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duration 24:50
Let's Cuck Your Wife Together video from Fiona Dagger
Let's Cuck Your Wife Together by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the name Ryan is used throughout) Your longtime friend Fiona has come round asking for advice and spiritual guidance on how to change her life, as you and your wife are such morally upstanding people. Fiona tells you that she's been having real trouble giving up sex, as her libido is very high, and steers the conversation round to your own sex life with your wife. You feel uncomfortable and shy, and try to change the subject, but Fiona is persistent and slyly asks if you and your wife have a satisfying and adventurous sex life together... After some pushing you eventually admit that no, you're not satisfied with the amount of sex you're getting. You don't even get to do anything other than missionary, and it's very rare! This seems to spark something in Fiona and she shocks you by saying she bets you'd love for her to suck your cock right now... Before you know what's happening she's showing you her tits and hiking up her skirt to play with her pussy, and though you tell her that your wife is in the house and she should stop, she soon manages to convince you to get your cock out and stroke it for her... She makes you admit that you've always had a crush on her, since the 3 of you were at school together, and when she asks if she can go up to your bedroom with you you're too turned on to say no. Luckily your wife is in the kitchen so the two of you sneak upstairs and lock the doors, with Fiona then kneeling down to worship and suck your cock, saying you deserve it after so long with your prudish wife. Soon, to your horror, there's a knock at the door and it's your wife, who's figured out that someone's in there with you! Fiona gleefully taunts her through the door as she sucks you off, and when your wife calls your phone Fiona makes you answer it and tell your wife exactly what's happening! She makes sure your wife stays on the phone by threatening to show the whole town pictures of her fucking you if your wife hangs up, and then she gets up on the bed to ride your cock, talking dirty to you and humiliating your wife down the phone the whole time! Your wife is furious but after a while seems to be getting a little turned on in spite of herself, even as you and Fiona both humiliate and cuck her. You pound Fiona's pussy in doggy, taking out all your frustration on her and telling your wife how much better Fiona feels around your cock, then cover Fiona's tits in cum so she can make sure your wife sees just how much better you like her!
duration 18:49
Mommy Has Rights Too video from Bella Bates
Mommy Has Rights Too by Bella Bates You are in the living room with your mommy when you suddenly start to hear a moaning sound from upstairs. Your mommy knows right away that it is your sister and your sister has a boyfriend visiting again without permission. Your mommy is little angry because your sister is not allowed to bring boys into the house. Your mommy wants that you all (she, you and your dad) go to tell right away your sister that she is doing wrong. You go upstairs first and your mom couldn't find your dad anywhere. She also comes to your sister’s doorstep and she gets upset by what she sees. He who fucks your sister is not your sister's boyfriend, it is your dad. Your mommy can't believe that it really happens, your dad, her husband fucks his own daughter... "Should I stop that?" your mommy thinks. You go back downstairs, your sister and dad didn’t notice you, they are still fucking and you can still hear their voices upstairs. Your mommy is so mad. She needs comfort and she is glad that you are with her right now. She’s still so mad that she wants revenge to your dad and she decides to do it with you. If your dad fucks his daughter upstairs, mommy has the right to fucks her own son in downstairs.. You start doing "it" while the fucking-sounds of your dad and sister are heard from upstairs. That might make your mom even more horny... MOMMY ROLEPLAY. FAMILY TABOO. VIRTUAL SEX/POV (in sex scenes with mom is no real cock or dildo visible!). CUCKOLDING. CREAMPIE.
duration 24:27
The Cuckold's Wife Breeded by BBC! video from The Mandingo Club
The Cuckold's Wife Breeded by BBC! by The Mandingo Club The cool thing about social media is, we keep getting hit up by real-life Cucks who enjoy seeing their wives being complete sluts for Big Black Cock. One of our couples made the connection possible, telling them to hit us up on the LL site. The wife has been busy traveling on business, and hasn’t really had much time to play. Her cuck husband made sure to set something up that he knew would be a for-sure thing. One of the shitty aspects about the whole swing lifestyle is that a lot of Bulls flake out, or worse, are complete fakes. Our long-standing reputation for turning fantasies a reality brought this couple our way. The wife wanted to make sure everything was cool, so we spoke on the phone about her likes and dislikes. One of the biggest things that drew them to us was that she is particular about Black Cock, and who she fucks. You see, she enjoys getting breeded by BBC cum, and as she’s not on the pill nor tubes tied, she enjoys that risk that she might get pregnant by a BBC. We let her know that we had no issue breeding her fertile pussy, while making sure she enjoyed her MANDINGO CLUB experience. A lot of people in the lifestyle enjoy that type of dynamic, which is why they prefer raw play. It’s a fun situation, knowing that you’re going to experience a juicy wet pussy raw, and at the same time she’s going to enjoy some big black veiny cock raw deep inside her, so she can feel that cock expanding deep in her, giving her long deep strokes. It is something that we love doing, and something that ladies absolutely love. This is how you she came ready to PLAY: we hadn’t even flipped the video camera on, and she was on her knees sucking a BBC in no time. That’s why the first minute of footage was captured on our iPhone, and thereafter everything was filmed in stunning 4K. She made sure her cuckold took a seat, and only watched/observed. As she started taking a big black cock deep in her wet pussy, her cuckold reached out and helped by pinning her leg back as best he could, so she could feel every single inch of big black cock that was plunging into her hole. If you pay close attention, you hear her talking throughout the video, saying how much she’s in love with the BBC, and various times telling the guys “Do you want to cum in me? Cum in me!”. This is definitely a hot scene that you will love. The guys take turns fucking her in front of her cuckold who is left to sit down front-and-center watching superior BBC fucking his wife raw, and culminates in each guy dumping a load each in her pussy, back-to-back. To us, one guys cum, is the next guys lube. Something women entirely love, and for those husbands into eating out that sloppy mess, it gives them a reward at the end for being a good bitch boy. We can’t wait for the next couple to approach us about breeding their sexy hot wife!
duration 11:39
Bisexual Homewrecker video from Fuchsia Peach
Bisexual Homewrecker by Fuchsia Peach The promise of forbidden sex has you rushing to your ex-girlfriend’s house for some adulterous fun. If you admit you love me and not your wife, my body will be yours. Oops! You’ve fallen into my trap with your cheating cock in my whore mouth. I’ve set up your wife to catch you in the act and she sees everything! You might as well enjoy yourself while you can, because after you cum your life is over and you’ll never get to touch either of us ever again. Humiliated and crying she watches as I suck and fuck you, but she can’t help getting turned on by the depraved adultery. I call her closer and order you to finger her wet pussy while you fuck me. She eats my pussy and ass like a good bitch as I suck your dick. She does a much better job at pleasuring me than you ever did, you don’t deserve either of us. Finally, you splash your big cum shot all over my homewrecking face! I eat and play with your huge cum load, giving some to your (now ex) wife to suck off my fingers and kiss. You can leave, your now ex wife’s staying here with me. She’s my free use bi slut now. *** Pov blowjob, pov sex, dirty talk, Cheat, Cuckquean kink, cuckholding female cuckold roleplay, facial, cum play fetish, cum on face, cum in mouth, humiliation, cheating on wife in front of her, threesome, fetish, sub, submissive slut, homemade, solo female, amateur, big tits, big boobs, bisexual, curly brunette, curly hair, hazel eyes, hazel green eyes, middle eastern, Persian, fuchsiapeach, Fuchsia Peach
duration 32:55
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend video from Fiona Dagger
Cucking Your Wife With Her Friend by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) It's your birthday and your wife has arranged a surprise for you - her hot friend Fiona, who you've been fantasising about for ages, is going to give you a birthday striptease! Fiona says that her and your wife have both known that you have a crush on her, so for a special treat today she'll strip off and give you a little show. You're a bit uncomfortable that your wife is going to stay in the room with you, but they both insist it's fine! Fiona starts to slowly peel her clothing off, teasing you about your crush on her, until when she's fully naked she can't help but notice the bulge in your pants. She's shocked by how huge it is! She asks your wife why didn't she warn Fiona that you have such a big cock, and seems mesmerized by it... She thinks for a minute, then suggests that you take this birthday treat one little step further - since you're clearly rock hard and must be frustrated, why don't you stroke it now for her and she'll watch and give you a show? Your wife is unsure about this, she thinks things are going to far, but Fiona shushes her and says it's fine, it's not like you'll be touching her. When you get your cock out to stroke it she's delighted, exclaming over the size and how hard it is, and getting clearly flustered and horny, unable to stop herself touching her pussy. She rubs her clit and asshole as she watches you jack it, saying she bets it would feel amazing inside her... After a while she can't help it and gets on her knees to touch it, ignoring your wife's protesting! She asks you if you want her to stroke it and you say yes, trying not to think about your wife sitting just behind you. Fiona strokes and jacks your cock, clearly wanting to suck it but trying to resist... But when she sees a bead of precum forming at the head she can't help it, and takes you into her mouth! Your wife tries to say this is going way too far but you both ignore her, caught up in how amazing it feels. As Fiona takes you deep into her mouth she notices that your wife has started to touch herself and laughs, teasing her about how she's enjoying seeing her husband with a younger, hotter woman. Your wife is frustrated but can't stop touching herself, getting wetter and wetter as Fiona goes to town on your cock. When Fiona suggests you go even further and fuck her your wife tries to protest again but you can tell she's conflicted, and Fiona gets up on top of you to ride your cock, amazed by how big it feels inside her and berating your wife for not pleasing her husband enough. She talks down to your wife as she bounces up and down on your thick cock, asking you if her pussy feels better than your wife's and laughing at her when you admit that it does. Your poor wife is frantically fingering her dripping pussy as she watches you flip Fiona over and begin pounding her, making her cum hard on your dick. Then Fiona asks if you want to fuck her ass now, since she's sure your wife never lets you near that hole! You slide your cock into Fiona's tight asshole as your wife looks on, soon filling her ass with a huge load. But Fiona wants more and asks if you can go again, and you fuck her ass in missionary while she laughs at your wife touching herself in the corner. Fiona then says she wants you to cum in her pussy this time - she thinks it would be really hot for you to breed her fertile young pussy in front of your wife! You pump 2 more loads of cum into her tight pussy as your wife watches, then Fiona promises your wife that she'll let her watch the next time you fuck Fiona, since she seemed to enjoy it so much seeing her husband with a real woman!

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