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duration 33:30
Tempting My Husbands Best Friend video from Marissa Sweet
Tempting My Husbands Best Friend by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: I would like to continue with the theme of you acting as a sexy house wife...this time teasing your hubby's friend as you hang around the house in the morning. Please be wearing only a short nightie that does not fully cover your bum (preferably low cut and loose enough to see down when you bend over) and socks (no panties or bra). Please wear your hair pulled back as in the secretary video. The camera should be from my POV as I lie on the couch....pointing up slightly from below skirt level. Also, please make sure the lighting is angled to hit you from underneath so that there are not any shadows on your best parts....maybe as if the morning sun coming in from behind me. Please start in the den... as I lie on the couch, you ask me if I mind if you do some cleaning up while I watch TV. You then begin to dust/clean or straighten up in front of me. Subtly trying to get my attention, you bend over several times....giving me views of your pussy from behind, and making your ass jiggle naturally as you move about. (please stay within a few feet of the camera...just on the other side of coffee table). After a few minutes, please come over to clean the coffee table in front of my seat...leaning over the entire time so that I can see your breasts swaying inside your nightie as you clean) Eventually, you say pardon me and move around to my side of the table so that you are bending over with your ass right in my face. You should open your legs so that I get an up-close view of your pussy from behind as you clean the table. You linger there a while, knowing that you are tantalizing me. After a few more minutes...you take a break and sit down across from me with a cup of coffee and your phone. You pretend to ignore me as you sip and look at something on your phone (please be facing me directly so that I have a clear view of your pussy, and be only a few feet away). I would like you to open your legs continually wider to tease me as you pretend to ignore me. Feel free to casually shift positions and lift up your legs/feet in order to give me blatant views., making eye contact on occasion and smiling...subtly letting me know that you are enjoying the attention as well as tormenting me. Please linger with your legs open wide as possible, hopefully making your labia gape open. After several minutes of allowing me to enjoy the breathtaking view of your fantastic pussy, you tell me you need to make the bed and ask me if I will come keep you company. For the last scene, I am standing behind you as you lean over the bed (the camera should again be from just below skirt level and a few feet behind you..again make sure the lighting is shining on you from below) You bend over and stretch to get to some of the corners...knowing that you are presenting me with a tantalizing view. You make small talk, pretending that you are not aware that I am completely entranced by the view...but you actually are enjoying tempting me. You spread your legs wider and bend over more as you stretch across the bed...eventually ending up in frog position on the bed, presenting a wide-open pussy in front of me as if you want to be taken from behind. You linger in this position and wiggle your bum a bit as the temptation continues. Finally tired from cleaning, you turn around and face me while you rest.... sitting in front of me with your legs open wide, so that I get more views of your pussy from the front. You sit in this position and lean back on your elbows while continuing to rest. You thank me for keeping you company and tell me that you hope I didn't mind. As the video ends, you tell me that your husband will be home soon and you need to get a shower.
duration 31:59
Playing Games With My Husbands Friend video from Marissa Sweet
Playing Games With My Husbands Friend by Marissa Sweet This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual, the script reads as followed: Continue with the premise of you being a hot wife teasing your hubby's friend around the house. Wearing a tennis outfit and sneakers (no panties or bra)....as if you have just come home from the country club. The cam should be the POV of the friend (me). Please begin with me watching you as you come in from your day out playing. Your husband is home working around the house, and you can't be as blatant with your teasing ...so you leave your skirt on, but still make a point to provide quite the tantalizing view. You come in and sit in front of me....making small talk, asking my how my day was, etc. Casually open your legs in front of me a couple times to give me just a peek...enough to let me see that you're not wearing anything under the skirt. After a few minutes, you ask if I have any plans for the afternoon. I say not really... and it's kind of bored just sitting around. So you suggest playing cards while your hubby finishes his tasks. Cutting to next scene, you are sitting on the floor in front of the couch and facing me...with the camera at floor level, sitting only a few feet away, and positioned so that I can see up your skirt. The pile of cards should be placed about 4-5 inches in front of your pussy...so that whenever I reach for a new card, my hand is enticingly close. As we play, I would like you to tease me with gradually more provocative up-skirt views...eventually leaving your legs wide open and your skirt completely up. You open your legs wider each time I reach, and smile slyly...having fun with the torment you are creating. I would like the closeup scenes of your pussy to be spliced in whenever it is my turn to reach for a card...just a couple seconds to mirror the target of my gaze. As I continue to lose the game, you ask me if I am distracted by something. If possible...at some point, pretend that your husband walks into the room over to the side. You close your legs and pretend to be innocently playing cards. After a bit of small talk, he leaves and you go back to teasing. I will let you use your creativity to end the video.

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