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duration 32:15
Getting A Raise video from Marissa Sweet
Getting A Raise by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: I would like this video to be a sequel to the secretary video…the premise being that you continue to persuade me to give you extra time off and a higher salary by being even more risqué around the office. Let’s pretend that the next day you come in wearing a similar outfit (hair up, same white mini skirt without panties, heels, and a different top…this top should be loose and low-cut so that your boobs are completely visible when you lean over, such as a button-up camisole that you can partially unbutton). For this video, film from my POV at my desk where you to sit in front of me on my desk. Start by coming over to my desk and flirtatiously leaning over so that your boobs are visible, dangling in front of me inside of your top (would love if you occasionally shift your shoulders so that they jiggle a bit, and if you could make one strap casually fall off your shoulder that would even better). As you lean over, you thank me for completing your work the previous day and tell me that you will try to make sure that I really enjoy having you as a secretary. You tell me that you would like to continue improving the view around the office if I am interested…but I will need to compensate you more. Of course, I agree. Then you tell me that you need to go organize some receipts. For the next scene, cut to a camera angle from the floor of our office (similar to our yoga and floor cleaning videos). I would like you to be sorting piles of paper on the floor…bending over on your knees & elbows with your legs spread as wide as possible and facing away from me. Your skirt should be riding up so that I can completely see your pussy from behind. You are aware that I am watching and enjoy mesmerizing me with this view, being sure to occasionally stretch forward and other teasing movements. Talk to me as you sort the papers, occasionally turning over your shoulder as you do. For the final scene, I would like for you to take another letter. This time, you come and sit on a chair/couch in front of me, it should be close enough that you seem only a couple feet away and at my eye level, but so that I can still see your face. As you take the letter, please be sure to sit back so that you can put one foot up (similar to the last video) but please make sure that your pussy is facing me and completely exposed. Again, I would like you to make it obvious that you are enjoying distracting me, and continue to shift your position so that you are blatantly teasing me with your pussy, even ask me if I am enjoying the view. At some point, please casually open your pussy lips with your fingers as you are reviewing your notes and then let go. I will let you decide how to end it.
duration 27:37
Babysitter Coerces You Into Cheating video from Marissa Sweet
Babysitter Coerces You Into Cheating by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: 20 minute roleplay with elements of JOI, homewrecking, virtual sex and impregnation fantasy. You are a babysitter training as a masseuse who has convinced her employer to let her practice her massage techniques. You are very focused on releasing all of his stress as he's returned from a long after-work gym session, with his wife still hours away and the little ones all in bed. Your actual plan is to seduce him into having sex with you, and making sure he cums hard and long enough that you just might get pregnant. You also want him to enjoy his "massage" so much, that you're all he can think about from now on. Scene starts early in the massage session, with you working from his shoulders down much much lower. You notice his bulge, and convince him to start jerking off - you're all alone, it will help relieve his stress, and it's not like he doesn't already jerk off to porn. He can even think about you if he'd like. You masturbate thinking about him, sometimes, so it's only fair. Eventually you take over and start giving him a handjob so he can really relax. He's extremely excited. You tell him you'll tell nobody, to just relax and enjoy it, and you promise to let him finish himself so he doesn't feel guilty about it after. Of course, by the time it feels too good, it's easy to tempt him with the idea of letting you finish him, letting him cum all over your hand. You know he wants it. At some point in the handjob, it becomes obvious that you are masturbating, and you're stripping, telling him to touch you. When naked, you tell him that you really need help with your own stress now. You show off you full perfect body, then get on top, and grind your pussy against his cock. You ignore his protests, promising not to go any further. You just need his hard cock rubbing against you a little longer before he cums. After the grinding gets you close to cumming, there really one thing left. You take his cock inside you - he's begging you not to let him cum inside you, but you swear it's only for a little while, just to help you cum, and you'll stop before he does. You're practically begging for him to fuck you now, you know it's dirty and wrong, but it's only this one time. By the time you cum, there's really no stopping what comes next. You promised to let him pull out, but you insist he keeps going, just a little longer. But when he gets close, you become very different - dominant, even bratty as you tell him to give you what you want, and he's going to give in or you'll tell everyone about this "massage", and how obviously he enjoyed it. When he tells you he's going to cum, you ride him harder, this was your plan the whole time, to get his babysitter pregnant. You've seen all his babysitter porn, you know this is the hottest sex he's ever had. No wonder he can't control his cock around you. He cums inside your pussy, now he'll never stop wanting you now, and you think his stress issues may need a lot more sessions.

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