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duration 20:35
Found You Wearing My Stockings video from Fiona Dagger
Found You Wearing My Stockings by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the name Dominik is used once) We're roomates and I come home from work one day and ask you if you know anything about why my panties and stockings keep going missing and re-appearing days later back in my drawer... You deny having anything to do with it but I'm not convinced and keep quizzing you. I ask if you wouldn't mind me having a look around your room for them and before you can protest I pull open your bedside draw and what a surprise, there's a pair of lacy black panties, black stockings and a suspender belt in there! I'm a bit exasperated but I don't seem too annoyed any more, in fact I seem flattered and I admit that I had guessed you had a crush on me, I just wish you'd owned up and not lied about having them! I even admit that I've occasionally stolen your boxers out of the laundry and snifffed them, so you don't need to feel embarrassed. But then I notice that the stockings seem a bit stretched out - what exactly have you been doing with them?? Wait a second, have you been wearing them...? You awkwardly try and deny it but I can tell you're lying - thankfully I don't seem to be mad at all, in fact I seem really turned on by the idea of you wearing my lingerie! I ask if you'd model them for me and when you say no I tell you it's the least you could do after stealing them from me and then lying about it! I watch as you put them on, encouraging you and telling you how hot I think it is, and when you're all dressed up I seem super into you in ladies lingerie! I can see that you're turned on as well as your hard cock is very visible through my lacy panties, so I suggest you rub yourself through them while I play with myself. I strip down to my own set of lingerie and start rubbing my pussy as I watch you stroking your cock, then tell you that I'm just too turned on now and I think we should fuck! I tell you to pull your panties to the side and fuck me, and as you do I tell you all about how I want us to go lingerie shopping for matching sets, and how I can't wait to see you all dressed up in different kinds of lingerie! After we both cum I tell you that you should take the day off tomorrow - there's a second hand wedding dress in a shop nearby that I think would look amazing on you, so we should go out and buy it and then you can fuck me while you're wearing a big puffy wedding dress!
duration 10:20
Vampyre Vaga Mezmerizes You JOI video from Vaga Bong
Vampyre Vaga Mezmerizes You JOI by Vaga Bong POV - You awake to see the beautiful Vampyre Vaga looming over you. You seem suitable to her needs so she takes you! You blink in and out, you find your mind hazy. Vampyre Vaga turns even darker, her eyes become black. She requires your devotion, your lifeforce and your every bit of essence. You are in a trance, you can't help but do what the beautiful vamp says. You begin to jerk off, but then she bites you, draining you! You come to on the floor, staring at her high heels, then Vampyre Vaga picks you up. She is not done with you, you've been such a good little bloodbag, but she still requires more from you. You must give her your everything. She tells you to jerk faster, and to give your mind to her. But she doesn't want a weak little cum, she stops you in the middle of a countdown. You can't cum yet, you must give her further control. And of course, more of your precious lifeforce. You gaze upon her, into her dark black eyes, and at her pale, round bosom, as she counts down again, until she finally reaches 1...and drains you of whats left as you cum. You have proved useful, she will be back. ***This video is slightly low visual quality due to my camera not reacting well to so much black :/ CONTAINS NO NUDITY*** TAGS: bbw, vampire, domme, fetish, halloween, costume, black eyes, goth, gothic, horror, scary, fangs, corset, cape, hood, femdom, mesmerize, joi, countdown, edging, orgasm control, sensual voice, domination, bdsm, tattoos, piercings, altgirl
duration 22:12
All Girl Threesome Finishing What We Started video from Dani Sorrento
All Girl Threesome Finishing What We Started by Dani Sorrento After teaching Virginia and Veronika how to twerk, then spanking and kissing each other til we couldn't take it anymore. We finally really get things going after being teased all day long! We kiss, fuck, lick, suck, pull hair, spank, and cum all over each other's faces! All of us cum more than once and make sure we each get a taste of our delicious pussies and kiss the juices off our lips. This is a free for all fuck fest and we just can't stop ourselves from going crazy! My first ever all girl threesome video and my first time ever with Veronika Rose and Virginia Rose. You don't wanna miss all this hot action, I can't even watch this video without getting all hot and bothered (kissing, making out, make-out, lesbian, bisexual, rough sex, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, panties, naked, thigh high socks, redhead, brunette, long hair, groping, spanking, all girls, tall curvy girl, tall skinny girl, short skinny girl, pussy eating, cunnilingus, pussy licking, fingering, finger pussy, grab neck, facesitting, face sit, tattooed girls, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, big tits, small tits, small butt, ass shaking, face riding, multicolored hair, brown eyes, multiple cameras, multiple angles, multiple positions, all girl threesome, nipple sucking, female orgasms, Virginia Rose, Veronika Rose, @Veronika_rosexx, @VirginiaRoseXXX, @spankdani) (video is also posted on Veronika and Virginia's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on their sites)

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