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duration 16:19
PUNISHING MY CHEATING NEIGHBOR by Ellie Idol I'm your next-door neighbor and you're married. I've picked up on the fact that you check me out all the time but you of course are clueless that I've noticed. While I may have some physical attraction to you, I'm internally disgusted by the fact that you'd cheat on your sweet wife if given the opportunity. So with your wife out of town for the weekend, I decide to test my theory. I use a piece of mail as an excuse to come over and tempt you into slipping up. It's so easy to get you to cheat too! In no time at all, we're fucking on the couch. You're really into it, and you think I am as well. I tell you to tell me when you're ready to cum and when you do, I hop off your hard cock, ruin your orgasm and kn0.ck you out with chlo.r0form. When you come to, you're bound, in chastity with your face smelling like pussy (I had to get mine after all). In the time you were out, I went for a night run and got myself REALLY sweaty! I begin to degrade you by shoving my parts into your nose making you inhale my scent as punishment! It's so humiliating isn't it? Yet somehow you're getting HARD inside your cage. For the final act of humiliating you, I pee my panties and stuff them into your mouth and hold them in place with duct tape. Now your wife will find you like this when she comes home. If you want your key back in the next year, you'll need to endure every future torture I have in store for you! Otherwise, I'll let your wife know you want to fuck your hot neighbor and ruin your life even more!!
duration 14:17
Prove It; Bi Encouragement video from Ellie Rowyn
Prove It; Bi Encouragement by Ellie Rowyn You won my contest, so we finally get to meet. I can that you want to fuck me badly. I remember that you bought my Cuck Clean Up vid and wrote me that “I’d eat another guy’s cum from your holes just to taste them”. I tell you that I love Bi guys, but lots of guys SAY they’re Bi just to have me, so I made a new rule: “Prove it”. Once you agree to proving that you're bi, I call up my hot bi friend and ask him to come over. I tell me that anything that you want to do to me, you have to show me how badly you want it, by doing it all to him first. You have to show me how much you're enjoying it too, so I know you're not faking. While you fuck around with him, I'm going to gently guide you while I get myself off. I know how badly you want to finger me, so I ask you to show me how badly by jerking his cock. It's so hot watching you guys make out and touch each other's dicks. Now, I know you’re dying to eat my pussy and make me cum all over your face . Kneel down and show me how good your oral skills are on his big dick. I guide you on how I want you to suck his cock, but mostly just watch by touching myself. I want you to suck his dick until he cums. And when he does it's SOO hot. I ask how you want to fuck me the first time. You tell me “Face to face with your legs on any shoulders to go deep”. I tell you to show me. Fuck him that way and show me how much you’re gonna love getting me off that way, Work his dick to get him off too while you're fucking him. I know you want to fuck my hot little asshole, with me face-down/ass-up. Just like this. This time, I want you to pretend you're me; get in the same position as me, spread your ass for him, and show me how much you love him fucking you the way you want me to love you fucking me. And I want you to cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Now, you're a little messy. Let's go to the bathroom to clean up. I grab a cup, pee in it, and ask you to wash your mouth and face off with it. And now, you've earned my pussy! This was a custom! Order your's by submitting a BTO! Tags: ellierowyn, ellie rowyn, bi, bisexual, bisexual encouragement, bi encouragement, mutual masturbation, joi, ass, ass fetish, asshole, asshole fetish, thong, thong fetish, teasing, pee, peeing, pee fetish, tattoos, tattooed, redhead
duration 11:23
Daddy's Painful Punishment Take Over video from Dani Sorrento
Daddy's Painful Punishment Take Over by Dani Sorrento **WARNING** Heavy bruising and truly painful discipline content. I am at home, playing with my mother's sex toy when my dad comes home early. He catches me in the act and I try to hide it, but instead he tells me to put the toy back on my pussy. I am confused and embarrassed, though that doesn't stop my daddy from punishing me right then and there. He has had enough of me taking their stuff and just being plain disrespectful. So he feels like my mom's spankings are too soft on me. I plead for him not to punish me, but he convinces me to do it his way. I keep the hitachi on my clit as he lifts my legs up. My bottom still sore from my last spanking, he uses the strap on my sit spot making me cry out immediately! I think it can't get worse, but he grabs the bath brush next. My butt is so sore and I know its gonna hurt, but daddy doesn't hit my butt this time. Instead, my poor sensitive thighs get the harsh hit of the bath brush. Turning my thighs a bright purple as he continues to spank them. I then am told to take off my panties and flip over onto my knees to continue this spanking. Making sure my butt doesn't feel left out, he uses the bath brush on them as well before ending with the hard clear Lexan paddle. I am begging him, saying I'll do anything if he stops. Of course I'll do anything he says, from now on we do it his way....(Adult Role Play, Daddy/daughter, punishment, severe corporal punishment, embarrassment, pussy play, vibrator, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, red hair, barefoot, size 11 feet, legs up position, hard spanking, crying and whimpering, lingerie, leather strap, wooden bath brush, heavy bruising, tattoos, discipline, curvy girl, long hair, g-string, Universal Spanking, Dani Sorrento, multiple cameras, multiple positions, @UniversalSpank) (video is also posted on Universal Spanking's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on their sites)

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