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duration 24:11
Zero Two Cosplay Sissification Darling in the Franxx video from OmankoVivi
Zero Two Cosplay Sissification Darling in the Franxx by OmankoVivi You enter Vivi's room to see her packing up, getting ready to go to another fun anime con! And look, she has JUST the perfect outfit for you to wear - don't you want to make Vivi happy by tagging along? She promises to make it worth your while, as you change into the embarrassingly tight bodysuit for Ichigo. My oh my, you look ready to pilot a franxx now~! Zero Two teases her darling Ichigo with her fat ass, waving her sexy latex body in front of your eyes. You're helpless to resist as she giggle and drag you along to the convention, where there are TONS of fans waiting to take millions of photos of you! It almost feels like they're fucking you already!!! If that wasn't enough, Vivi (Zero Two) brings you to the after party, where you both sport matching lingerie sets! How adorable, a sexy little sissy learning how to suck cock properly! Zero Two works a yummy cotton candy lollipop before she pulls out to strapping young con-goers, who are more than eager to show their love and appreciation for anime! Zero Two teaches you to suck cock like a champion as she is spitroasted by these two delicious cocks. But it's not enough, is it? Ichigo, you're such a perverted little girl!!!! Why doesn't Zero Two teach you how to lube up a thick cock and stretch your hole over it? You'll get to see amazing views and angles as Zero Two slams her sexy ass on this cock, until her lovely fan unexpectedly cums inside of her!!! But you can't let that stop you from satisfying all these nerds, and some more join in on the fun by blasting Zero Two on her tits and face! Are you ready for more dicks, Darling~?
duration 20:03
Wife Humiliation Party video from Fiona Dagger
Wife Humiliation Party by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've got a surprise in store for your shy, repressed wife - you've planned a party where she will be the entertainment! She thinks she's just getting ready for a normal dinner party, and is getting dressed in her normal conservative attire, when you stop her and inform her that you've picked out an outfit for her to wear, guesturing to a sexy french maid outfit on the bed. Your wife is horrified and tries to convince you to change your mind, but you insist she puts it on. Once you've gotten her downstairs you inform her, in front of everyone, that she is to serve the guests and give them anything they ask for - and you do mean anything at all! A guest asks your wife for a drnk and she submissively fetches it for him, then bends down to get the napkin he strategically drops, showing off just how short her dress is in the process. The guest then decides that he wants to see more of your wife and commands her to pull her top down so he can see her tits. Your wife again tries to get out of it but you remind her that she has to do whatever the guests ask of her, and so she exposes herself to her own shame and the delight of the guests. She's then made to expose her pussy, lifting up her dress at first, but then being made to lie on the ground and hold herself open for everyone to inspect. She's completely humiliated and begs you to let her stop but the guests are all having too much fun. She's made to insert a random household object into her pussy just to humilate her even more, then a guest sticks his cock in her face and you tell her to get sucking! Your wife rarely ever sucks even your cock, she's so prudish, so being made to suck another guy off while everyone watches is very embarrassing for her. She struggles with his huge cock until you command her to get up on the couch, as your friend is going to fuck her now. She protests and begs you not to make her fuck him in front of everyone, but you put her in her place and tell your friend to go to town. Your wife is humilated and filled with cum, and not allowed to leave until she's pushed all the cum out of her again for everyone to watch!
duration 12:38
The First Female Futa Experiments video from BlackxRose92
The First Female Futa Experiments by BlackxRose92 This is it! The first official testing of our new sexual disfunction cure! Science has allowed us to create this astounding laser ray that is sure to cure ALL sexual ailments once trials have completed. I'm to be the first official tester, you know, as a safety and human resources type of thing. Once we're finished here, our sexuality laser ray will be named and sold for public use, and I get to be the first human, no! The first female, to officially test and certify our creation, this will be a monumental occasion! Ok, all safety parameters have been checked and confirmed. Let's do this! Three, two, one, hit it! Oh! OHHH! I can feel the overwhelming erotic transformation coursing through my body, the changing pulsating, radiating out through me. Everything feels different. My clothes feel tight, and my skin is prickling with an electric charge as I feel waves of change elongating my clitoris into a throbbing erection. Vision blurring, I pull off my glasses, dropping them and blinking as my hair shakes loose from its conservative bun, mumbling about unforeseen effects, erotic consequences of the ray. My body aches for release, my clit-cock pushes against my panties, thrusting out. I moan and rub against it, feeling my giant testicles swell with massive amounts of futa sperm. The erotic futanari transformation is complete! I can't hold back, as my orgasm crests I begin spraying huge ropes of milky shemen. My futa semen is interspersed with pussy juices as I spill myself over and over, but I'm not satisfied because I NEED to fuck right now. The outcome of this sci fi erotic transformation may be too volatile to continue! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 6:04
Addicted To Barefoot MILF video from BlackxRose92
Addicted To Barefoot MILF by BlackxRose92 I've been taking some me time for my health lately, and I couldn't be bothered to care about your boner. All you get hard for is feet anyways, so why should I put effort into this? You get horny for my feet, like a total pervert, so I don't need to do anything to make you hard. My toes are always kept pedicured and impeccably pampered, so that anywhere I go and anything I wear doesn't matter, makeup or no makeup, lingerie or pajamas, so long as you eventually see me barefoot your cock keeps dragging you back to worship me. Barefoot, that's all it takes and your dick is addicted to cumming for me. Fine, jerk off, don't, whatever. I don't care, but you don't get much time. You're a foot loser, so you're just lucky I'm here at all. I don't care if you do or don't cum, jerk off or don't jerk off. I'm only here to tease you for a bit, and then I'm forgetting about you again while I'm off with my husband. Losers like you don't get to keep my attention. You get to see me barefoot for maybe a few minutes, but then I'm just going to put my socks and slippers back on again. I'm not even dressed "sexy" today! I'm wearing my zippered fluffy unicorn onesie pajamas that come off in one piece so I can get naked even faster to fuck my husband as soon as I'm done laughing at you. If you think I'm kidding, you're an idiot and you're fooling yourself. Really. My feet are spoiled, so you either pay up and pay hard, or you fuck off and don't get fucked at all. Only good foot slaves get to cum for my feet, and they pay really fucking hard for it. You're not paying enough, so you're lucky you get to see more than the floor. Foot losers are usually used like carpet, ignored and forgotten while they lay face down and never see what they want most, so say thank you for what you get and be glad you get it at all. I mean, I did just take a week "off" while you were banned from cumming. With that in mind, I'm sure you'll be extra appreciative when you watch this video, and then when you feel grateful for the throbbing erection that my feet give you, you'll be ready with that tip button as you say thanks in every way you know how before you blow that massive nut.

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