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duration 10:57
Extremely hairy asshole : Exposed & Fucked video from KinkyCuntboy
Extremely hairy asshole : Exposed & Fucked by KinkyCuntboy First I do a shameless show of exposing my extremely hairy asshole for you. I know you wanna see my anal pucker. I get down on my knees, my big round ass raised in front of your eyes, and teasingly slow start pulling down my undies. My hairy ass crack is revealed first. Then step by step the undies are lowered, till my asshole and even part of my moist pussy flaps are exposed to you. My horny anal fuck hole is twitching and flirting with you, and I spread my most private part wide with my hands. Here’s the tight hairy hole I wanna get fucked in. But that’s not enough. Being a shameless anal slut I give you a real hairy asshole show. I press my hairy pucker against glass and start rubbing my ass and pink asshole against it. Obscene and hot hairy ass grinding against the glass, very… very close up, arouses you as well as me When I return to the room I see an armrest - a perfect spot to bend over and fuck myself in the asshole. I’m an anal slut so I pull down my undies, place my bare hairy asshole for fuck, and lube it up. My very hairy asshole raised high up over the armrest, anal begins. First a smaller dildo penetrates my tight ass, readily waiting to be sodomized. I assfuck myself bent over.. squatting… legs spread on the armrest, while my cunt opens hungrily. The anal fuck over the armrest continues, and a glass dildo takes its turn in my needy hairy asshole being fucked. …However, those are only dildos… in the end Im spreading my hairy ass wide and telling you how I REALLY need assfucking. NB! If you already have my vids Shameless Extremely Hairy Asshole Show and Extremely Hairy Asshole Needs A Fuck, you already have this full version! TAGS: hairy asshole, very hairy ass, very hairy asshole, extremely hairy ass, extremely hairy asshole, hairy ass, very hairy, extremely hairy, hairy, ass, asshole, against glass, on glass, pushed against glass, rubbing against glass, spreading ass, ass spreading, ass against glass, ass on glass, hairy ass against glass, spreading against glass, spreading on glass, big ass, hot ass, sexy ass, ftm, transman, hairy pussy, big pussy, big clit, ass up, anal, big hairy ass, asshole fetish, asshole exposed, exposed asshole, asshole show, tease, teasing, revealing, spread asshole, anal slut, tight asshole, tight ass, closeup, close up, obscene, shameless, explicit, raw, bent over, hairy anal, anal dildo, dildo, hairy legs, fuck, fucked ass, fucked asshole, assfuck, bent over anal, hairy ass fuck, hairy ass fucked
duration 21:01
Mission Trip 2 video from Miss Ellie
Mission Trip 2 by Miss Ellie I awake and realize I've failed my mission to save that man from sin and bring him back to the church. I now have to face my pastor and tell him that I'm unworthy to serve in the church. I make it to his private quarters and tell him... to which he tells me to shower as I still have cum dripping down my face. I go and shower, little to my knowledge, he has a camera in his bathroom and watches me undress. After I get out of the shower, I put on this small garment he instructed me to wear and go back out to be faced with the consequences of my sins. I believe he is going to kick me out of the church, to my surprise, he begins massaging my ass with holy anointing oil. After asking him what he's doing and receiving no response, I succumb to the feelings on his perverted hands all over me and it begins to turn me on. Just as I feel it's too much, he tells me to cleanse me of my sins, I have to reenact everything that I did earlier. Very hesitant at first, believing it might be another sin, I ask if we should do this and he demands. I start to slowly suck his cock but once I tell him the man put it down my throat, he begins facefucking me and making me gag and drool everywhere. I don't even mean to dirty talk, but describing what the man did to me turns you on so much that you bust a nut down my throat and I accidentally swallow all of it. Finally, you want to know what else. The guy had fucked my asshole and pastor wants it too. Slipping his cock into my already loose asshole, he starts fucking me without expecting me, a perfect little church girl, to start cumming all over his hard dick until he shoots a load directly in my anus. Finally, he pushes his dick into my pussy and I'm surprised (how did he know the man fucked my pussy too? He really is a messenger of the lord!!!). and finally, he dumps his loads over and over into my pussy and ass, them both squirting out cum as he moves from hole to hole, fucking whichever he wants until he's fully satisfied. And of course, I'm left a gooey mess, thanking the pastor for cleansing me and accepting my new role in the church to teach women how to behave for a man.
duration 27:40
Super Woman Turned Sex Slave pt4 (Custom) video from XMochaPuffx
Super Woman Turned Sex Slave pt4 (Custom) by XMochaPuffx A customer ordered an intense 5 part custom video series staring me as Superwoman! The original descriptions are a little too lengthy to include here so I've summarized their scene description in my own words below; (The name Chris is used in this video) Super woman's been servicing you with that good tight little pussy and that warm wet mouth for several days now...She's STILL convinced that she's going to be rescued some how, and reminds you that the only reason she's been giving into your sexual advances is because of that magical item of yours. You want to prove to her that she GENUINELY enjoys your cock, and that it's not just the magical item... She asks "how?" And of course, you throw your cock back into her mouth to show her. Instantly she's starting to get horny, sucking and spitting all over your hard dick. She loves it so much, she wants you to fuck her throat and use her mouth bc she's your good super slut now. She's so horny she just wants to cum hard for your big hard dick. You deny her, and make her beg some more.... You finally get her positioned in doggy and she begs you to fuck her silly. She can't get enough, she wants you in her ass next. You agree, but she must say out loud that she's your sex slave. She's unsure if she can make that verbal commitment yet...but she finally says it with her chest "I wanna be your sex slave!" She wants to serve your cock with all her holes... and now she's expected to call you Daddy.

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