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Birthday Booty Shaking

For my birthday, we're going to celebrate properly. You're going to worship my ass, and cum so fucking hard for it. While I booty shake and clap my ass on your face, you're going to jack it to my booty.

Do you want me to booty clap slow and loud, or do you want me to pop my booty wide open over your face? Let me pull my bodysuit thong to the side, so that when I twerk and booty clap, it pops my ass open right on your face. I know that you'll be ready when I start slapping and smacking my ass as I booty shake, but wait until I fully strip before you really start edging.

Just when you can't take it anymore, I strip and grab my heart shaped paddle for a flurry of booty shaking and spanking at the same time. With my booty clapping jiggles and the paddling keeping my ass bouncing nonstop, you'll be straining to last, but I'm going to make sure that when you worship and pump it to my ass, that you're going to be drained hard and completely. Time your edging with the bouncing of my booty, and see if you can keep time with your stroking to my booty shaking to celebrate my birthday with my ass all day long.

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