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Red Lingerie Facial

A fan purchased a sexy set of red lace lingerie for me from Wishlist.BlackxRose92.com, and I couldn't wait to wear it! I wanted to send a special thank you, but I didn't have time to film or masturbate, so I dressed myself up and started taking snaps for my VIP snapchat while BJx checks his email behind me.
I knew the sexy snaps and poses would get his attention, and I was right. Only 4 snaps in and he takes my phone to replace it with his cock while snapping all of it. I suck his cock, even sliding it down my throat and gagging on it, as I use my sexy fan gifted outfit to tease. I wiggle my ass while I wrap my lips around his cock and suck hard. I look as sexy as I feel in this hot lace bra and panty set and it shows. Using every part of my body, I tease to the point of torment, using my hands, lips, tongue, and throat to milk BJx's cock onto my face.

The cum shot splatters across my nose until it covers my whole face and drips down onto my chest. I smile at my job well done as I blow bubbles in the sticky, hot cum dripping off my lips. I lick the small droplets off my lips and rub the cum dripping onto my chest, smearing it on my tits and face


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