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duration 24:24
Best Friends Desperate for Warmth video from Kat Danz
Best Friends Desperate for Warmth by Kat Danz Whew! We were on such a nice sunny hike until rain started pouring down on us. And with that torrent outside, there's no way we can leave our tent. But we left all our supplies in the truck and we have to get out of these wet clothes before we get sick.... But it's okay, I'll just turn around, undress, and I won't even have to look at you! This doesn't have to be awkward.... Huddled together is making things a little weird though. I can feel the bare skin of your back against mine.... but you're my best friend. We're just on an innocent camping trip together. Nothing's going to happen in this tent, alone with you, naked and wet.... unless you want something to happen? I can feel the tell-tale sign of your desire prodding me in the back. Maybe we can do something about that. Just so we can go to bed. Maybe if a handjob isn't enough, you can fuck my ass to get your boner to go down. That'll do the trick. Just fuck it slowly, let me ride it. It feels really good. Better than it's supposed to. I didn't think fucking my best friend would feel like this, so good. I didn't come here expecting to be begging you to fuck my pussy in the middle of our camping trip, but now that your bare cock is in front of me, all I can think about is how it'd feel pumping inside of me. Just lay me on the floor and make sweet, passionate love to me. Look into my eyes and watch me moan with every thrust. Don't stop until you cum inside me. **INCLUDES: best friends to lovers / slow burn / camping trip roleplay / intimate loving romantic lovemaking / POV anal riding position / POV missionary / moaning fetish / cum begging
duration 24:45
Your Daughter's Friend Turns You On video from Kat Danz
duration 29:46
The Only Way I'd Let You Fuck Me video from Kat Danz
The Only Way I'd Let You Fuck Me by Kat Danz You thought YOU had a chance with ME? Yeah right. You don't want to date me. You barely care who I am. You just wanna fuck the pretty college cheerleader. Your hard dick just wants some action in the form of my tight virgin hole. Lucky for you, I looooove being watched. I would never ever ever actually fuck you, no way! But I'll let you watch me stuff this huge dildo in my pussy, and fuck myself until I'm a creamy mess. You wish this was your cock filling up my wet pussy, huh? Dreaming about how hard it would grip your fat cock? And if I fingered my little asshole in front of you? Would that bring you to the edge? Would that make your cock leak from its tip? You'll never get to feel my pussy. It's staying pure and untouched until I find the right man to pop it. But until then, I'll settle for your cock in my tight little asshole. It's not exactly what you wanted, but I'm not about to let some nerd be the first to take my pussy. So either fuck my dirty asshole or leave me alone. I knew you wouldn't say no. Girls never talk to you. This is the first time you've ever gotten close to being lucky lol! Fuck my ass and cum inside it, this opportunity isn't going to come again. And don't tell anyone at school that I'm a little anal slut. They'd think you're lying anyway lol. ***INCLUDES: pussy denial / exhibitionism / dildo fucking / brat girl / cheerleader roleplay / femdom / light humiliation / asshole fingering / POV dildo anal fucking

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