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Rejecting Temptation- Naughty Niece video from Marissa Sweet
Rejecting Temptation- Naughty Niece by Marissa Sweet Your niece Marissa is staying with you and your wife for the summer, you've always had a close bond with your niece and she's always been forthcoming about you being her favorite uncle. You walk into the guest room where she's staying to say good night, you're caught off guard when you see her laying on her bed with her ass and pussy completely popping out of her short skirt. She pretends not to notice you at first and then turns around to greet you and ask for help studying. At first you decline to help her but she convinces you and continues to flaunt her pussy in front of you while you go over her assignment. The next morning she comes to the kitchen wearing just a tank top and no pants, she makes small talk while teasing you with her ass and then asks where your wife is, she seems gleeful when you tell her your wife is still resting and that it's just you and her this morning. When your niece sits down with you to have her morning coffee you remark that you don't think she's wearing enough, she tells you she's more comfortable dressing that way and calls you out directly by saying you can't keep your eyes off of her so it's more fun to tease you. Your hornines gets the better of you and you run your hand up your nieces leg while you're sitting together, she smacks your hand away and playfully tells you to stop but you go back for more and this time she tells you "you can't do that" like a brat. She reminds you that your wife is right upstairs and that she hears your wife coming down the stairs right now, she quickly tries to cover her pussy before your wife enters the room. Flustered when your wife joins you two, she suddenly announces that she's bored and asks if anyone wants to help her with her new puzzle. Your wife declines but offers your help, you agree and your niece is ecstatic. She continues her game of teasing you while you two work on the puzzle together and often remarking how distracted you are. Your wife leaves to go to the store and your nieces teasing intensifies, she arches her back, sticking her ass out as much as possible and asks if there's anything you want to to while your wife is gone, you play dumb and tell her no. She continues tempting you and doing anything she can to convince you to fuck her. You reject her offer and tell her it wouldn't be right. Disappointed, she sighs and says you're still her favorite uncle and that she'll just have to try harder next time.

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