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duration 11:11
Busty Step- Mommy needs cum impregnation JOI video from Melonie Kares
Busty Step- Mommy needs cum impregnation JOI by Melonie Kares NOTE: The audio is of poor quality and is therefore discounted more than 50%. Mommy is horny and wants to play with you. I want you to stroke your dick and have you cum on my huge tits. Half way through the joi, I change my mind and tell you I want you to cum in my pussy! Gimme a creampie: I want to be impregnated! Lots of breast play, shaking, groping, teasing, bouncing, clapping. This is a custom video and the name John is used. ____TAGS: amateur ass busty butt babe bbw beautiful belly bigbooty brunette chubby curvy cute domination fat female femdom giant gigantic giggle girl woman heavy caring horny hot huge shapely stacked full-bosomed curvaceous voluptuous well-endowed buxom all-natural chesty plump milf naughty sexy soft solo sweet thick thicc thighs hairy pussy wide hips boobies boobs breasts hooters knockers melons bosom cleavage chest pair rack jugs cans bongos bubbies bumpers bewbz bewbs tatas kahunas gazongas lolos seins Ncup 36 38 40 MM M L LL K KK Kcup cup bra brassiere bitties bust heifers hoohas mammaries perfect round saggy hang nipples ghostnipples areola paleskin paleareolas pink udders macromastia gigantomastia boules nichons mamelles nibards nénés mamelons rondeurs huge big gros massive milkers tiddies tits enormous titplay joi pov massage play worship cumming roleplay orgasm fetish creampie riding lingerie panting moaning heavy breathing overspill bouncing impregnation wants to become pregnant breed mom mommy mother son step-mom slut whore date
duration 12:52
From Her To Him: An Erotic Gender Transformation video from BlackxRose92
From Her To Him: An Erotic Gender Transformation by BlackxRose92 Rose is almost ready for her date, but she isn't sure if the outfit she picked is suitable for a study date. Of course, she wants more, so she's made sure that she's not wearing anything underneath at all. No panties, no bra, Rose wants to make it obvious that she is horny and wanting this evening to go much further than studying. She's been horny all day, and can hardly wait. Waiting for her date to arrive has only increased her arousal, heightening it to levels that she cannot ignore anymore. Masturbating while she waits would certainly pass the time faster, and make the waiting more enjoyable for sure, but what if her date arrives while she's still playing with herself? No bother, Rose is sure she can masturbate to orgasm quickly. She teases her clitoris in multiple positions, making herself moan, but realizes suddenly that she's out of time when her phone alarm goes off, alerting her to the impending arrival of her date. In the midst of her libido spike, Rose tries to situate herself but is flushed and overcome with hormones. She crosses her legs, trying to make it go away, but is overcome with an erotic transformation that she can't stifle. Rose looks down, gasping!, when she sees that she now looks exactly like her date! He's due to arrive any second now! Just as she lifts her skirt to see her pussy has now transformed into a penis and massive testicles, there's a pounding knock on the bedroom door. Her date has arrived and he's ready to come in! It's quite apparent that he wants exactly what Rose did, but now insists that she.....HE!....still has two functioning, fuckable holes and is to bend over, NOW......Oh no!

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