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duration 24:11
Zero Two Cosplay Sissification Darling in the Franxx video from OmankoVivi
Zero Two Cosplay Sissification Darling in the Franxx by OmankoVivi You enter Vivi's room to see her packing up, getting ready to go to another fun anime con! And look, she has JUST the perfect outfit for you to wear - don't you want to make Vivi happy by tagging along? She promises to make it worth your while, as you change into the embarrassingly tight bodysuit for Ichigo. My oh my, you look ready to pilot a franxx now~! Zero Two teases her darling Ichigo with her fat ass, waving her sexy latex body in front of your eyes. You're helpless to resist as she giggle and drag you along to the convention, where there are TONS of fans waiting to take millions of photos of you! It almost feels like they're fucking you already!!! If that wasn't enough, Vivi (Zero Two) brings you to the after party, where you both sport matching lingerie sets! How adorable, a sexy little sissy learning how to suck cock properly! Zero Two works a yummy cotton candy lollipop before she pulls out to strapping young con-goers, who are more than eager to show their love and appreciation for anime! Zero Two teaches you to suck cock like a champion as she is spitroasted by these two delicious cocks. But it's not enough, is it? Ichigo, you're such a perverted little girl!!!! Why doesn't Zero Two teach you how to lube up a thick cock and stretch your hole over it? You'll get to see amazing views and angles as Zero Two slams her sexy ass on this cock, until her lovely fan unexpectedly cums inside of her!!! But you can't let that stop you from satisfying all these nerds, and some more join in on the fun by blasting Zero Two on her tits and face! Are you ready for more dicks, Darling~?
duration 19:39
Literary Nymphomania - Meredith Masturbates, Comes, & Squirts (Multiple Times!) While Reading Aloud about the Mad Wives of Famous Writers video from MeredithTourmaline
Literary Nymphomania - Meredith Masturbates, Comes, & Squirts (Multiple Times!) While Reading Aloud about the Mad Wives of Famous Writers by MeredithTourmaline A different kind of book porn! Have you ever wanted to have a manic and sexy affair with someone who'll read to you in bed, read to you while you masturbate, read to you while you fuck? Let me seduce you as I strip while reading to you about the lives of the mad wives who became muses to the male literary figures of modernism. Let me be your mistress, your muse, yours.

In 'Heroines' by Kate Zambreno, published by Semiotext(e), the author describes her feelings of both helplessness and desire as she marries a writer and finds herself following him from town-to-town for teaching gigs, ignoring her own needs, and researching the archives of all the mad literary wives who came before her.

A one-handed read, stories printed on pages smeared with lipstick and cum. A dramatic but playful reading, bringing myself to orgasm as I read about the author's fantasies of affairs, of sexual awakenings, of her own sticky pages in library books. I slooowly get naked as I read. Watch me cum as I read about poetry, and squirt as I read about Anaïs Nin's infamous diaries and erotica. Moaning, shuddering, even almost weeping as I tell you about the desire to be studied like a literary character, to be psychoanalyzed, and to be the psychoanalyst, too; on idealizing the apparently open marriages of modernism; and the search for a way to be free, to be an artist, to be art itself.
duration 16:44
Sitting on daddy's lap. Tit sucking massive cum load on daughter HD video from Rosemarieloves
Sitting on daddy's lap. Tit sucking massive cum load on daughter HD by Rosemarieloves Daddy's little princess is home from uni.

Hi daddy Im home, Did you miss me??? Oh daddy you need my help. I sit on daddys lap helping him finish a little work on his ipad. As I sit I confess how much I miss daddy caring for me and being his brat.I miss being home and loved and spending time with you. Unknowingly I wiggle a bit making daddy confess to me that he's gotten a boner.

I know im not your little girl any more. I have grown everywhere. Daddy cant help himself and wants more but being his little girl he holds back. I coax him with a story of my friend letting her brother touch her tits and it being okay.

I let daddy touch my tits first over my shirt making him have urges for me even more. I lift my shirt revealing just how much his little princess has grown. hmm daddy its okay my friend let her brother touch under the shirt too.

Daddy touches and likes my big tits. hmmmm.. He wants more and ask me if its okay to lick them. I just want to please my daddy so I can be his little brat again so I let him have his way. He licks sucks and squeezes my tits rough, it feels soo good having him love me. I get on top of daddy and dry hump him as he worships both my heavy tits. Daddy can't help himself he squirms and wants to release his load. I want him to feel good and get closer to me. Daddy cover me with your cum. Watch to see how much daddy really loves his little princess, his huge load of cum says it all.

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