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The Library Game

The library game is a lot of fun, but much harder than it looks. Only a true exhibitionist or bibliophile would be able to pull it off, but Rose is here to help you. She LOVES books, they're her favorite type of porn! Rose is always wandering around her favorite library looking for the newest release of naughty books to read.

She's brought you to her favorite stacks where you can find all of her favorite authors, but you aren't here to read. Rose wants you to check something else out with her. She's wearing a short skirt and has a small vibrator, but any noise and you'll get caught! Rose reminds you to stay quiet. As long as you don't make any noise at all, Rose will strip and keep masturbating for you.

Let Rose show you an entire new way to love books as she shows off her bookworm fetish and masturbates openly in the aisle. She even strips down to just her miniskirt and lifts her leg, spreading her hairy, pierced pussy and masturbating for you. Rose works up an intense orgasm, stifling her moans in the silence of the library until she cums so hard her legs shake and her skin flushes pink. When Rose is finished playing the library game with you, you'll have a renewed love of literacy.


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