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duration 20:18
your futa wife video from Sloansmoans
your futa wife by Sloansmoans You are in a female-lead relationship and I’m your futanari wife. I’m in control of our consensual relationship. I’m dominant and demanding, bossy and aggressive, and always get the pleasure I want… however, you know that deep down I love and care about you so much. I’m not ever mean or cruel of humiliating, I just know what I want and know that you enjoy serving your sexy Futa wife. You’re on your knees already, waiting for me to make my first move. I tease you with my rock hard cock and I can tell that you’re hungry for me. You want me to feed you my dick. I grab you by the back of your neck and push your head onto my cock as you blow me. I’m rough and demanding, as I push my entire cock into your mouth over and over again (POV BJ). I eagerly cum in your mouth (visible cumshot) and you take it all. Mmmm, but we’re far from finished. I want you to ride my cock, I want to fuck your ass. I lay down as you straddle me and slowly take every inch of my hardness (POV PEGGING). I tell you how good your ass feels, how I love feeling your ass stretch along my length. I grab onto your hips and push you up and down, making you bounce on my cock faster and harder. I creampie your ass and I fucking love it. So do you. Lubing you up to get ready for even more of my cock. I tell you to lay down and get into missionary and peg you (POV PEGGING) just as hard and just as fast. I’m on top of you and I know what will get YOU to cum. I wrap my hands around your throat as I keep fucking you. I tell you to take it and you do. You love the feeling of my hands gripping you tighter and tighter until… You hands free cum all over me (visible cumshot) as I creampie your ass again. We’re breathless by the end of our orgasms. You always leave me wanting more, babe… enjoy me, xo **The POV’s in this scene are hand-held camera POV angles** PEGGING/STRAP ON/POV PEGGING/POV SEX/POV ANAL/FEMDOM/FUTA/FUTANARI/CUMSHOTS/ROUGH SEX/WIFE ROLE PLAY/IMPLIED CREAMPIE/BJ POV
duration 20:57
Babysitter Takes Your Virginity video from Jessica Starling
Babysitter Takes Your Virginity by Jessica Starling You're probably a little too old to need a babysitter still. Your babysitter isn't just a gross girl anymore, she's an incredibly sexy woman that you can't stop ogling. Your babysitter knows you're going to be a pain in the ass to watch -- you're going to keep acting up to get her attention. She says she has something special she does to control boys like you. She asks you if you've ever seen a naked girl in person before. She slowly strips down for you, remarking that you must still be a virgin and teasing you. You're rock hard by the time she's fully naked. Your babysitter then says she might need to do more to make sure you behave. She asks you if you want her to take your virginity, to which you anxiously and excitedly agree. She takes out your cock and is surprised by how big you are. She takes you in her mouth and down her throat, deepthroating you. Then, she gets on top of you and slowly lowers herself onto your cock. Her pussy feels amazing, but she tells you you're not allowed to cum until she says so, and not until after SHE cums. You have to hold in your orgasm, no matter how good it feels when she bounces on your cock. She confesses that she loves taking boys' virginities, seducing them and corrupting them. She's sad she only gets to take yours once. She rides your cock until she cums, then allows you to blow your load inside of her. You watch as your cum drips out of her soaking wet pussy. She tells you she may need to do this again to make sure you behave, but not to tell your parents.
duration 20:44
Poisonous Spider Bites Executrix (Custom) video from DiaLynn
Poisonous Spider Bites Executrix (Custom) by DiaLynn (custom no names were used in this video)

Dark look, with cleavage and black sheer pantyhose. I want to get rid of you exploiting your phobia for spiders. I pour some liquid on a rag and stuff it in your mouth. Before you pass out, I warn you that I will introduce you to a little friend of mine when you wake up. I shh you and tell you to "Go to sleep, close your eyes, say goodnight". I am (still) very sweet to you. I sing you a lullaby then you pass out. You wake up bound with mouth stuffed, I pick up the spider, looks like a queen. Your vision is blurred. I know you're scared as hell, it's your phobia, I can see it in your eyes. I point out that her bites are terribly painful, so painful that you will beg me to die. The poison is powerful but works slowly, so you'll have more time to enjoy her company. I place the spider on you, giving her a name. I am teasing you having fun. I ask you some questions like, "Where do you think she's biting you first? "That looks painful, doesn't it? Talk to me! I mock you, your mouth is stuffed and you can't talk back. The spider starts exploring your body, going into holes. Your mouth is stuffed so she can't go into it, but that's not the only hole you have haha Once she is inside of you, she lays her eggs. The heat from your body will make them open fast. I leave you and the spider alone for awhile. I then come back, and notice that your wrapped in a spiderweb and many little spiders are born crawling all over you.. You look in agony and I comment "Yes, giving birth is painful". I have an antidote for the poison of the spider, but I will inject it into you only if you answer some questions of mine. Of course you can't :) So instead of the antidote, I inject you with some air inside the needle because I have no more time to waste with you. Lots of mocking.
duration 7:34
Underwater Duct Tape Bondage video from BlackxRose92
Underwater Duct Tape Bondage by BlackxRose92 I thought I was just going for my usual swim, but my spouse had other plans. One moment I was swimming around in my bikini, contemplating swimming underwater, if I could hold my breath long enough. I'm not that good though! When he suggested to make things more challenging, duct tape bondage was NOT what I had in mind. With promises to yank me up if the struggle got to be too much, I was dunked before I could get my bearings or understand what was to unfold as the clouds rolled across the sky ominously. Feet over head, I had to grab onto my scuba mask with both hands to keep it on, as my wrists were duct taped together tightly. The seal wasn't even ready yet! Some of the water immediately got in my mask and started bubbling around my nose and fogging up my visibility, and it felt like time started crawling by in slow motion for every missed breath beneath the waves. Had it been moments, minutes? Surely I wouldn't be left struggling down here for too long! There was no use. I kept floating! Every time I thought release was at the surface, I was quickly proven how very wrong I was, and made to struggle harder and longer in this underwater predicament bondage even more. It felt like each bubble that floated past me was counting the minutes until I wouldn't be allowed up, but I had to try! Swimming was nearly impossible, and even when I kept floating, it felt as if my body was doing barrel rolls in the water and disorienting me in the stormy weather and dark waters. Even underwater, I could hear the thunder brewing over head as I struggled to swim in the difficult duct tape bondage holding my wrists, knees, and ankles, promising my fate if I couldn't make it to the surface in time. Includes lots of duct tape bondage, barefoot housewife pedicured MILF feet soles, bikini, half face scuba mask, and slow motion underwater swimming with predicament struggling. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored

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