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duration 11:06
Unlimited App Control Causes Embarrassingly Erotic Stripping Consequences video from BlackxRose92
Unlimited App Control Causes Embarrassingly Erotic Stripping Consequences by BlackxRose92 Honey, we need to speak about your cell phone usage. You've gone way over your data limits with all this new app testing! We just can't afford this, so you're going to have to cut back. Are you even listening to me? Put the phone down and listen when I speak to you. Oh! Oh no! Why am I unbuttoning my shirt?! I can't control my body! You should not be laughing about this. This is wildly inappropriate for me to be stripping in front of you like this, but I cannot control my body and this embarrassing stripping will not stop. Are you masturbating right now? Stop that! This is taboo and inappropriate! You should not be getting hard and cumming for me like this. Oh no, you can't tell anyone about this. Wait, is that.....do I hear him home just now? Shh! Don't say anything about this! Oh my goodness this is embarrassing to be completely naked in front of you like this, but your app is controlling my body and you're making me do whatever you want! What kind of kinky perverted things could you want to do to me like this, making our intimate relationship so inappropriately taboo? Please, oh no! Not that! Not this! Why am I feeling so horny and embarrassed? I grip the edge of your bed, squeezing my legs together and pressing my hand to my pussy tight, covering my nudity. Now naked, ashamed, and aroused, I cannot control my facilities as my body acts beyond myself as if some unseen magic control and erotic magic through your new phone app uses its female training program to make me strip completely naked while you masturbate for your pierced, braless MILF and her hairy bush while she booty claps and tries to cover herself.
duration 23:25
The Mask Transformation Sequel video from BlackxRose92
The Mask Transformation Sequel by BlackxRose92 Custom video: "Rose stirs awake, still dressed in her work clothes from the night before. She stretches and yawns, rubbing a hand on her face when her phone suddenly wakes her. “What the fuck, did I not even change…” she pauses, eyes widening as she brings her other hand to her face, grasping and pulling at her features before leaping out of bed and dashing to the mirror to check her face. After a tense scrutiny, she relaxes and lets go, letting out a sigh of relief. She sees the mask lying facedown in front of her and picks it up to inspect, “It was just a dream”, she laughs to herself in relief. Her phone beeps with a notification and she checks it out of curiosity. What she sees makes her realize she may not have been dreaming after all and brings a hand to her mouth in shock. A few weeks later, Rose is pacing back and forth in pajamas. “ I just don’t know, I could really use the money but..” She looks down at her bare feet, thinking about all the extra funds she made last time. “From what little I remember, becoming HER was not a pleasant experience” she says nervously. Quick memories of her prior transformation run through her mind as she continues to nervously pace while eyeing a certain mask. “ FUCK IT!” she exclaims. She tentatively reaches a hand towards it and picks it up. Holding it at arms’ length, that mesmerizing green glow crosses the interior of the mask, instantly erasing any doubt and uneasiness as she begins bringing it towards her face. Once within a few inches, the mask twists to life in her hands and lunges onto her face. The mask once again sprouts rubbery wooden tentacles, making loud and twisting rubber like noises as it swallows her. Groaning, she frantically begins grabbing at her face and the back of her head as the mask seals around her. Cut to a shot of her feet tensing and standing tip toe, then hard cutting to Rose grasping her warping head, She drops to her knees, shoving her fingers into the twisting eyeholes and tries to rip the mask off from there, stretching the material a few inches away from her face. “HEEELPPMEEEE!!” she begs before losing her grip and having the mask slam back on for good, fusing on tightly. Her body tenses oddly before throwing itself into a tornado, screams jumping several octaves as it tears around the room. After a few more seconds, the tornado screeches to a halt, unleashing The Mask once again, dressed in a pantsuit with her breasts bulging out of her blouse. “ I'm back babyyy!!” she exclaims, striking a pose. “This time we will SERIOUSLY BE SSSSMOKIN FOOTBOYS!!!” she exclaims as she leaps onto her bed with a bong in hand and feet crossed in front of the camera. She proceeds to film herself smoking, making crazy exaggerated faces while wiggling and spreading her toes and flexing her soles for the camera."
duration 6:57
BJ and Swallow: Punished Employee Gets a Mouthful video from Dani Sorrento
BJ and Swallow: Punished Employee Gets a Mouthful by Dani Sorrento Dani was just punished for coming onto her boss. Thinking she could finally get him all to herself while at a conference out of town with him, but instead he spanked her! Just when she thinks that he isn't going to let her have any fun with him, he starts to unzip his pants. You can see her freshly spanked butt, however you only get to see the hot quick blowjob he lets her give. Starting out on the bed, laying on her stomach with her cheeks bruised and swollen. He unzips standing in front of her and she eagerly takes his dick in her mouth. He yells at her for being greedy and to go slower. Dani is just so cock hungry, but she doesn't wanna be punished again so she slows down. He then has her get on her knees on the floor so she can look up at him as she takes him back in her warm, wet mouth. With her tongue swirling around he can't help but cum and she is more than happy to swallow his full load. She doesn't care how long she sucked, as long as she got to finally play with him! Maybe they will get to play more after this. After all, she was a good girl for taking her punishment and her reward so well! (The Bj is about 3 and a half minutes long, however you get to see two camera views in full of the scene. So essentially you see the same thing twice, but they give you different views of my body and face) (average size cock, stunt cock from "handjob and Tickling Balls", dirty talk, long hair, brown eyes, brunette, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, bruised butt, freshly spanked, make up, hair grabbing, garter belt, thigh highs, topless, no panties, pov blowjob, side view bj, multiple cameras, multiple angles, multiple positions, cock sucking slut, role play, boss/employee, cum swallow, don't see cum, sloppy bj, spit bj, tattooed girl, thick curvy girl, bubble butt, big perky tits, bbw, chubby, anonymous male)
duration 21:21
Miss Rose Fucks Vinnie the IT Guy to Save Her Job! video from Rose Marie
Miss Rose Fucks Vinnie the IT Guy to Save Her Job! by Rose Marie Knowing she has a long day of conferences ahead of her while at the convention for work, Miss Rose decides to take a few moments in her room to relax and "let off some steam". She opens some free porn on her company laptop, and just when the video starts getting good, the screen goes black! The free porn site gave her a virus and messed up her screen! Knowing she needs her laptop for the meeting later, she knows she has no choice but to call Vinnie the IT Guy who is staying down the hall to try and save her from this mess. When Vinnie gets there, he figures out pretty quickly what she was doing to mess up her screen, and sees some of her special toys she brought with her laying around. Realizing there might be more than one problem he can help fix, he gets an idea from the handcuffs and the whips he sees on the couch and handcuffs her and brings her to the bed of the hotel room. He bends her over and makes sure to give her a good spanking before playing with and eating out her wet and dripping pussy. She gets down on her knees as he undresses and sucks his straining cock. After undressing her, he plays with her pussy some more before giving her a light whipping and then lays down on the bed and has her thoroughly suck his cock before he flips her onto her back and gives her a deep pounding. He decides to come in her, despite her protests that she can't becasue she could get pregnant, and convinces her he deserves to feel good since he is helping to save her job by fixing her laptop for her and not reporting it. He leaves a huge load in her tight pussy and makes her push it out so he can see it.
duration 15:38
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter video from Dani Sorrento
Bratty School Girl Dominates Sitter by Dani Sorrento I tease you, my sitter, in my tiny school girl outfit and thong. I lay there watching TV, trying to get your attention by wiggling my booty in front of you. You seem to be ignoring my teasing so I suggest we play a game together. I wanna wrestle you! You start to laugh, but then I taunt you saying that you must be afraid that I'll beat you. You take the bait and we toss and turn until I end up on top. I want you to submit, but you are stubborn. Don't worry though, I have a secret wrestling move that will finish you. I take off my panties and turn around. No one can resist my ass! Its too late to submit now though, I am gonna KO you with my big booty! When you wake you are tied up on the floor and I am completely naked. Now its time for my favorite part, I am gonna ride your cock hard and if you last at least 10 minutes without cumming then I'll let you go. If not, then I'll leave you for my step Step-Parents to find. I bounce up and down facing you and then turn around so you can see my ass. No way you will last and I am right. I guess its time for you to be KO'd again... (solo female, wrestling, sitter, taboo, slutty outfit, pigtails, light make up, long hair, brunette, perky big tits, round big ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, school girl outfit, ass shaking, twerking, booty clapping, phat pussy lips, smother, POV camera, g-string, eye contact, coerced orgasm, riding dildo, KO, femdom, giggling, cowgirl and reverse)

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