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Tammy of Leicester

The Leicester massage scene has recently been startled by the opening of Club One - a parlour with a difference. Downstairs is a bar where in the evenings you can chat and socialise with the girls, having a drink before choosing a companion and heading upstairs for a massage. It also has a proper gym, a sauna and a steam room. Joel had heard some good things about this place, so one fine afternoon he decided to check it out.

Club One has its own car park. After being buzzed in past the security doors, Joel paid his £10 entrance fee at the reception level, was shown to a waiting room with TV and told to take a seat. There were four girls working, but two were already busy, so in filed Taylor and then Tammy for him to meet, both wearing smart white masseuse tunics. As he generally fancies younger girls Joel chose Tammy for his session; she looked really appealing with her sexy white knee boots as well and her long dark hair. She came back to invite Joel to take a tour of the place, which he accepted out of curiosity. They ventured downstairs and he was shown the bar area, the steam/sauna area and finally the well-equipped gym. On the way back upstairs Tammy grabbed a fresh towel from reception then led Joel on up to the top floor where most of the massage rooms are situated. He enjoyed following her rather short white dress and tanned thighs up the stairs! Each room is surprisingly spacious and very nicely appointed with a large walk-in shower, a pole for dancing, a radio, a telly to play DVD's, and of course a good-sized bed.

Tammy offered Joel a shower, which he was pleased to have. They chatted while he was doing this, and as he was drying himself off she asked him what he wanted today. Joel asked what she offered and Tammy related the menu list of prices. Joel decided to go for all the extras, including OWO, which is only on offer from certain ladies at this house and for which you pay a premium. After handing over the money Tammy asked Joel if he wanted oil or powder for his massage, then told him to lie face down on the bed. Tammy unzipped her short white tunic and took it off to reveal a slinky set of pale satin lingerie. Joel asked for some clarification of where he could eventually cum and Tammy said on her tits. Grabbing the oil she straddled Joel and sprayed it on his back. Then she removed her bra exposing a nice pair of titties with large nipples. Tammy massaged Joel's back and then lent down closer to give him a body-to-body, rubbing her tits all over the same area. Joel really liked this. After a short time she asked him to turn over. Straddling him again, she ran her tits all over Joel's front. As they passed his mouth Joel started sucking on her prominent nipples. Tammy stopped moving to allow Joel to really get stuck in to her boobs. They were so getting into things they did some kissing with tongues too. Then Tammy paid a visit to Joel's own nipples, licking and sucking them much to his enjoyment. Moving further down Tammy grabbed hold of Joel's stiffening cock and popped it in her mouth for some OWO. She put her tongue to good use, licking up and down his shaft as well as sucking hard on the knob. Using her hand to wank him too inbetween sucking, his cock was getting a good deal of attention. By this point it was rock hard.

Joel requested some 69 so Tammy peeled off her knickers and climbed over on top of him. Joel parted her arse cheeks and gave her minge a good tongue-licking. He asked if he could finger her and Tammy gave him the go-ahead. He licked his finger first then gently pushed it into her. Once in he gave her a good finger-fucking. "That's a tight little pussy you got there" he told her. Meanwhile at the other end Tammy was giving Joel's dick some more good blowing and wanking. After a while Tammy jumped off to reach for a condom. Once bagged she asked Joel how he'd like it and he opted for missionary first. She spread her legs wide, Joel inserted his throbbing cock into that tight dark pussy and set about giving her a good seeing-to. Tammy wrapped her legs around him as he pumped away, her white stiletto boots gripping his body. After wearing himself out going so fast, Joel stopped for a breather, and Tammy suggested she turn over. When she moved Joel lay down himself and asked her to come on top of him for a while. At first Joel took control here, fucking Tammy hard from below. But then she moved into a squat-fuck position and proceeded to bounce up and down on his member. This gave Joel such a great sensation he nearly shot his load right there. Tammy is just too good at this! She jumped off when her legs had enough of that workout and knelt on all fours for Joel to take her from behind. As Tammy has such long legs Joel stood by the end of the bed and fucked her that way. While he banged away happily she played with her own breasts; she seemed to be enjoying this session too. All too soon Joel realised he was about to cum and said "I think it's time". He slipped his cock out of Tammy's pussy, she removed his rubber and lay down at the end of the bed. Then she grabbed hold of Joel's prick and gave him a vigorous hand-job. Within a minute he was squirting his jizz over Tammy's left tit but she continued to wank him squeezing every last drop out of him. She went and grabbed some tissues and handed them to Joel to mop up. Finally she offered him another shower which he took to freshen up.

If Tammy is anything to go by, this is clearly a good parlour. It's certainly very well organised and having a bar where you can meet the girls first is an excellent idea. A good deal of thought and hard work has gone into the place and it deserves to do well. Good luck to them.


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