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Boo Masturbates For Sulley And Mike

My mommy and daddy always make me stay at home in my room, even though I'm all grown up now. Last week I decided to disobey them and escape through the magic portal I discovered inside my closet! As I was Exploring, Randall Boggs the evil purple snake monster tried snatching me!!!! Sulley and Mike came to my rescue just in time! Mike felt especially bad, because Randall used to be his friend until he ditched him for Sulley, and THATS why Randall turned evil. I tried to tell them both that I wasn't upset, and that this is the most fun I've ever had! Buuuuttttt they weren't convinced. I had found my mommys special toy earlier today and didn't know what it was, so I decided to ask Sulley and Mike. They started jumping up and down and laughing hysterically!!! I asked what was so funny and they told me that it wasn't a toy, it was a dildo!!!! I asked who a "dildo" was, and they laughed even harder!!!!! They explained to me that it was used it to cum, and that I should shove it inside of my pussy. I invited Mike and Sulley to watch and told them I would cum for them to show them I forgive them. It worked! I hope my mommy has more special toys hidden around the house!


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