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Yamcha Takes Bulmas Virginity

My name is Bulma Breifs. When I was younger, I dreamed of having a lifetime supply of strawberries. One day when I was cleaning my basement for my father, Dr. Brief, I discovered my first two star Dragon Ball!!!!!!! After doing some research, I discovered that the dragon ball could actually grant wishes! I thought I wanted to wish for a lifetime supply of strawberrries, but I'd been alone and horny for sooo long, that I decided to wish for a boyfriend instead. My wish came true!!!! I started dating Yamcha, the deadly warrior and trained martial artist. After only two hours of dating, I decided to show Yamcha what a dirty little slut I can be. Sooooo I let him take my virginity. Watch as Yamcha creampies me, and I squirt so hard that a DragonBall pops right out of my pussy!


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