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duration 4:36
Sit Deflating Beach Balls video from BlackxRose92
Sit Deflating Beach Balls by BlackxRose92 My favorite boobie beach balls have been inflated for a fetish video, but now it's time to put them away. I can't bear to pop them! They're too cute, and I love play with them too much to pop them. Deflating them by hand takes way too long, and I'm not wearing any pants, so the best way to deflate my beach balls to keep them safe is to sit on them. Of course! This tiny blue micro thong looks extra sexy as my booty cheeks bounce and grind on the beach balls, deflating them under my ass. The air squeals out in fast whooshes, gentle airy whispers, and strong gusts as I bounce, grind, and even lift my feet off the floor! The air intake valves that look like nipples are very tight though, so I have to lift my high heels all the way up, bringing my feet just below my ass, as I bounce as hard as I can, making the plastic squeak under my naked ass cheeks. With the first beach ball nearly flat, I can't quite get it fully deflated with just my butt, so I stack the other still inflated beach ball on top and really wiggle into it, grinding hard. I bounce even harder, flattening both beach balls as much as possible so they'll fit nicely into storage safely for play another day. Once they both get as flat as possible under my butt, I have to squeeze them as hard as possible, really draining out every single bit of air with my hands pressing them against my tits. Oh my! It looks like these boobie beach balls have been through an intense breastfeeding session by the time I'm done with them! No holes though, my beach balls have not been popped and are ready to for sexy fetish fun another day.
duration 22:23
Big Sis Is Curious About Your Cock video from Fiona Dagger
Big Sis Is Curious About Your Cock by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You come home early from school and catch your older sister smoking in her room, giving her a fright! Once she gets over her alarm and is relieved to find it's just you and not your mother, she insists you join her for a smoke. You try to say no, telling your sister that you've never done that before, but this only makes her more insistent! Soon you find yourself being coached through your first drags, as your sister giggles and encourages you. As you begin to relax and enjoy yourself your sister asks about your friends and whether or not you have a girlfriend; teasing you and laughing when you admit how inexperienced you are. She quizzes you further, making you feel very embarrassed, and laughs even harder as your face goes bright red! She asks if the reason you're so inexperienced is because you're insecure about your size, and asks how big exactly is your cock? You clam up and don't want to answer her, so your sister takes matters into her own hands and yanks down your shorts to see for herself! She's stunned at what she sees, telling you that you don't need to worry about your size at all; in fact she's amazed by how big you are! She asks how often you masturbate, and is confused when you tell her you very rarely do that. You explain it's because of the mess it makes every time, and your sister is even more confused by this, questioning why you just don't catch it in a tissue? You say that there's just way too much to catch it in anything, it's a huge quantity and always goes everywhere. Your sister accuses you of exaggerating and says there's no way you could produce that much cum, but you promise you're telling her the truth. She says she has to see this to believe it, and offers to jack you off so she can find out if you're really being truthful about the amount of cum. You're nervous but she reminds you that you're totally inexperienced, and so shy that you're unlikely to get an opportunity like this from anyone else anytime soon. You agree and your sister kneels down to begin stroking your cock, before suggesting that if she uses her mouth it will probably go faster. She begins licking and sucking your cock, marvelling over the size and hardness of it and clearly beginning to enjoy herself more and more. Eventually she tells you that she's going to do you a huge favour and let you lose your virginity to her, as it's such a shame that you have such a nice cock but get no use out of it! She bends over and lets you slowly slide into her tight pussy, then she pounds her ass hard against you and rides your cock until she cums! She then demands that you shoot your load onto her tits so she can see this huge load for herself, clearly expecting you to have been exaggerating - but she eats her words when you shower her tits and face with a load that seems to go on for ever, until she's utterly drenched in your cum and gasping in shock! TAGS: british, redhead, english, ginger, tattoos, tatttooed, taboo, family affairs, wincest, solo female, dildo, squirting dildo, messy, cumshot, facial, pearl necklace, dirty talk, posh accent, small tits, siblings, brother, sister, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, blowjob, doggystyle, doggy
duration 9:38
The Breast Therapist On The Internet! Hypno-tits Expansion To Bimbofication video from BlackxRose92
The Breast Therapist On The Internet! Hypno-tits Expansion To Bimbofication by BlackxRose92 Hello! I'm Rose, your digital therapist today. Before we begin our session, I'll need to you take a comfortable seat and get really cozy. My mesmerize methods are exceptionally effective, but they can be quite intense and transformative. For the best experience, begin your meditational mesmerize experience with the lights low and your headphones on, seated somewhere snug and soft.

Now then, since you're all settled this should be over in a SNAP! All I have to do is...... Uh.... Erm, what were you mesmerizing me to do again? Oh gosh! I can't believe I came to work with NO bra on! Goodness, I can't expect to attract any men with floppy sad tits like this. Gracious, I need to fetch a bra immediately! You just stay seated and I'll be right back for you to finish our session in a SNAP!

Oh, oh my! I don't think our session was quite supposed to go like this. My bra is way too small now! My tits are MASSIVE! Oooooh I've always wanted huge bazongas for titties! No more deflated MILF tits that have been nursed dry and flat, now I have gigantic balloon boobies that are right in your face, super erect, and oh! Oh, my nipples are so perky! I could play with big boobies like this all day, but I think we really need to finish your therapy session first. That's why they call me the best therapist on the internet after all, and all I need to do to make it work is SNAP my fingers just like this!

Oh, no, no, NO! What's happened? I thought you were visiting me today for therapy? Well fudge, this....totally backfired and now my humungous bimbo tits are bursting out of my shirt and my cleavage is just spilling out everywhere totally inappropriately, and not professional at all. Well....... This is rather embarrassing and awkward! How am I going to sneak out of the office with my boobs expanding right out of my shirt?!
duration 8:52
Lactose Intolerant Hucow Is Your Gassy Milk Maid video from BlackxRose92
Lactose Intolerant Hucow Is Your Gassy Milk Maid by BlackxRose92 I brought the items you requested! One cup of milk, and one manual breast-pump. What did you have in mind for these? Oh! Really? You're going to induce my milk again? Gee, lactation is pretty difficult, and I think pumping would work better if you were nursing from me directly, or adult breastfeeding regularly, but I could start with the milk. I didn't even know that milk like this could induce engorged breastmilk, but ok. I'll try it! Mmmm, yummy! This is delicious and so creamy! *GURGLES* Uh oh....What kind of milk is this?! You know I'm not supposed to have dairy! Oh this is going to have incredibly gassy consequences. Wait? What do you mean this isn't cowmilk? This is hucow milk? No, my milk?! I didn't even know you still had some of my breastmilk saved. That's really kinky, but you know what a gassy milk slut I become when I have even just a taste of the creamy, delicious, scrumptious, milky milk but..... Oh! My tummy! This is making me burp so much. I just can't hold back the belches! My belly is so bloated and swollen, that my bloated belly is making me look round and pregnant. Even my breasts are starting to feel heavy and ache with need, but now my tummy is growling even louder. Is this just gas, or are the hormones working already? Oh, oh, oh! *toots* *looks alarmed* Umm, this might become more intense gas in a minute, but that creamy, sweet milk was so good! And I just want to lick every drop clean and then get filled to the brim all over with every type of cream I can get my hands on! *BUUUUUUURPS* Can you fill me with your cream? *licks milk droplets* I promise I'll bring you a fresh cup of milk to replace yours if you just *BELLLLLCHES* fill me with your milky cream, and then you can use the breast-pump on my MILF tits as much as you want because I'm your gassy, slutty hucow milk maid, here to serve all of your housely needs. :)
duration 25:20
Overweight to Underweight to Chubby Weight Gain Journey: Stuffing Entire Pizza video from BlackxRose92
Overweight to Underweight to Chubby Weight Gain Journey: Stuffing Entire Pizza by BlackxRose92 I've been working so hard to put on the pounds! After dropping to underweight before my surgery, my number one goal since coming home has been to put on as many pounds as possible. Does it look like I'm there yet? I've been taking so many extra snack breaks to get in as many calories as I can consume, but I'm not sure if I can see them sticking just yet. The scale has other plans in mind. Four pizzas this week, well, that is how many I will have eaten after this one anyways. I haven't eaten it yet. It's still sitting on my lap, hot and ready to bloat my tummy full of yummy nummy foods. Yesterday was spent cleaning the kitchen and now I've spent a long day filming fetish videos, so I'm way too tired to make dinner. Luckily, one of my weight gain fans is eager to help me pack on the pounds and has helped me with a quick reorder of my favorite pizza, but there's one catch. All of the toppings have been doubled! This pizza didn't stand a chance. I showed off my belly before I started eating because I knew I would get bloated fast. After eating the pizza, my belly is distended and stretched beyond belief. I drink my entire bottle of water to chase down the last of my meal, but it makes me start burping like crazy. The belches come fast and rumble out deep gurgles as my bloated belly stretches visibly once I pop the easy access snaps on my lingerie, groaning in relief as I roll it up and show off how stretched out my belly is. Somehow I packed an entire overstuffed pizza inside my stomach, food stuffing as many calories in as possible. Can't wait to see what next week's weight gain goal is!
duration 43:50
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes video from Fiona Dagger
Masseuse Gives You All 3 Holes by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and starts out with a soothing almost ASMR vibe, then gets sexual) You're going for a massage and decide to try a new parlour you've heard good things about - when you get there the masseuse checks you in, talks you through the styles and options of massages and treatments offered, and then explains that this is a bit of a special salon - rather than guys coming in and getting a massage and then hoping they'll get a happy ending, here they like to give you a bespoke menu of sexual options up front so you can really tailor your experience and get everything you want! She goes through a list of questions with you and you settle on a hand, foot and ear aromatherapy massage with 3 orgasms, missionary and cowgirl positions, lots of ass fucking, ass to mouth, deep eye contact, and pussy fucking and then impregnation, with the masseuse continuing the massage whilst fucking you! Your masseuse seems excited to begin your treatment and tells you to go into the next room and get comfortable and she'll be in shortly. When you've stripped off and laid down on the treatment bed she comes in and soothingly begins to massage you, giving you a few minutes of relaxing massage before she starts to get more sexual. Once she notices your cock is starting to get hard she takes off her uniform and hops up on the bed, continuing to massage your hands whilst she ass fucks you in cowgirl. She keeps up talking to you the whole time, making sure you're happy with the pressure of the massage and telling you about the benefits of getting treatments like this regularly, then when you cum she sucks your cock quickly, cleaning her ass off it. She asks if you're ready for cum number 2 and gets on her back for you to fuck her ass again in missionary! You cum again in her ass and again she cleans her ass off your cock with her mouth, then gets back on top of you for more anal cowgirl, riding you harder this time and getting dirtier with her talking! She begs you to cum in deep inside her so she can taste her ass on your cock again, and after cum number 3 you tell her you'd like to impregnate her now so she slides your cock into her pussy and rides you in cowgirl until you fill her pussy with your seed! She tells you she'll let you cool off in her ass for a bit and slowly rocks up and down on your cock, when you surprise her with a 4th cum in her asshole! She laughs and cleans you up, wiping you down with a warm towel and telling you she hopes you enjoyed your treatment today and you'll return soon to see her.
duration 33:28
Filthy Sister Ass To Mouth video from Fiona Dagger
Filthy Sister Ass To Mouth by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your big sister barges into your room looking very stressed out - she's completely wrecked your dad's car in a parking accident and is terrified of what your dad will do when he finds out! She's really freaking out and demands that you help her - that's what brothers are for, right? She says she's willing to do anything! You say well if she'll do anything, there is something she could do to convince you to help her, but she might not like it... You want to fuck her up the arse and then cum on her face! At first she thinks you're joking and then is horrified to realise you're being serious - she asks is there anything else she could do instead?? But you tell her nope, if she wants your help that's what she has to do. She offers to suck your cock instead, hoping that maybe she'll be able to make you cum that way and she won't have to let you fuck her ass, and you say well we can start with a blowjob... She complains loads at first as she sucks you off, talking about how wrong and dirty it is to have her little brother's cock in her mouth, but you make her shut up and show you her skills. She gets super messy and sloppy deepthroating your cock, desperately trying to make you cum, but it doesn't work and you tell her it's time to spread those cheeks! As you fuck her tight hole she talks constantly about how dirty and wrong this is, worrying about having her ass juice all over your cock, but you can tell she's starting to get into it as her words start getting filthier and filthier and she starts to moan more and more! You keep fucking her in the ass with regular breaks to make her deepthroat you and clean her ass off your cock, and she's surprised by how much she's enjoying it now, begging you not to tell your friends what a whore she is. Eventually she begs for your cum and you shoot your load all over her face - and she thanks you and tells you she'll be here for you to use whenever you want!
duration 15:33
Foot Worship & Impreg Fantasy video from Fiona Dagger
Foot Worship & Impreg Fantasy by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've given your ex a ride home and she's so grateful - she would have been stuck without you, but you've always been such a gentleman! Can she ask you a serious question? Do you miss her at all..? Do you miss her kissing you, caressing your chest, wrapping her lips around your cock...? Maybe you could stay with her one last time, for old times sake? Yes it's wrong, but you have to admit it feels so right... You worship at her feet, licking and sucking her toes as she asks you if you've missed this, do you think about her feet when you're with your new girlfriend? She'll teach you to worship her feet again properly, cheater. She teases you, reminding you how much you loved it when you would slide your cock between her ass cheeks and shoot your load all up her back.. There's nothing stopping you from doing it now - your new girlfriend would never have to know - but she has a better idea... She gets on top of you and teases the head of your cock with her wet pussy, asking if you're still afraid to fuck her without a condom? Yes it's risky, but it's so exciting... Go on, give in and let her slide you deep inside and ride you until you shoot your load into her tight hole! Did you like this game? The risk? Knowing that each time you pump her full of cum you could get her pregnant? And the more you play, the more fun it is. You can come back any time and fill her up again - it's too much fun playing impregnation roulette!

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