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duration 26:11
Impregnating Three Girls at Slumber Party - SmilesofSally video from Sally Smiles
Impregnating Three Girls at Slumber Party - SmilesofSally by Sally Smiles You have just finished tucking your daughter and her friends in and you think all of the girls have gone to bed. But then you get a knock on the door and it's cute, sweet Isabelle in her pigtails, pjs, and stuffy. She politely addresses you as Mr. Hendrick as she tells you a secret. Isabelle has a HUGE crush on you and she can't stop thinking of you. She removes all her clothes and you realize she's not shy at all! Isabelle puts your big cock in her mouth and begs for you to go deep inside her. This girl fucks you until you're ready to explode and then she demands that you impregnate her. Before she leaves she tells you that she has more of her friends that want you too. Next comes in Julie and she's kind of a slut in her skimpy satin dress. She pulls it up to reveal a big hair bush but no panties. Julie knows that you know why she's here, so she spreads her legs and opens her pussy while you fuck her in every direction! You give Julie a second load and you have one final girl who comes begging for your cum and that's Nina. Nina comes in in a sports bra, boy shorts, and a high ponytail. It is very clear she is determined to get to it. She says she is ovulating and wants your cum now. Nina is a badass that rides your cock until you cave and give her a final huge load of the night!!! ** This video is on SALE due to audio quality ** TAGS: ROLE PLAY, BABY GIRL, STEP DAUGHTER, DADDYS LITTLE GIRL, IMPREGNATING, IMPREGNATION, BARE FOOT, INNOCENT, VIRGIN, BLOW JOB, HAIRY PUSSY, EYE CONTACT, LONG BROWN HAIR, BOOBS BOUNCING, ASS, DOGGYSTYLE, RIDING COCK, MULTIPLE ORGASMS, MOANING, SMILESOFSALLY, SALLY SMILES
duration 6:04
Addicted To Barefoot MILF video from BlackxRose92
Addicted To Barefoot MILF by BlackxRose92 I've been taking some me time for my health lately, and I couldn't be bothered to care about your boner. All you get hard for is feet anyways, so why should I put effort into this? You get horny for my feet, like a total pervert, so I don't need to do anything to make you hard. My toes are always kept pedicured and impeccably pampered, so that anywhere I go and anything I wear doesn't matter, makeup or no makeup, lingerie or pajamas, so long as you eventually see me barefoot your cock keeps dragging you back to worship me. Barefoot, that's all it takes and your dick is addicted to cumming for me. Fine, jerk off, don't, whatever. I don't care, but you don't get much time. You're a foot loser, so you're just lucky I'm here at all. I don't care if you do or don't cum, jerk off or don't jerk off. I'm only here to tease you for a bit, and then I'm forgetting about you again while I'm off with my husband. Losers like you don't get to keep my attention. You get to see me barefoot for maybe a few minutes, but then I'm just going to put my socks and slippers back on again. I'm not even dressed "sexy" today! I'm wearing my zippered fluffy unicorn onesie pajamas that come off in one piece so I can get naked even faster to fuck my husband as soon as I'm done laughing at you. If you think I'm kidding, you're an idiot and you're fooling yourself. Really. My feet are spoiled, so you either pay up and pay hard, or you fuck off and don't get fucked at all. Only good foot slaves get to cum for my feet, and they pay really fucking hard for it. You're not paying enough, so you're lucky you get to see more than the floor. Foot losers are usually used like carpet, ignored and forgotten while they lay face down and never see what they want most, so say thank you for what you get and be glad you get it at all. I mean, I did just take a week "off" while you were banned from cumming. With that in mind, I'm sure you'll be extra appreciative when you watch this video, and then when you feel grateful for the throbbing erection that my feet give you, you'll be ready with that tip button as you say thanks in every way you know how before you blow that massive nut.
duration 12:38
The First Female Futa Experiments video from BlackxRose92
The First Female Futa Experiments by BlackxRose92 This is it! The first official testing of our new sexual disfunction cure! Science has allowed us to create this astounding laser ray that is sure to cure ALL sexual ailments once trials have completed. I'm to be the first official tester, you know, as a safety and human resources type of thing. Once we're finished here, our sexuality laser ray will be named and sold for public use, and I get to be the first human, no! The first female, to officially test and certify our creation, this will be a monumental occasion! Ok, all safety parameters have been checked and confirmed. Let's do this! Three, two, one, hit it! Oh! OHHH! I can feel the overwhelming erotic transformation coursing through my body, the changing pulsating, radiating out through me. Everything feels different. My clothes feel tight, and my skin is prickling with an electric charge as I feel waves of change elongating my clitoris into a throbbing erection. Vision blurring, I pull off my glasses, dropping them and blinking as my hair shakes loose from its conservative bun, mumbling about unforeseen effects, erotic consequences of the ray. My body aches for release, my clit-cock pushes against my panties, thrusting out. I moan and rub against it, feeling my giant testicles swell with massive amounts of futa sperm. The erotic futanari transformation is complete! I can't hold back, as my orgasm crests I begin spraying huge ropes of milky shemen. My futa semen is interspersed with pussy juices as I spill myself over and over, but I'm not satisfied because I NEED to fuck right now. The outcome of this sci fi erotic transformation may be too volatile to continue! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 13:30
Straight Conversion Therapy video from God Ciara
Straight Conversion Therapy by God Ciara Dear reader, I understand that receiving an unexpected invitation from our company must be very confusing and upsetting for you. A coworker, family member, or friend, has anonymously volunteered you to undergo a state-of-the-art form of therapy. I am sure that you are aware of the antiquated practise of "homosexual conversion therapy." Unlike this faulty procedure, which irreversibly damaged the minds of countless gay men, our company diligently works to reverse the trauma caused to our society by toxic heterosexual ideals. Our cutting-edge program, appropriately named "straight conversion therapy," has been successful in turning hundreds of heterosexual men into cock-obsessed, filthy whores. After heteronormative domination triggered society's downfall, I and select other master psychologists designed this program to combat the unfortunate aftermath and prevent future catastrophe. Heterosexual males reigned supreme while innocent citizens suffered the consequences, but now, we have a chance to fight back. And you, dear reader, have the opportunity to fight on the front lines. If you decide to move forward with this treatment, which we sincerely hope you do, please reply to this email with your preferred method of contact, and a Patient Coordinator will arrange an appointment for your introductory therapy session. I, Dr. Ciara Peitho, the chief psychologist involved in this program, will be one-hundred percent involved in your sexual awakening. We hope you understand the uniqueness of this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing from you, Ciara Peithos PhD

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