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Bulma Squirts Out 7 Dragon Balls!!!

UGH. I'm having the worst week ever!!! Vegeta dumped me yesterday, even AFTER I let him take my virginity and creampie my pussy! I've never let anyone do that before, but I thought he was special. Guess I was wrong. I figured things couldn't get any worse after that, buuuuuttttt I guess I was Wrong.......AGAIN!!! I met Goku after hitting him with my car, and we became good friends, until I found out he had been hiding a dragon ball from me the entire time!!!!!!! I tried sucking his cock in exchange for giving me the dragon ball, but Goku still refused!!!!!!! After Goku and Vegeta broke my heart, I put all my anger into finding EVERY LAST DRAGON BALL. IT WORKED!!!!!!! I actually found them all!!!!!!! Now I know exactly what to do to make me feel better.... I'm going to shove each and every dragon ball inside of my pussy until I squirt everywhere, and fuck my asshole with EVERY dragon ball! And I'm going to record it for Vegeta and Goku. Surely that will show those losers what they missed out on!


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