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duration 15:24
Obsessed With Your Best Friend's Navel video from Marissa Sweet
Obsessed With Your Best Friend's Navel by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: I'm a friend of yours who secretly admires you but too shy to tell you. At a recent party where you wore a crop top (you don't usually wear such clothes) you noticed that I couldn't take my eyes off you. Now we're at your home (I'm there to help with the housework or something) and you wear a top which is long enough to cover your belly button and low waist pants. When you stretch to reach some high shelf your belly become exposed and I become mesmerized again just like at the party. You noticed this again but you're not completely sure why. You just have a guess that maybe it's because your belly was showing. So you test your theory with more stretching and you find out soon that you were right. You always thought that I'm cute but never knew that I'm into you. You decide to tease me to get me confess to you. You slowly reveal your belly more and more until I can't stand it anymore and say: "You're beautiful and I love your belly." This turns you on and you decide to continue the teasing. At some point I ask you that may I see your belly button without your piercing so you remove it and start fingering it. You see that I enjoy it so much so you decide to tease me to the very limit and by the end your top goes up to your underboobs and your pants goes down extremely low, just above your pubic area. A few slips are welcomed. At the end you're smiling (you are satisfied with the reactions it was a job well done :)) and you say that if I want to see more then I should have to take you to dinner or something.
duration 20:59
Morning Cum With Daddy HD video from Josie Kiss

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