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Making Molly My Good Little Slut video from Fiona Dagger
Making Molly My Good Little Slut by Fiona Dagger I sensually domme the beautiful Molly Darling - gagging her cute little mouth with a ballgag and pulling her around on a leash before bending her over my sofa and having some fun with her big round ass. I insert an anal hook into her asshole and attach it to her hands behind her back, leaving her squirming and powerless against me. Next, I get a vibrating toy and push it into her tight wet pussy, making her wriggle and moan even more as both her holes are filled. I then take my time getting her ass all nice and pink, spanking her with my hands and then a paddle! Then, I inform her it's time for her to eat my pussy, and she does so beautifully, kneeling on the floor between my legs and sucking and licking my clit until I cum. I then decide that she's earned some attention and I put on my strap-on for her to suck, commanding her to impress me with her skills and show me how much of a greedy little slut she can be. She deepthroats and gags on my cock, getting all messy and dribbly, and when I'm satisfied I bend her over again and fill her pussy with my cock, fucking her tight hole until she's moaning and trembling! Before she can cum I pull out of her and make her sit down on the sofa with her legs spread, and inform her that she's been a very good little slut and I'm going to use some toys on her now until she cums for me. I use a wand vibrator on her clit and a glass dildo in her pussy, pleasuring her until her creamy pussy is making a huge mess all over my sofa and she finally cums! ~~This is Molly Darling's first Girl/Girl video! Make sure to go check her other videos out :)
duration 19:39
Literary Nymphomania - Meredith Masturbates, Comes, & Squirts (Multiple Times!) While Reading Aloud about the Mad Wives of Famous Writers video from MeredithTourmaline
Literary Nymphomania - Meredith Masturbates, Comes, & Squirts (Multiple Times!) While Reading Aloud about the Mad Wives of Famous Writers by MeredithTourmaline A different kind of book porn! Have you ever wanted to have a manic and sexy affair with someone who'll read to you in bed, read to you while you masturbate, read to you while you fuck? Let me seduce you as I strip while reading to you about the lives of the mad wives who became muses to the male literary figures of modernism. Let me be your mistress, your muse, yours.

In 'Heroines' by Kate Zambreno, published by Semiotext(e), the author describes her feelings of both helplessness and desire as she marries a writer and finds herself following him from town-to-town for teaching gigs, ignoring her own needs, and researching the archives of all the mad literary wives who came before her.

A one-handed read, stories printed on pages smeared with lipstick and cum. A dramatic but playful reading, bringing myself to orgasm as I read about the author's fantasies of affairs, of sexual awakenings, of her own sticky pages in library books. I slooowly get naked as I read. Watch me cum as I read about poetry, and squirt as I read about Anaïs Nin's infamous diaries and erotica. Moaning, shuddering, even almost weeping as I tell you about the desire to be studied like a literary character, to be psychoanalyzed, and to be the psychoanalyst, too; on idealizing the apparently open marriages of modernism; and the search for a way to be free, to be an artist, to be art itself.

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