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Trancing Touches and Hypnotic Kisses: Two subs entranced by hypno femdom video from Mesmerotic
Trancing Touches and Hypnotic Kisses: Two subs entranced by hypno femdom by Mesmerotic Imaginatrix loves to watch her playthings lose themselves in deep trance. And two playthings are far better than one! With Scarlot Rose and Faerie Willow kneeling at her feet, Trix casts her hypnotic spell over her willing toys and has them gaze into each other's eyes as they drop into trance. They soon find themselves trailing their fingers over each others' bodies, at Trix's suggestion, as she uses their touch to fractionate them into a helpless, sensual state of trance. Falling deep into trance, their head on her knee, Trix takes their minds away entirely by having them mindlessly repeat her words until they have no will of their own. Trix holds the power to manipulate their desires, and she focuses their attention on a desperate need to kiss each other. She toys with them, building that need, having them beg before allowing their lips to meet passionately - though each kiss takes them even deeper into her hypnotic hold. Using trance to amplify their sensitivity, Trix makes certain her playthings find each other's touches intensely pleasurable, shuddering and shaking. But Trix isn't finished - she's enjoyed the show, but now she plans to indulge herself. She runs her leather glove-clad hands all over their bodies, ramping up their arousal. Before long they're desperately begging to be given Trix's permission to enjoy hypnotic orgasms that leave them gasping and moaning. Now her toys have lost their minds to pleasure, Trix seals their fate by offering them a kiss each, which are charged with her hypnotic control. As their lips meet hers, she once again has her toys cascading into erotic bliss. Finally, she decides the cameras have seen enough, and has her mindless toys crawl after her, up to the bedroom.... Models: Imaginatrix topping, Scarlot Rose and Faerie Willow bottoming. ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: https://twitter.com/HypnoHedonista - https://onlyfans.com/hypnohedonista Sinister: https://twitter.com/SinisterDenial - https://patreon.com/sinisterdenial More of Scarlot: On ManyVids: ScarlotRose.Manyvids.com On OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/scarlotrose On Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scarlotssecrets On Instagram: https://instagram.com/Scarlotssecrets More of Willow: On Twitter: http://twitter.com/faeriewillow_ On OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/faeriewillow On ManyVids: http://faeriewillow.manyvids.com/
duration 20:59
Mommy's milky tits.Let down,Mirror play milk streams & self suck video from Rosemarieloves
Mommy's milky tits.Let down,Mirror play milk streams & self suck by Rosemarieloves Mommy's milky tits are so full of milk for you. Be my good boy and watch me empty myself and envy all the milk you wish was in your mouth. Stare at me as I dance a little revealing my heavy titty's, I twiddle and touch my nipples make them soo erect. I turn myself on touching they start to drip delicious milk out right in your face. I squeeze my big brown breast and milk flies out so easy. Yummy hmmm I squeeze and endless milk sprays out. I pull out my mirror so you can see all my milk cover it. I squeeze and so many sprays come out of my nipples. Sprays and lots of drops fly and fall all over. My mirror gets so covered after a few sprays I decide to lick it off for you so you know IM not wasting all that milk. I stick out my wet tongue and lick lick lick all my milk off, and then I spray my milk streams all over it again. Theres still sooo much milk left how about I suck my tits for my good boy?? yes I know thats what you like. I take my bigger breast and suck, milk easily flows into my mouth. I swoosh my milk inside my mouth for you making nice sounds ..open wide you ask??? only for my good boy. I open my mouth and you can see that yummy white creamy milk in my mouth, i swirl my tongue around in my mouth playing with the milk, then let it fall and gush out my mouth all over me. I do this a few times so you can see all my milk. My good boy say you want mommy's milky tits... Your wish is my command. I turn to you and squeeze and spray streams of milk at you. ENjoy my love

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