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Uncle Gets Double BJ While Making Cuckold Friend Watch

My dad NEVER pays any attention to me lately, ever since he got a new girlfriend. I decided to slut-up my school uniform from now on. Maybe when he gets a call from the principle he'll finally notice me!!! Apparently my pervy uncle Lloyd isn’t a big fan of my new wardrobe, because when I got home from school today he wouldn’t lay off! He kept telling me how “If I was his daughter, I wouldn’t get away with dressing like a whore.” I tried telling him its none of his business, but he wouldn’t stop bitching at me! Uncle Lloyd has always been a little creepy, but today he crossed the line! I thought he was just staring at me the whole time because of my uniform, but he was really staring at my pussy!!! He even brought his weirdo friend to gawk at me! They both told me I was a skank for not wearing any panties, and how I couldn't possibly still be a virgin. I told uncle Lloyd my cherry was still in tact, but he figured out that wasn't true when his friend offered to let me suck his cock, and I agreed! I wasn't interested at first, but then uncle Lloyd told me how big it was... And.... Well.... I can NEVER resist a big cock in my mouth. Except it wasn't even big!!!!! In fact, the pathetic loser couldn't even get it up! Ugh, my uncle really needs some new friends. As I was on my knees trying to get this idiots pasty white, shriveled dick hard enough to suck, I noticed that my uncle had a raging boner! He didn't even try to hide it! He could see how cock hungry I was, and he grinned, knowing It was his turn now. Typical uncle Lloyd, using his friend to get me to suck his dick. I started sucking my uncle off, and was just about to make him cum, when his friends wife barged in! She started bitching about how disgusting they both were, but I must have turned her on, because she decided to come suck uncle Lloyds cock with me! She kept telling her husband what a pathetic limp dick loser he was and asked me to help humiliate him. I told him how little his cock was, and we made him watch like a pathetic cuckold as my uncle gave us both HUGE facials! I told uncle Lloyd next time he visits to bring THREE friends, and to make sure they all have big dicks!


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