cock with her slutty little mouth and pussy. She begs for you to cum in her unprotected. You know you shouldnt. She's crazy, she's clingy, she's obsessive... but pulling out just doesnt seem to be a choice for you tonight ;) Fuck it. The consequences can wait.. creampie,cheating,lingerie,stockings,blackmail,blackmail fantasy,homewrecker,homewrecking,dirtytalk,gfe,exgirlfriend,ex,ass,ass fetish, blowjob,solo,solo female,female masturbation,close up,pussy spreading,wet,cum loads
duration 20:56
Cheating Husband Fantasy (Custom) video from XMochaPuffx
Cheating Husband Fantasy (Custom) by XMochaPuffx This was a custom viceo! The following is the customer’s scene description: “You are my wifes best friend and you and me having been having a affair behind her back for a little bit now. The video starts with you me and my wife are eating dinner at my house you are wearing high heels and which ever sexy dress you have that is low cut and shows off your amazing ass and really shows off how sexy you are. We are talking about life and you and i flirting in front of my wife. Then my wife complains about how you are dressed and a little jealous and you say nothing wrong with it you are just with friends. Then something spills on your dress and you have to head over to the bathroom. As you walk away you bend over and show me you are not wearing any panties and wink at me and gesture me to follow you. It cuts to you and me in the bathroom you tell me you couldnt wait to be alone with me and drop to your knees and start sucking my cock. As you suck my cock you talk dirty about how much you love my dick and how wife doesnt treat me right. After some super sexy deepthroating and dirty talk you bend over and hike up your dress and start begging me to fuck you saying you dont care my wife is here you want to fuck me. I slide my dick inside you hard and deep and start fucking you hard and deep as you moan hard and talk dirty about how much you love my dick. You cant stand my wife you only hang around her to be with me and you know she doesnt fuck me right. You love how we are fucking with her in the house. As we are fucking hard and deep we hear my wife knock on the door. And you make up a excuse why you are still in the bathroom. I keep fucking you as you talk to my wife trying to keep your moans down. You say you havent seen me and dont know where i went. As you are talking her to have a orgasm from the situation and let a moan slip out. She asks what that was and you lie to her and get her to leave. I trust that lie to your imagination. After she leaves you tell how hot that was and how badly you wanted to tell her we are fucking hard and you just cummed all my dick and how hard it was to not moan super load as you cummed on my dick. You beg me to cum all over your face and tell me how bad you want it. I cum all over your face and you smile and tell me we should get back and dessert the video ends. I would like you to use my name chris and if you have a cum shot dildo use that as well.”

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