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10 Levels Of Edging

The new Shibari vibrator I got for my birthday is just begging to be tested! I gave it a tiny buzz but haven't had the chance to enjoy every setting yet and wanted to see everything my new vibrator had to offer. The box claims "10 power levels of pleasure!" and I plan to put every level to the test. My goal is to test each vibration setting twice before quitting.
The first level immediately feels amazing and quickly has me squirming. I say each number out loud as I rotate through the settings.Each new level makes it harder and harder to continue on. Before I've even finished testing all 10 levels I find myself quickly having to edge back before I cum too soon. I barely manage to make it through all 10 settings when I can't help it and orgasm anyways.
Still shaking, I cycle back through the vibration settings, making myself hold each one for longer to really test it out. By the time I've cycled back to level 10 again I find myself having several more orgasms! The vibrator makes my hairy pierced pussy drip as I quiver under the **** of multiple orgasms in a row. Definitely a very enjoyable birthday present!


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