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duration 28:08
The Fuckining: A Halloween Special video from Ellie Skyes
The Fuckining: A Halloween Special by Ellie Skyes DESCRIPTION: My brother and I normally bond during the spooky season with a good scary movie. What could the movie be this year? It seems my brother has picked out a possession movie. Possession has always made me feel weird.. I can't seem to get the idea out of my head. Especially the idea of sexual possession... The idea makes me strangely turned on. I start to rest my eyes during the movie as I get comfy and rest my legs over my brother. The next thing I know I am waking up on the couch with the movie over and my brother standing and staring at me.. That's when I start to feel funny. I feel.. out of body. I feel.. out of my mind. My mind and body can't help to repeat over and over.. "I need to get on my knees and suck my brother's cock" It feels so wrong but, it feels so good. It's so fucked but, that's the great part. This uncontrollable need to fuck my brother. The pure fucked pleasure of it. Over and over. He covers my face with pure pleasure as I endure the pure perversion of it all. However, this isn't enough to cure the craving of my brother's cock. I need more. My own brother fills me with his cock as a possessed version of me repeats how much I love this. How much I love how fucked I am for fucking my own brother. How I need his cock in my pussy. A pure mind fuck that ends with my own brother cumming all the way inside me. Filled me with his evil juices. The next thing I know I feel like I am back in my body. Now covered in my brothers cum. What did we do? Was it because I brought up the idea of sexual possession? Who knows.. ***All actors and characters depicted are 18+ *** TAGS:POV, POV Sex, Dirty Talking, Taboo, Kink, Family, Cream pie, Facial, Mind Fuck, Brother x Sister If you love the video it would make me so happy if you'd support me by leaving a review! I love to read them and they encourage me to make more amazing content!! Xoxo - Ellie Skyes
duration 26:41
Family Reunion Fuck Fest video from Ellie Skyes
Family Reunion Fuck Fest by Ellie Skyes This year at the family reunion for my 18th I thought I'd host my own private event in my room.. All my family members are invited to come in and have a little stress relief from the family functions! On me of course! Everyone knows I'm secretly the family whore. I take pride and pleasure being used for my holes! However, I still come with a price.. $5 a hole! First is my pervy Uncle who fucks my mouth and gives me a quick facial! Uncle is still hard though so.. I offer my fresh pussy that he gets to be the first to fuck if he tips extra! Up next are my two cousins. It's going to cost more for the both of them to fuck me at the same time. As I start to cum on my cousin's cock; my other cousin gives me a nice facial! I love when my family's sperm and juices mix all over me! I'm bent over and a bit spent.. but, that's when my brother comes in.. He's been nothing but a bully and so I ask for him to leave. He spanks my ass to get me even more worked up. That's when my brother offers a whole bunch of money with a dog collar for me. He fucks me like the puppy whore I am! Finally, there's daddy.. But, daddy isn't supposed to be here because mommy said no. I'm Hesitant at first but, then daddy shows me his huge cock. I can't resist. I start sucking his cock. That's when mommy comes in and sees her cum drenched whore of a daughter. Daddy makes mommy watch as he fucks me. She's going to need time to recover. Tags: Family, Taboo, Kink, daddy roleplay, daddy's girl, barely legal, collars, leashes, pigtails, freckles, cream pie, creampie, facial, blow job, dirty talking, POV Blowjob, POV, POV sex
duration 11:27
Fembot Corruption video from BlackxRose92
Fembot Corruption by BlackxRose92 The new Fembot model has arrived! The big box was delivered earlier today and is waiting to be unpacked. You've read through all of the instructions that came with your Fembot purchase and are so eager to test it out. When you command your new Fembot to "wake up", she slowly begins to unfold herself from the cramped box.

How cool! The shiny Fembot follows a number of commands that you immediately test out. It has features like "cleaning", "cooking", and even offers incredibly realistic humanoid features like simulated breathing, sweating, and sexual fluids. Since the Fembot is hot off the manufacturing line and you're testing it before anyone else, you start slow, ordering the Fembot to "clean".

The Fembot fluffs the couch pillows, and even grabs the duster to clean the expensive figurines on the mantle. Her movements are slow and rigid, so you command her to speed up. Oh no! She moves too fast and knocks everything down, making an even biggger mess than before she started. You try to command the Fembot to shut down, but something has gone wrong. Instead of powering down,the Fembot starts to sputter and stutter. Her limbs move in jerky, staggering movements and her words become scrambled. The Fembot totters around, stumbling and nearly falling, even falling asleep mid stride! Nothing you do gets the Fembot to shut down until an automatic power off override initiates and the Fembot puts herself to sleep. Finally!

But she's not done! Sleep mode was just a front as the Fembot was updating her software.Something has corrupted the Fembot and she strips off all her clothes, changing her commands from "clean" to "fuck" and "cook" to "stimulate". The Fembot suddenly has too realistic artificial intelligence and spirals out of control, even bending over and saying "Fembot FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK BUTT! FUCK FEMBOT BUTT BUTT BUTT BUTT FUCK BUTT!" The Fembot has a virus! The voice command power off has been removed and the Fembot is operating on her own systems and commands now! There's no telling what will happen with the Fembot mysteriously controlling herself!
duration 31:21
My Best Friend's Dad video from Fiona Dagger
My Best Friend's Dad by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the names Mr P and Benjamin are used throughout) It's the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and you've offered your daughter's best friend Fiona a place to stay while quarantine is going on, as you know she'd prefer not to go home to her own family. Your daughter is staying with her mother, so it will just be the two of you, but you've known Fiona for years and feel very comfortable having her in your home. As she arrives and begins unpacking her stuff, she thanks you profusely for letting her move in with you for a while, and mentions how she's always looked up to you. The two of you grow closer over the next few weeiks, beginning to spend more and more time together, and Fiona seems to be gradually gaining the confidence to drop little hints towards you about her feelings... You're not sure whether you're imagining things, however, until one day when you realise that she's masturbating in her room, and has left the door open... You can't resist peeking round to get a glimpse, and are mesmerized by the sight of her on the bed, fingering herself and moaning your name. You stand there watching in shock and arousal, until she opens her eyes and spot you! Immediately you turn and move swiftly down the corridor, cursing your slip up and hoping that it hasn't ruined your chances with her... You're relieved when a few hours later Fiona joins you in the living room, wearing only one of your shirts and shyly asking if she can sit with you. She gets close to you on the couch, telling you how much she appreciates you and how she's loved growing closer to you this last few weeks, even confessing that when she was younger she used to be jealous of your daughter, and would wish that you were her father... Finally, she gathers up the courage to kiss you! She pulls away nervously to check your reaction but you pull her back in, kissing her passionately and running your hands over her body. The tension mounts as your kissing gets more and more intense, until she breathlessly begs you to take her upstairs to your bed! You lead her upstairs and she immediately drops to her knees, unzipping your pants to take out your throbbing hard cock. You can barely believe what's happening as she worships your cock with her tongue, inbetween telling you how badly she's been wanting this, for so long... She asks if you'll fuck her, and slowly peels down her panties to reveal her perfect little pussy. She lays back on the bed and opens herself to you, gasping as you enter her for the first time. You passionately fuck her in multiple positions until she's professing her love to you and begging to be filled with cum, orgasming at the same time as you spill your huge load into her tight pussy! TAGS: british, english, posh accent, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, taboo, daddy, age difference, dildo, missionary, creampie, blowjob, cock sucking, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl
duration 30:05
Passionate After Date Fuck video from Fiona Dagger
Passionate After Date Fuck by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Ben is used throughout) You and Fiona make yourselves comfortable on your bed, and she tells you how much of an amazing night she's having so far. She says this is the best date she's been on in ages, and admits that she asked your mutual friends to arrange a party so she could meet you, as she kept hearing them talking about you and it got her really curious! She says that once she looked you up on social media and saw your pictures she knew she had to meet you, and she was so thrilled when it worked out and you asked her on this date! You kiss passionately before she strips down to lingerie and stockings, then kneels before you to worship your cock with her tongue, paying you lots of compliments about what a nice cock it is and how happy she is that the date is going so well! You cum in her mouth and she swallows it gladly, then you quickly tell her don't worry, you'll be able to go again in no time! She's thrilled, especially when you tell her it's now her turn, and you peel off her panties to eat her pussy. While you're licking her, she confesses to you that after she met you at the party last week she went home and touched herself thinking about you, and made herself cum 3 times! You bring her to orgasm with your tongue, then she says she needs you inside her right now, and begs you to fuck her. You fuck her in missionary, taking it slow and sensual at first and then gradually building up the rhythm, then flip her over into doggy to keep pounding her. She cums hard on your cock, then gets on top of you to ride you for a few minutes, before you flip her back into missionary to finish together, giving her an earth shattering orgasm as you empty your seed into her!

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