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duration 17:31
The Accidental Digestion video from BlackxRose92
The Accidental Digestion by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "We live in a world composed of giantesses and humans coexisting together. Giantesses are obviously the dominant species on the planet and have a long history of eating humans, but, in modern times, the only humans allowed to be consumed are ones that give their written or recorded verbal consent. There is also a porn industry dedicated to giantesses and the humans they dominate, which is a lucrative source of income for humans brave enough to do it. I’m a tiny human whose wife has convinced me to become a human porn model to get more money so we can start a family , but what I don’t know is that she secretly has a huge vore and toilet fetish. T he real reason we’re having money problems is s he has secretly been spending huge amounts of money on porn, and she really just wants to see me get eaten. You are my wife’s favorite giantess porn producer and you work with two types of humans depending on the type of film you’re making. They always need to consent to be eaten, but there is also a special group that will consent to being digested too. These are much more rare and valuable, so giantesses always take the opportunity to get one, and the humans’ families get paid a huge sum of money after they’re eaten. My wife has conspired with you to not only pressure me into consenting to being eaten in a film, but also to trick me into consenting to be digested; that way you’ll get to make a more valuable “ real digestion” film (plus get a meal out of it) while my wife will get a ton of money and also get off to seeing me get eaten. First scene: 5 minutes You’re standing above me, and you welcome me to your studio, commenting on how delicious I look and how you’re viewers are just going to LOVE watching me get gulped down into your gut (you pat your tummy). After this, you tell me that, during the clip, I’ll get swallowed whole and then coughed back up after t he camera cuts , so I have nothing to worry about. You then say you’ll need to record my verbal consent to being eaten to make sure you don’t get in trouble, so you aim your phone at me, and tell me to repeat after you: “ I give my full consent to be swallowed by Rose.” I agree and say that to your phone camera. Second scene: 5 minutes You look down at me with a smile, tell me your name is Rose, and greet me warmly. Seeing how excitedly I greet you back, you look curious and ask me why I’m so excited; aren’t I scared? You are very amused by this little misunderstanding, so you play along, pretending to be the Goddess. You say that, as a Goddess, you are pleased that my people have kept up the traditional retelling of your story so that they may be ready to serve your body. Showing off and rubbing your tummy, you tell me how hungry you’ve gotten after all these years, and you ask me if I am ready to feed you . I say I’m ready! Turning around, you show off your ass and me if I’m ready to be turned into your digestion matter and to be squeezed out of your perfect ass. I say that I’m ready! Lowering your face down to me, you demand that, if I’m ready, I should repeat after you: “ Rose, I give you my full consent to digest me.” I say it. Smiling, you say, “That’s perfect; now walk in!” You open your mouth, and I walk in. GULP! Third scene Now lounging you’re slowly rubbing/patting your tummy and occasionally belching while you enjoy the feeling of having me in your stomach. I’ve been in there for about 10 minutes now, and you suddenly feel me start to twitch a little bit. Surprised and amused, you say that I’m probably wondering why you haven’t spat me up yet. You then proceed to explain that you’re not going to be gagging me up; my WIFE was the special client! She set up this whole thing because she has a secret vore fetish and wanted to see me get eaten while get ting rich in the process! I scream, and it’s assumed you can hear me when I say that I didn’t agree for you to digest me! You’ll go to jail! You respond to this by asking me if I remember how, during the video, I gave you consent to digest me? You even showed off your tummy and ass to make it clear I was gonna be your booty funk, and I still consented! You tell me to face the fact that I’m LEGALLY FOOD now, and the only difference between me and your burger from lunch time is that I’m not in your intestines yet. Finally, you tell me that, as a special request from my wife that you wouldn’t normally accommodate, you’re going to digest my remains into her garden. So that part was actually true; I really will be fertilizer tomorrow!"
duration 20:03
Wife Humiliation Party video from Fiona Dagger
Wife Humiliation Party by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've got a surprise in store for your shy, repressed wife - you've planned a party where she will be the entertainment! She thinks she's just getting ready for a normal dinner party, and is getting dressed in her normal conservative attire, when you stop her and inform her that you've picked out an outfit for her to wear, guesturing to a sexy french maid outfit on the bed. Your wife is horrified and tries to convince you to change your mind, but you insist she puts it on. Once you've gotten her downstairs you inform her, in front of everyone, that she is to serve the guests and give them anything they ask for - and you do mean anything at all! A guest asks your wife for a drnk and she submissively fetches it for him, then bends down to get the napkin he strategically drops, showing off just how short her dress is in the process. The guest then decides that he wants to see more of your wife and commands her to pull her top down so he can see her tits. Your wife again tries to get out of it but you remind her that she has to do whatever the guests ask of her, and so she exposes herself to her own shame and the delight of the guests. She's then made to expose her pussy, lifting up her dress at first, but then being made to lie on the ground and hold herself open for everyone to inspect. She's completely humiliated and begs you to let her stop but the guests are all having too much fun. She's made to insert a random household object into her pussy just to humilate her even more, then a guest sticks his cock in her face and you tell her to get sucking! Your wife rarely ever sucks even your cock, she's so prudish, so being made to suck another guy off while everyone watches is very embarrassing for her. She struggles with his huge cock until you command her to get up on the couch, as your friend is going to fuck her now. She protests and begs you not to make her fuck him in front of everyone, but you put her in her place and tell your friend to go to town. Your wife is humilated and filled with cum, and not allowed to leave until she's pushed all the cum out of her again for everyone to watch!
duration 9:00
Scorned GF Grows Into Giantess And Smothers You video from BlackxRose92
Scorned GF Grows Into Giantess And Smothers You by BlackxRose92 Your girlfriend wanted you to stay in for movie and date night. She was hoping for cuddles and an early bedtime, maybe with no pants, but you already made plans with your friends. The guys are already waiting outside in the car when you disappoint her with the news. She's so upset, but then just asks for a kiss goodbye before you leave, making you promise to come home quickly. Suddenly, your body starts to change. You start shrinking! Oh no, your girlfriend starts to loom overhead as she begins to GROW! While your body shrinks quickly and then stops, significantly shorter and more pathetic than it was before, she's now massively tall and very voluptuous. Her head nearly scrapes against the ceiling a few times. She turns around while the growth process is still active and nearly knocks you down with her huge booty right in your face. You can see it growing! Taller than before, and no longer held back, she lets you know that you're not going out tonight. You won't be going anywhere other than to the bathroom and kitchen, maybe. Actually, scratch that, she's just going to tease you and be done with you quickly. You're a jerk after all! You were just about to break her heart, so she laughs and taunts you with her ass, bouncing it in your face before threatening to smother you completely with it and even farting a few times for really intense smothering as she prepares you for a possible anal vore when she grows bored of keeping you around as a tiny shrunken boyfriend.
duration 10:12
Big Booty Brief Panties: Model and Ride video from Dani Sorrento
Big Booty Brief Panties: Model and Ride by Dani Sorrento I get all dressed up for you in white thigh high stockings, a sexy dress and your favorite style of panties underneath. Some big full back briefs! These are light pink with thin white stripes on them and they are super stretchy. My ass still pokes out a bit cuz it is so round and juicy. I start by teasing you in my outfit, showing off the panties from all sides. Then it is time to enjoy the outfit even more as I ride a big hard cock til I cum. I slide down onto the cock, just sliding my panties a little to the side as I do. First my big ass faces you so you can see those big cheeks bounce and clench. I switch between riding up and down and then just grinding on the dick. It is feeling so good, but I don't cum yet. I switch around so you can see my face as I enjoy the dick to an intense orgasm. Grinding, sitting up and then leaning back to bounce hard! All in my dress, stockings and panties that you love. (custom clip, brief panties, fullback panties, light color underwear, light pink and white panties, tight sexy pink dress, white thigh highs, sheer stockings, panty modeling, full body view, long brown hair down, brunette brown eyes, tall, curvy, bbw, chubby, belly, thick thighs, long legs, perky tits, no bra, VPL, visible panty line big ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, huge booty, ass shaking, booty bouncing, ass clenching, clench cheeks, 51in ass, 38dd tits, size 11 feet, grind on dildo, white torso sex doll, male torso toy, solo female, face view orgasm, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, tattoos, tattooed girl, make up, bouncing tits, boobs bounce, solo orgasm, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
duration 13:25
Extraterrestrial Arousal: Mesmerizing Desire for Impregnation and Orgasmic Intimacy video from BlackxRose92
Extraterrestrial Arousal: Mesmerizing Desire for Impregnation and Orgasmic Intimacy by BlackxRose92 We shall breed. We shall mate, and impregnate each other all night long. I’ve been watching you, human. I’ve seen how your species glorifies sex and the unknown, always reaching for the stars and consuming as much knowledge as you can acquire while filling the earth with your offspring. I’m here to create a new hybrid cross species of interstellar human spawn, capable of sharing and feeling unimaginable exaltation. You are my chosen vessel and sperm donor. My species propagates through mutual arousal and intense erotic powers. With my lust for learning about and experiencing new lifeforms and their mating rituals, I will guide you to extreme sensations of deeply satisfying pleasure that you could never experience with another mortal. When our mutual orgasms crest, I will seduce and impregnate you. Once you have received my eggs for gestation, I will orgasm again and again and take in your sperm to foster my own superior, hybrid species. Our foreign attraction to each other will fuel our passionate impregnation, sending both of us into mesmerized states of mindless euphoria. Feel my senses and powers flow into your body as you watch the emotions play across my face and the climax of our union, uniting us without even a single physical touch. Let yourself be filled with the galaxy as your body transforms orgasmically into blinding hot stars, suitable for carrying my spawn and filling me with your sperm

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