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New Toy Orgasms

Rose has received the new LYPS vibrating massager that just went on the market and can't wait to use it again. She's only had the toy for a day but already she's used it twice, with multiple orgasms each time. Finished with filming and fresh from a sexy skype show, Rose is wearing only her sexy black opaque, lace top thigh highs. She already has her favorite SPUNK Lube on hand and is ready to play.
If her new vibrator is everything she hopes it to be, then there are several easy, panty soaking orgasms ahead of her. Rose spreads her legs and balances one foot on the edge of her chair,starting the vibrator up on low. Even the lowest setting feels amazing! But Rose is greedy and wants a lot of leg shaking orgasms,so she cranks it way up and holds it unmercilessly against her sensitive pussy, still swollen with orgasms had earlier. Rose rides the toy, thrusting and grinding until she fucks her way to at least 5 orgasms. When she finally pulls the toy away from her soaking pussy, her legs are trembling and her arms shaking as she wobbles in an attempt to stand. Rose fucked herself crazy! When she tries to stand up, her orgasm engorged pussy quivers and drips juices down her thighs, sending her to her knees with an exhausted, orgasm filled moan. Looks like this new toy is quickly going to become a favorite!


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