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Underwater Duct Tape Bondage video from BlackxRose92
Underwater Duct Tape Bondage by BlackxRose92 I thought I was just going for my usual swim, but my spouse had other plans. One moment I was swimming around in my bikini, contemplating swimming underwater, if I could hold my breath long enough. I'm not that good though! When he suggested to make things more challenging, duct tape bondage was NOT what I had in mind. With promises to yank me up if the struggle got to be too much, I was dunked before I could get my bearings or understand what was to unfold as the clouds rolled across the sky ominously. Feet over head, I had to grab onto my scuba mask with both hands to keep it on, as my wrists were duct taped together tightly. The seal wasn't even ready yet! Some of the water immediately got in my mask and started bubbling around my nose and fogging up my visibility, and it felt like time started crawling by in slow motion for every missed breath beneath the waves. Had it been moments, minutes? Surely I wouldn't be left struggling down here for too long! There was no use. I kept floating! Every time I thought release was at the surface, I was quickly proven how very wrong I was, and made to struggle harder and longer in this underwater predicament bondage even more. It felt like each bubble that floated past me was counting the minutes until I wouldn't be allowed up, but I had to try! Swimming was nearly impossible, and even when I kept floating, it felt as if my body was doing barrel rolls in the water and disorienting me in the stormy weather and dark waters. Even underwater, I could hear the thunder brewing over head as I struggled to swim in the difficult duct tape bondage holding my wrists, knees, and ankles, promising my fate if I couldn't make it to the surface in time. Includes lots of duct tape bondage, barefoot housewife pedicured MILF feet soles, bikini, half face scuba mask, and slow motion underwater swimming with predicament struggling. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored

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