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Your Going To Be A Virgin For The Rest Of Your Life, Loser

Oh David, You are SUUUUCCCCHHHHH a fucking loser!!! 36 years old and your still a virgin! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Your going to be sad and alone for the rest of your life. You better get used to jerking your little cock off cause no girl is ever gonna fuck that tiny pathetic penis. I think its hilarious that all of your friends are married and your still single. You are without a doubt the biggest loser I've EVER met. And I've met ALOT of losers. Your cock is literally the size of an ant. Your not even a real man your just a little beta bitch. Only real men get to be inside of this pussy. Little pussy ass bitches like you just have to sit at home and jerk off to my videos while other guys pound me with their huge cocks. Something you'll never have! Your just a virgin freak waste of life who is never gonna go anywhere. Keep jerking off to mean girls like me, because thats all you deserve. Thats all you'll EVER deserve. Fucking pathetic cuckold loser.


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