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duration 31:02
Up Close & Personal: 3 orgasms, 1 with panties stuffed video from Lima Charlie
Up Close & Personal: 3 orgasms, 1 with panties stuffed by Lima Charlie *NOTICE: in order to upload this video to amateurporn.com I had to reduce the resolution from 1080p to 720p. To get the 1080p version you have to buy it on manyvids here: .manyvids.com/Video/757854/Up-Close-amp-Personal-stuffed-panty-amp-cum/

I was wiped out by the end of this! I begin by stripping down and giving you a VERY close view of my pussy. This was my first time attempting this, so I've learned a lot but that also means the video isn't in focus the whole time, though it is in crisp 1080p most of the time. It's such a detailed look that you can actually see my torn hymen at the base of my vaginal opening (not due to violent sex, my first was very big but my hymen was large and in the way to begin with, it went ahead and got out of the way real quick haha). I then take my WeVibe Touch vibrator (my pride and joy and favorite toy) and start to enjoy myself. I squeak as I attempt to hold the sounds of my pleasure in (thin walls). I begin to shake and soon I'm bursting with the first orgasm of the video (12:09). I go right back into it and bring myself to yet another explosive orgasm (17:26). You get a front row seat as my pussy gets wetter and wetter and my vulva turns into darker and deeper shades of pink. My clitoris becomes engorged and doubles in size. After a quick breather I take my panties and stuff them completely inside my pussy and once again give myself another orgasm that leaves me trying as hard as I can not to scream in ecstasy (28:05). Then I pull the soaked panties out of me and put them in my mouth (again, every bit gets stuffed inside). I gag on them a little bit and then pull them out. This pair of panties is now for sale in my shop on manyvids:
duration 13:57
Seduced By Your Sister video from Fiona Dagger

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