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duration 30:15
The Professor's Daughter video from Fiona Dagger
The Professor's Daughter by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're a professor of literature at a distinguished university, where you've spent most of your career teaching Nabokov's iconic novel. One day, when you're out, your daughter steps into your office. She's a new student at the university where you work, and she's been struggling to fit in. She leaves you a voicemail telling you that she misses you, then settles into your office, allowing the atmosphere to soothe and relax her. She spots your cardigan hanging on the back of an armchair, and breathes in your smell. Then she spots a copy of the novel on your desk and picks it up, smiling to herself as she reminisces about the story. After a moment she begins caressing herself, still clutching your cardigan, and soon she is fully masturbating in your office armchair, rubbing her pussy vigorously through her leggings. As she cums she moans out for her daddy, then she suddenly realises that you've been standing in the doorway for some time, watching her! She jumps up, alarmed, and begins attempting to make excuses, but you tell her it's okay. She sees the look in your eyes and is shocked; hopeful but unsure. You gaze at each other for a few moments, both feeling the tension rise in the room but being nervous to take the next step. Your daughter steps closer to you and questions you; did you like what you see? Do you want her? You admit to her that you do, though you know you shouldn't. Your daughter is breathless and shyly elated, and you slowly undress her before lying her back on the chair and looking deep into her eyes as you penetrate her for the first time. The sex is slow, sweet and passionate at first until your daughter orgasms on your cock; then something unleashes in her and she begins begging you to use her, and to take out all your fantasies on her. She flips over and you begin pounding her hard in doggy as she encourages you to indulge every dirty forbidden thought you've ever had about her, and telling you how incredible it feels to finally have your cock deep inside her. You lay down on the floor of your office and your daughter gets on top to ride you, getting wilder and wilder until she cums again, then begging you to let her taste her own pussy on your cock. She kneels before you and worships your cock with her tongue until you're close to orgasm, then begs you to fuck her one more time and finish in her pussy. You lay her back on the chair and pound her tight, dripping wet pussy until you both cum together, intensely. As your recover your senses you try to tell your daughter that this was wrong, but she insists to you that it was the only thing that has ever felt right, and that this is only the beginning for the two of you! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, taboo, wincest, family affairs, dad, daddy, roleplay, dirty talk, solo female, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, professor, student, power play, cowgirl, doggy style, blowjob, missionary, creampie
duration 19:50
Seduced By Your Niece video from Fiona Dagger
Seduced By Your Niece by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your hot niece Fiona wants to hang out, and strikes up a flirty conversation with you, talking about how you're so much hotter than her dad, and how she can't believe you're single. She asks you how long it's been since you got laid, and if she wasn't your niece would you hit on her if you saw her in a bar? You're nervous but she insists you answer, saying it's fine and she won't say anthing about this conversation to her dad. You admit that you do find her attractive, and to your shock she suggests that since you must be lonely and sexually frustrated, and since you're both attracted to each other, you should just have some fun today while her dad is out... You say no, it would be too wrong, but she begins to slowly peel down her top to show you her tits, telling you it's fine and nobody will ever find out. She asks if she can suck your cock just for a couple of minutes, and then if you tell her to stop she will... You agree to this and Fiona kneels down to worship your cock, and it feels so amazing that when she asks if she should stop you tell her no, please carry on... She asks if you want to fuck her pussy and by now you're too turned on to say no, so she strips off completely and lets you pound her hard in doggy, dirty talking to you about how naughty it feels to have her uncle fucking her. She gets onto her back so you can fuck her in missionary, begging to be filled with cum and promisng she'll tell her dad that you need her help with projects around your house, so that she can visit you lots more and let you fuck her holes whenever you want...
duration 7:20
Body Inflation Suit Expands Out Of Control! video from BlackxRose92
Body Inflation Suit Expands Out Of Control! by BlackxRose92 Earlier this year, my health took a turn for the worst and I lost way too much weight. It was out of my control, but I just can't stomach the weight gain shakes my doctor has prescribed to help me gain to a normal weight again! They're so icky, and they make me feel queasy, but in my quests for help gaining weight, I found this suit. This zentai suit came with a remote. It claims to help you gain or lose as much weight as you need, as quickly as you need, where ever you need! It sounds too good to be true, and I almost think it isn't working at first. I'm not sure where the weight is supposed to grow in which direction, until my tits suddenly burst out! The fabric on my bodysuit is stretched to the max. It even ripples in distress! My belly, ass, and tits expand slowly, then rapidly, then slowly, and then changing shape again! My belly strains at the seams of my inflated suit. While I may not have to deal with the weight gain shakes now, my skin is stretched just as tight as my suit is. There's huge booms, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from. My breasts are still expanding! The curves of my body are growing out of control, only pausing when my skin is near to exploding. I look so much sexier with fuller, rounder, extremely feminine curves, and I even begin to enjoy the ultra womanly fertile shape, until my bones begin to snap. My body is expanding out of control and the suit's remote is broken! I've gained beyond the recommended weight, and now I look heavily, obscenely pregnant. Things aren't growing right. My body inflation has gone too far and the body suit is exploding! My body is about to burst!
duration 19:22
First Time Fuck Machine Friendly Post BJ video from OmankoVivi
duration 12:31
Bitch Steals Bimbofication Body Inflation Bubblegum video from BlackxRose92
Bitch Steals Bimbofication Body Inflation Bubblegum by BlackxRose92 Thanks for the bubble gum, fat ass! What? Hell no I'm not sticking around for a date with you! Why would I ever date a loser like you, when I look so fucking hot? Hah! No, not happening. Thanks for the bubble gum, but you can leave my bedroom now. What's so funny? Why are you laughing at me? Ugh, whatever loser, go fuck yourself. I've got things to do and I-......um.....Uh....Umm...What was I saying again? Huh. That's odd. *blows and pops a bubble* Hah, something feels weird. I feel, ah, umm, uh.....Oh! OH! OHHHHHH! What have you done to me? As each bubble gum bubble inflates bigger and bigger, so do I! While I've been busy mindlessly blowing bubble gum bubbles, my body has been busy inflating itself! My head begins to feel as airless as the bubbles that pop all over my face and glasses. I can't remember why I was humiliating you for being fat, but gosh, I'm so soft and fuckable now! I'm so horny! Please *blows and pops a bubble all over my glasses* will you fuck me? My breasts are so sensitive, and it feels like they're still expanding, but my bloated belly is also growing too! Nipples erect, I can't help but rub them as I blow bubble after bubble, slowly transforming into the fat nympho bimbo that you crave, instead of the bitchy boney MILF that won't fuck and makes fun of you. Now, I'm soft, fully inflated all over, growing into an erotic body inflation bimbofication transformation that blows bubble gum bubbles, twirls my hair, and dirty talks about fucking you while stroking my heavily distended belly and swollen MILF tits. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 15:17
Of Course I Wouldn't Fuck My Brother video from Fiona Dagger
Of Course I Wouldn't Fuck My Brother by Fiona Dagger **If you're a fan of my taboo content, check out my taboo (bro/sis, daddy/daughter, mom/son and more!) roleplay stuff at JustFor.Fans/FionaDagger !** (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your sister is hanging out in her room when she gets a phone call from her friend, who excitedly tells her that she's finally lost her virginity! Your sister asks who she lost it to, and is shocked when her friend tells her that it was with her own step brother! The friend tells your sister that it was amazing and felt so dirty, and that your sister should try to do it herself - try to lose her virginity, with you! Your sister is horrified and says that wouldn't be the same, you aren't her step brother, you're her full brother - it would be much more wrong! She hangs up the phone and thinks to herself about what a crazy suggestion that was, then deciding to see if you're still awake so she can tell you about how crazy her friend is. She slips into your room, but sees you stretched out on the bed, seemingly having a nap - though you're being very sneaky and just pretending! She checks you're not awake, prodding you gently, but decides you're definitely napping. Then she notices the huge tent in your boxers, and immediately can't seem to look away. The suggestion her friend gave her seems to be weighing on her mind, and she gets closer and closer to your erection, checking again that you aren't awake before gently touching it and pulling your boxers down. She can't seem to stop herself from examining and touching it, as she thinks to herself how surprisingly big and hard it is. After a while she climbs on top of you and begins gently stroking it, soon touching herself too as she grows more and more aroused. Soon she's taking off her shorts so she can touch her pussy better, telling herself that just looking and touching is fine, it's not like she's actually going to fuck you. After a while she begins rubbing and grinding her pussy on your erection, but this only makes her more and more frustrated, until she's arguing with herself that she definitely shouldn't put it in... But of course, she can't resist for long, and slowly inserts just the tip; teasing herself and rocking up and down lightly as she tells herself that as long as it's not in fully, it's okay... You stay as still as possible as she grows more and more wanton, eventually sliding down fully onto your cock, as she admits to herself that she's gone too far to go back now. Soon she's grinding and bouncing on your cock, assuming that you're deep in your nap, and just as she reaches her climax you open your eyes and she realises you've been faking it the whole time! She panics but can't stop herself from cumming, and she feels you spilling your seed inside her at the same time as her orgasm, before she leaps off you and lays into you for faking your nap! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, posh accent, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, wincest, family affairs, siblings, brother, sister, dildo fucking, virgin, cowgirl, riding, small tits, small boobs
duration 10:12
The Little Red Fox That Vored Halloween video from BlackxRose92
The Little Red Fox That Vored Halloween by BlackxRose92 Oh! I'm so glad you've arrived Hunter! There's been something nasty lurking in the woods lately and I've been awful frightened. I heard it on the path, so I ran all the way here, alone, to Granny's house. When I arrived, I couldn't find her anywhere, but I heard some more weird noises that sounded like a struggle. First there were some sounds in the bedroom, and then I heard her scream in the kitchen! I looked all over, but couldn't find her. Could you look around, do a double check for things I missed, and see if you find anything? Please, oh please, dear Hunter? Don't mind me, I'll just be sitting right here where I know it's safe while you look around the rest of the house for her. I'm so worried that she's missing! *practices making over dramatic shocked faces* Oh! What's what you said? You found my dear, sweet Granny's body in the freezer? Some of the parts were missing....Oh dear me, my my my..oh dear, dear...*BELCH*....What was that? Her frail, old, wrinkled body was so tiny, and just not nearly filling enough with mostly just saggy skin and bones, so chewy and tough, hardly a meal at all. Will you console me on the loss of her? No, well.....*BUUUUUURPS* Then I'll just have to devour something much, much, much more filling to fully eat away my feelings over sexual rejection. Mmmm, yummy! Oh, here comes another one, *DEEP BELCHING*, ahhhh yes, I do love a tasty treat in bed this time of year. Something about the spooky, dark woods, just makes me want to cuddle up in bed and all day. Is that knocking on the door? Gosh, another villager worried about the screams? This won't do at all. I already know there's no way I'll seduce you, not with this quickly growing belly that's still rumbling and growling with hunger and the promise of future burps and farts, and I'd like to get my dessert out of the fridge before more people grow concerned over missing reports for Granny and the Hunter. Hmm, I don't think it counts as me eating you if I don't chew you up. It definitely doesn't count as eating you if I just swallow you whole.....Come on then, get right on in! It will be late soon and I want to shut off the lights so I can leisurely enjoy digesting and *BURPING* relaxing with the rest of the thawed Granny's giblets from the fridge.... When this twist on Little Red Riding Hood reveals every bloated detail about who actually ate Granny and the Hunter and the Villager, you'll have to wonder how far the snacking will go....
duration 12:53
Mommy Sits On Your Face video from Fiona Dagger
Mommy Sits On Your Face by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Arjun is used throughout. It is a sequel to Mom Teaches You To Eat Pussy) You're in your bedroom, working hard at your desk when your mom walks in and says she wants to give you a treat for working so hard lately - she was planning to wait until you had finished to give it to you, but she was getting too excited thinking about how much you would enjoy it, so she decided to give it to you now instead. She opens her robe and sits on the edge on your desk, opening her legs and encouraging you to eat her pussy. You immediately begin enthusiastically going down on her, and she gently encourages you and teases you about how keen you are to lick your mommy's pussy. After a few minutes you stop and look as if you have something to say but you're feeling nervous, and your mom gently makes you tell her what's on your mind - you're feeling funny because you had a sex dream about her last night! Your mom is so pleased and flattered, saying that it's wonderful that you'd dream about her in that way, and that she's such a lucky mother. You confess it was specifically about sitting on her face, and she laughs and asks if this is your way of asking for her to do that? You quickly nod and she tells you to lay down on your bed, climbing on top of you to position her wet pussy above your face. You can't hold back and quickly begin worshipping her pussy as she teases you further about what a doting son you are, and how it's been so long since anyone has done this for her, so she's so happy... Your tonge works furiously until your mother climaxes, her juices running all down your face, but when she goes to climb off you cling to her and plead silently with your eyes, wanting more! She laughs at you and allows you to spend a few more minutes cleaning up every last drop of her wetness, and as you're doing so tells you that she wants you to come to her bedroom tonight... If you've been enjoying eating mommy's pussy, then just wait and see how much you'll love being inside of her!! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, taboo, mother son, mom, mum, mummy, wincest, family affairs, solo roleplay, pussy eating, licking, pov, dirty talk, gentle domme, encouragment, mommy domme, face sitting
duration 31:21
My Best Friend's Dad video from Fiona Dagger
My Best Friend's Dad by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the names Mr P and Benjamin are used throughout) It's the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and you've offered your daughter's best friend Fiona a place to stay while quarantine is going on, as you know she'd prefer not to go home to her own family. Your daughter is staying with her mother, so it will just be the two of you, but you've known Fiona for years and feel very comfortable having her in your home. As she arrives and begins unpacking her stuff, she thanks you profusely for letting her move in with you for a while, and mentions how she's always looked up to you. The two of you grow closer over the next few weeiks, beginning to spend more and more time together, and Fiona seems to be gradually gaining the confidence to drop little hints towards you about her feelings... You're not sure whether you're imagining things, however, until one day when you realise that she's masturbating in her room, and has left the door open... You can't resist peeking round to get a glimpse, and are mesmerized by the sight of her on the bed, fingering herself and moaning your name. You stand there watching in shock and arousal, until she opens her eyes and spot you! Immediately you turn and move swiftly down the corridor, cursing your slip up and hoping that it hasn't ruined your chances with her... You're relieved when a few hours later Fiona joins you in the living room, wearing only one of your shirts and shyly asking if she can sit with you. She gets close to you on the couch, telling you how much she appreciates you and how she's loved growing closer to you this last few weeks, even confessing that when she was younger she used to be jealous of your daughter, and would wish that you were her father... Finally, she gathers up the courage to kiss you! She pulls away nervously to check your reaction but you pull her back in, kissing her passionately and running your hands over her body. The tension mounts as your kissing gets more and more intense, until she breathlessly begs you to take her upstairs to your bed! You lead her upstairs and she immediately drops to her knees, unzipping your pants to take out your throbbing hard cock. You can barely believe what's happening as she worships your cock with her tongue, inbetween telling you how badly she's been wanting this, for so long... She asks if you'll fuck her, and slowly peels down her panties to reveal her perfect little pussy. She lays back on the bed and opens herself to you, gasping as you enter her for the first time. You passionately fuck her in multiple positions until she's professing her love to you and begging to be filled with cum, orgasming at the same time as you spill your huge load into her tight pussy! TAGS: british, english, posh accent, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, taboo, daddy, age difference, dildo, missionary, creampie, blowjob, cock sucking, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl

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