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Tia Layne of Birmingham

During the customary chat Tia revealed she is a born and bred Liverpudlian but she does not escort in her home city. However she does lap dance there and has been doing that for 7 years. Her porn career started when Jane Berry came to work in the same lap dancing club. Tia is very bi sexual and loves fucking pretty girls. She can be booked with another girl and her duo partner is Millie.

As they had been talking about lap dancing Joel asked Tia to give him a dance. She was happy to oblige and was already dressed in a skimpy pink lap dancing outfit. As Tia stood up she said “you will have to bear with me…carpets and lap dancing shoes don’t work very well.” She started by wriggling her body around in front of Joel but she was soon thrusting her 34DD tits into his face. Instinctively Joel licked them and pushed his head between them. “You can’t do that in a lap dancing club” Tia laughed. She stood up again and pulled her pink micro-skirt and g-string to one side to show off her pussy. She wriggled her cute arse over Joel’s lap, then sat down on him and wriggled over his cock. Her tits were soon out. “They look good” noted Joel. “My babies” replied Tia.

The dance continued, Tia removing her skirt, crouching down in front of Joel and simulating a blow job. It was all very sexy and you could tell Joel was well turned on by it. “You getting nice and hard for me?” asked Tia as she wriggled around on his cock again. “Oh yea, definitely” replied Joel. She pulled her pink g-string down and played with her own pussy. This was all to much for Joel and as she bounced up and down on his lap again he asked about her deep throat capabilities. Tia took the hint and squatted on her knees in front of him. Joel unleashed his beast which was already rock hard from the dance. Tia started the OWO by licking up his shaft and round the bell end. Then she took the whole of it in her mouth and sucked hard. “People always ask me why I love sucking cock” said Tia “ and I just don’t know…I just love it” she continued as she filled her mouth with Joel’s member again. She paid attention to his balls as well giving them a good licking and sucking. Joel was loving it.

They moved through to the bedroom. Joel undressed himself as Tia chatted to him. When he was naked Tia beckoned him to the bed and gave him some more of her great OWO. She sorted out a condom. “Do you want me to get on top of you?” asked Tia. Joel agreed and she climbed on board. As Tia inserted his hard knob inside herself and moved up and down Joel whispered “hang on a second.” Her pussy was so tight he was ready to blow his load on entering her. “You got a tight pussy” he told her. “Everybody says that” replied Tia. “The more I fuck the tighter it gets” she continued. They decided to take it slow. Joel fucked her for a bit, but he was still close to the edge so he suggested he go down on her.

When Joel went down on Tia she became very vocal, screaming with pleasure. By now her clit was very sensitive. Joel switched to fingering her, then suggested getting some cock back in there. He re-entered her tight hole in mish and banged away. You could tell the tightness of her pussy was driving him close to the edge again. Joel stimulated her clit with his finger then pumped away some more.

They switched to doggy. “God that’s so tight, it’s lovely” gasped Joel. “That’s it baby fuck me….I want you to fucking smash me” said Tia. Joel tried rising to the challenge and increased the tempo. After a bit his cock slipped out her pussy and he suggested Tia came back on top of him. She removed her shoes, then hopped on board again, this time facing away from him. “Does that feel good baby?” asked Tia as she energetically bounced up and down on his hard member. She started rubbing her own clit, trying to make herself cum. But it was all too much for Joel and he was soon telling her he was going to explode. He asked if he could cum over her face and she readily agreed.

Tia lay down on the bed and Joel knelt up by her face. She started giving him a hand job. “Ah that feels good” gasped Joel. Tia switched to a blow job followed by some more vigorous wanking. This did the trick and Joel shot his hot load all over her chin.

Good ending to a nice punt with a friendly, attractive porn star.


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