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Welcome to my APClips profile! I am the founder of RealPunting.com an award winning UK reality porn site. i have been filming punts since 2000 and now my work is available to buy on APClips as single films.

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Lexie of Oxford video from
Lexie of Oxford Lexie greeted Andy in pink lingerie – boy did she look hot! She showed Andy through to the bedroom and they sat and chatted on the bed. Andy was keen to get started so he got undressed as Lexie showed off her booty. Mighty fine it is too! Andy quickly got his hands on it. “Wow you’ve got a sexy arse” he told her. They kissed then Lexie got on her knees and removed Andy’s hardening cock from his underwear. Lexie suggested he move to in front of the mirror and then she gave him some amazing OWO. Lexie’s reviews are correct she is so good at giving a blowjob. Andy was speechless enjoying the sight of this hot babe swallowing his cock. Lexie removed her pink lacey bra to reveal a lovely pair of 32D enhanced tits. She carried on with the blowjob much to Andy’s delight. “Can’t wait to taste that pussy” said Andy. “Let’s get on the bed” replied Lexie. She removed her shoes and asked Andy to help her undress so she was totally naked now. They moved into 69. “You ready for a condom?” asked Lexie. He sure was. She sorted one out and then hopped on top to ride his hard cock. My word Lexie is good on top! She really works it and knows all the positions. She even squat fucked without being asked – amazing as that’s a tough position to maintain. Andy was loving this punt. Lexie really is very good at her job. Lexie turned around on top so Andy could enjoy her bottom. “This is a good view” he noted. He grabbed hold of her arse cheeks as she pumped up and down on his penis. What a great fuck! “Can I spank that arse?” asked Andy. “Yea go for it” replied Lexie. Lexie suggested they switch to doggy and Andy readily agreed. “It’s one of my favourites” said Lexie. Andy entered her pussy again and banged away. “Pull my hair if you want” suggested Lexie. Wow awesome – Andy jumped at the offer and did just that. He fucked her hard for a good few minutes, but then needed a little breather, so they sat together on the bed. Lexie asked Andy where he wanted to cum when he was ready to finish. He decided on CIM. Lexie removed the condom and they discussed where she was touring next which happened to be Walsall. The session resumed with another blowjob. Well she is so good at them! Andy was soon rock hard and he told Lexie he wanted to fuck her again. They decided on mish. Lexie sorted out a condom and spread her legs wide. Andy stepped up and pushed his cock home. He pumped away enjoying that sweet pussy. Andy pulled out and licked her out. He switched it to spoons. He felt her tits as he fucked her. He encouraged Lexie to play with herself as he fucked her. He was getting close now. It was not long before he was ready for CIM. He pulled out, Lexie removed the condom and started sucking him as he knelt up on the bed. “Let me wank that cock for you” said Andy. Lexie played with his balls and her own pussy. It did not take long for Andy to shoot his load into her open mouth. She sucked every drop out of him. “That was a proper cum in mouth” said Andy. Followed by a “Thank you”. It had been an excellent session from an awesome escort who is very good value for money. Highly recommended.
Rebecca Smyth and April Paisley Threesome Porn Star Punt video from
Rebecca Smyth and April Paisley Threesome Porn Star Punt April and Rebecca were already in lingerie ready for the session and they showed Andy to the room. “Tell me about your duo service then” said Andy. “Do you want me to tell you or just want to get on with it?” replied Rebecca. Andy made himself comfortable on the bed and the ladies joined him. “You wearing far too many clothes” noted April. She helped Andy undress as Rebecca snogged him. April quickly applied a condom and started giving him a blowjob. Rebecca came and joined her so Andy now had his balls and cock sucked at the same time – the advantage of a two-girl session! Rebecca got her tits out. “Aren't they gorgeous” said April “as big as my bloody head that one” she continued. They are massive! Now a J cup. April carried on sucking cock and Rebecca kissed Andy some more. “I love snogging” she said “turns me on…makes me all wet.” April removed her bra now to reveal her lovely little titties. “Is that fucking dick ready?” asked Rebecca. “Do you want to sit on it baby?” asked April. “You read my mind” replied Rebecca. She removed her panties and climbed on board. Rebecca is energetic on top! April climbed on top of Andy’s face to get licked out while Rebecca carried on riding cock. “I love seeing you cum” said April as Rebecca orgasmed. She climbed off and sucked Andy’s cock while April kissed him. The pace was fast and furious. It was now April’s turned to be fucked and she wanted to be bent over. Rebecca thought this was an excellent idea as April could lick her out while being fucked. On went a new condom and they all re-positioned themselves on the bed. April gasped as Andy’s big hard cock went up her tight little pussy. “Yea fuck me hard” said April. Andy duly obliged while watching the girl on girl licking action, which he too eventually got in on! April rolled over and Andy now fucked her in Mish. Rebecca watched while fingering herself. Andy lent over and licked her pussy as he fucked April. There is a lot goes on when you are with two horny Porn Stars. In fact Andy took a little break at this point and watched the two girls get it in on from the sidelines. Andy soon re-joined the party fucking Rebecca in mish while April sat on her face. April leaned across and kissed Andy in this position – very sexy. For a final position Andy lined up both ladies in doggy on one side of the bed. What a great site with two lovely bottoms and pussies looking at him. Now which one to fuck first? He opted for Rebecca but took the opportunity to feel April’s pussy. Pulling out Andy switched condom and then fucked April. To finish off Andy decided he waned to cum over their faces. They re-positioned themselves by the bed, but unfortunately he just could not cum. It was a hot day and taking on two Porn Stars is not easy. Rebecca told him not to worry, they had cum and it happens often with two girls. It can be a little bit overwhelming. Still it had been a hot & horny session with two great Porn Stars.
Alissia of Nottingham video from
Alissia of Nottingham Seth was keen to book a teenage escort for some Saturday afternoon fun. Alissia arrived at his hotel room on time smartly dressed in a black skirt and short-sleeved top. They kissed at the door, and then Seth told Alissia to take a seat. The money changed hands and they chatted. Alissia has lived in Nottingham since she was seven and loves going out in the clubs and bars. She has just returned from a holiday in Corfu. The talk ended when Seth explained he was looking for GFE and asked if he could kiss her. She suggested they move to the bed. They sat side by side on the edge of the bed and started snogging. “You’re a good kisser,” said Alissia. “Cheers, I like that tongue stud,” replied Seth. He undid his shirt and she suggested he remove his trousers. Seth stood up to do this and unleashed an already hard cock. Alissia got to work giving him some gentle deep strokes of OWO. “You have nice balls,” commented Alissia. “Why don’t you lick them,” replied Seth. She duly obliged. Then she returned to the blow job. “Let me go down on you then” said Seth. Alissia removed her black skirt to reveal a nice white g-string underneath. She removed this too and opened her legs wide. Seth licked and sucked her neat pussy. “It’s really tidy that is,” he noted. He checked with Alissia if it was ok to do so then fingered her. She joined in playing with her own clit as he licked her out. “Tastes nice as well,” said Seth. He suggested she remove her top so he could play with her tits. Alissia took it off along with her bra to reveal a nice pair of small pert tits. He sucked and licked her nipples. They kissed some more and Alissia started giving Seth a hand job. “Do you want me to get a condom?” asked Alissia. He agreed and she grabbed one from the side table. She gave him a quick suck before applying it. Seth suggested they start in doggy and Alissia got on all fours on the bed and pointed her cute arse towards him. He noted how amazing it looked then stuck his cock up her pussy. “That’s nice and tight,” he noted. Seth pumped her slowly at first wary that it would be easy to cum in that tight teenage hole. Soon he was banging her harder which Alissia seemed to love. Seth suggested changing position. He lay down and she climbed on top, squat fucking him with enthusiasm. At one point he had to slow her down. It was obvious he was going to shoot his load and he was enjoying her pussy too much to let that happen too early. “That looks mint,” said Seth as she bobbed up and down on him. When Alissia tired they switched to spoons. “Tickle them balls as I’m fucking you,” requested Seth and Alissia was happy to oblige. “Yea fuck me,” she told him, playing with her own clit to increase the sensation. He told her to play with her own tits as well. Seth moved into the mish position and banged her hard like that for a while. “Where do you want me to cum?” asked Seth. “Do you want to cum inside me?” replied Alissia. Seth preferred to cum over her tits. So he pulled out and Alissia removed the condom. He stood beside the bed and Alissia gave him some more of her great OWO followed by a hand job. “Can I play with your pussy while you wank me?” asked Seth. Of course he could. This seemed to turn him on even more and he soon dropped a load of creamy spunk all over her small tits. “Was that nice?” checked Alissia. Of course it was! Another great session from this hot teenager.
Tammy of Leicester video from
Tammy of Leicester The Leicester massage scene has recently been startled by the opening of Club One - a parlour with a difference. Downstairs is a bar where in the evenings you can chat and socialise with the girls, having a drink before choosing a companion and heading upstairs for a massage. It also has a proper gym, a sauna and a steam room. Joel had heard some good things about this place, so one fine afternoon he decided to check it out. Club One has its own car park. After being buzzed in past the security doors, Joel paid his £10 entrance fee at the reception level, was shown to a waiting room with TV and told to take a seat. There were four girls working, but two were already busy, so in filed Taylor and then Tammy for him to meet, both wearing smart white masseuse tunics. As he generally fancies younger girls Joel chose Tammy for his session; she looked really appealing with her sexy white knee boots as well and her long dark hair. She came back to invite Joel to take a tour of the place, which he accepted out of curiosity. They ventured downstairs and he was shown the bar area, the steam/sauna area and finally the well-equipped gym. On the way back upstairs Tammy grabbed a fresh towel from reception then led Joel on up to the top floor where most of the massage rooms are situated. He enjoyed following her rather short white dress and tanned thighs up the stairs! Each room is surprisingly spacious and very nicely appointed with a large walk-in shower, a pole for dancing, a radio, a telly to play DVD's, and of course a good-sized bed. Tammy offered Joel a shower, which he was pleased to have. They chatted while he was doing this, and as he was drying himself off she asked him what he wanted today. Joel asked what she offered and Tammy related the menu list of prices. Joel decided to go for all the extras, including OWO, which is only on offer from certain ladies at this house and for which you pay a premium. After handing over the money Tammy asked Joel if he wanted oil or powder for his massage, then told him to lie face down on the bed. Tammy unzipped her short white tunic and took it off to reveal a slinky set of pale satin lingerie. Joel asked for some clarification of where he could eventually cum and Tammy said on her tits. Grabbing the oil she straddled Joel and sprayed it on his back. Then she removed her bra exposing a nice pair of titties with large nipples. Tammy massaged Joel's back and then lent down closer to give him a body-to-body, rubbing her tits all over the same area. Joel really liked this. After a short time she asked him to turn over. Straddling him again, she ran her tits all over Joel's front. As they passed his mouth Joel started sucking on her prominent nipples. Tammy stopped moving to allow Joel to really get stuck in to her boobs. They were so getting into things they did some kissing with tongues too. Then Tammy paid a visit to Joel's own nipples, licking and sucking them much to his enjoyment. Moving further down Tammy grabbed hold of Joel's stiffening cock and popped it in her mouth for some OWO. She put her tongue to good use, licking up and down his shaft as well as sucking hard on the knob. Using her hand to wank him too inbetween sucking, his cock was getting a good deal of attention. By this point it was rock hard. Joel requested some 69 so Tammy peeled off her knickers and climbed over on top of him. Joel parted her arse cheeks and gave her minge a good tongue-licking. He asked if he could finger her and Tammy gave him the go-ahead. He licked his finger first then gently pushed it into her. Once in he gave her a good finger-fucking. "That's a tight little pussy you got there" he told her. Meanwhile at the other end Tammy was giving Joel's dick some more good blowing and wanking. After a while Tammy jumped off to reach for a condom. Once bagged she asked Joel how he'd like it and he opted for missionary first. She spread her legs wide, Joel inserted his throbbing cock into that tight dark pussy and set about giving her a good seeing-to. Tammy wrapped her legs around him as he pumped away, her white stiletto boots gripping his body. After wearing himself out going so fast, Joel stopped for a breather, and Tammy suggested she turn over. When she moved Joel lay down himself and asked her to come on top of him for a while. At first Joel took control here, fucking Tammy hard from below. But then she moved into a squat-fuck position and proceeded to bounce up and down on his member. This gave Joel such a great sensation he nearly shot his load right there. Tammy is just too good at this! She jumped off when her legs had enough of that workout and knelt on all fours for Joel to take her from behind. As Tammy has such long legs Joel stood by the end of the bed and fucked her that way. While he banged away happily she played with her own breasts; she seemed to be enjoying this session too. All too soon Joel realised he was about to cum and said "I think it's time". He slipped his cock out of Tammy's pussy, she removed his rubber and lay down at the end of the bed. Then she grabbed hold of Joel's prick and gave him a vigorous hand-job. Within a minute he was squirting his jizz over Tammy's left tit but she continued to wank him squeezing every last drop out of him. She went and grabbed some tissues and handed them to Joel to mop up. Finally she offered him another shower which he took to freshen up. If Tammy is anything to go by, this is clearly a good parlour. It's certainly very well organised and having a bar where you can meet the girls first is an excellent idea. A good deal of thought and hard work has gone into the place and it deserves to do well. Good luck to them.
Tia Layne of Birmingham video from
Tia Layne of Birmingham During the customary chat Tia revealed she is a born and bred Liverpudlian but she does not escort in her home city. However she does lap dance there and has been doing that for 7 years. Her porn career started when Jane Berry came to work in the same lap dancing club. Tia is very bi sexual and loves fucking pretty girls. She can be booked with another girl and her duo partner is Millie. As they had been talking about lap dancing Joel asked Tia to give him a dance. She was happy to oblige and was already dressed in a skimpy pink lap dancing outfit. As Tia stood up she said “you will have to bear with me…carpets and lap dancing shoes don’t work very well.” She started by wriggling her body around in front of Joel but she was soon thrusting her 34DD tits into his face. Instinctively Joel licked them and pushed his head between them. “You can’t do that in a lap dancing club” Tia laughed. She stood up again and pulled her pink micro-skirt and g-string to one side to show off her pussy. She wriggled her cute arse over Joel’s lap, then sat down on him and wriggled over his cock. Her tits were soon out. “They look good” noted Joel. “My babies” replied Tia. The dance continued, Tia removing her skirt, crouching down in front of Joel and simulating a blow job. It was all very sexy and you could tell Joel was well turned on by it. “You getting nice and hard for me?” asked Tia as she wriggled around on his cock again. “Oh yea, definitely” replied Joel. She pulled her pink g-string down and played with her own pussy. This was all to much for Joel and as she bounced up and down on his lap again he asked about her deep throat capabilities. Tia took the hint and squatted on her knees in front of him. Joel unleashed his beast which was already rock hard from the dance. Tia started the OWO by licking up his shaft and round the bell end. Then she took the whole of it in her mouth and sucked hard. “People always ask me why I love sucking cock” said Tia “ and I just don’t know…I just love it” she continued as she filled her mouth with Joel’s member again. She paid attention to his balls as well giving them a good licking and sucking. Joel was loving it. They moved through to the bedroom. Joel undressed himself as Tia chatted to him. When he was naked Tia beckoned him to the bed and gave him some more of her great OWO. She sorted out a condom. “Do you want me to get on top of you?” asked Tia. Joel agreed and she climbed on board. As Tia inserted his hard knob inside herself and moved up and down Joel whispered “hang on a second.” Her pussy was so tight he was ready to blow his load on entering her. “You got a tight pussy” he told her. “Everybody says that” replied Tia. “The more I fuck the tighter it gets” she continued. They decided to take it slow. Joel fucked her for a bit, but he was still close to the edge so he suggested he go down on her. When Joel went down on Tia she became very vocal, screaming with pleasure. By now her clit was very sensitive. Joel switched to fingering her, then suggested getting some cock back in there. He re-entered her tight hole in mish and banged away. You could tell the tightness of her pussy was driving him close to the edge again. Joel stimulated her clit with his finger then pumped away some more. They switched to doggy. “God that’s so tight, it’s lovely” gasped Joel. “That’s it baby fuck me….I want you to fucking smash me” said Tia. Joel tried rising to the challenge and increased the tempo. After a bit his cock slipped out her pussy and he suggested Tia came back on top of him. She removed her shoes, then hopped on board again, this time facing away from him. “Does that feel good baby?” asked Tia as she energetically bounced up and down on his hard member. She started rubbing her own clit, trying to make herself cum. But it was all too much for Joel and he was soon telling her he was going to explode. He asked if he could cum over her face and she readily agreed. Tia lay down on the bed and Joel knelt up by her face. She started giving him a hand job. “Ah that feels good” gasped Joel. Tia switched to a blow job followed by some more vigorous wanking. This did the trick and Joel shot his hot load all over her chin. Good ending to a nice punt with a friendly, attractive porn star.
Luna Eclipse of Bournemouth video from
Luna Eclipse of Bournemouth Andy started off his session with some snogging. They touched each other as they kissed. Andy started undressing and soon had his cock out. As soon as it made an appearance Luna grabbed it and give him a quick handjob. The next minute it was in her mouth and Andy was enjoying some lovely OWO. He grabbed her head (checking she was OK with this, which she was) and pushed it down on to his hard dick. Perfect! Luna removed her top and bra, revealing a nice pair of small, perky tits. Her nipples are very sensitive and Andy enjoyed squeezing and playing with them. Luna gasped with pleasure. Luna now removed her skirt but kept her panties on for the moment. She returned to the bed and sucked Andy's cock some more. This time her forced it down her throat more and she gagged on it a few times, "Let me fuck that young throat" said Andy obviously enjoying this punt. "Your pussy nice and wet now?" asked Andy. Luna confirmed it was and Andy instructed her to sit on his face. Luna removed the rest of her clothes and jumped on top of Andy for some sixty-nine. After licking her young sweet pussy Andy took to grabbing her neck again and forcing her down on his cock. "Lick those balls for me" demanded Andy. He was enjoying Luna's submissiveness. She also enjoyed the attention of his tongue, making some lovely noises as he worked his magic. It was now time to fuck and Luna sorted out a condom. "Don’t think we are going to need lube" said Andy. "No thanks to you" she giggled. Luna does have a sweet girlie giggle! Luna jumped on top and Andy forced his hard cock up her tight teen pussy. Luna immediately gasped with pleasure. She was certainly enjoying the attentions of an older man! "Come on squat on that dick" said Andy and Luna duly obliged. She is energetic on top. Andy switched it to mish and slowed it down. "Sexy pussy you've got" he told her. Andy suddenly jumped up and asked Luna If he could fuck her throat for a bit. She readily agreed and hung her head off the bed. Andy inserted his cock and slammed it hard, "Play with that cunt while you suck that cock" he instructed. Luna gagged several times – what a great sight! Andy returned to the fucking doing her in doggy. "Get nice and low like a good slut" he told Luna and she obliged. Andy pounded her pussy and Luna screamed in ecstasy. At one point she actually came on his cock. Awesome fuck! When Andy tired he switched it to spoons and slowed things down. He was now ready to cum and decided to finish off his excellent session by spunking a load of cum in her mouth. They re-positioned themselves besides the bed, Luna looking up obediently at Andy. He told her to wank his cock and lick his balls. He then took over and soon shot a big load of white spunk into her open mouth. She spat some of it back out and let it drip down on to her perky tits. "You’ve made an old dirty man very happy today Luna." Excellent service, highly recommended and very good value for money.
Demi Delight of Leeds video from
Demi Delight of Leeds Demi was casually dressed and they sat on the bed for a chat. Demi asked Andy if he was into domination which he is not. If you are into this service Demi would seem to be a good fit. It turns out she also runs two escort agencies in Leeds – Vogue Escorts & Pink Lace. I have had trouble finding these websites so if any punters out there know of them do send us links so we can update this report. Demi changed into her underwear in the bathroom and returned in a sexy yellow lingerie. She instructed Andy to get on the bed and he made himself comfortable. Demi wanked his cock until it was erect and then sucked him off. She specialises in deepthroat. Andy certainly seemed to enjoy it. Demi got her tits out then carried on with the blowjob. This time she paid attention to this balls much to Andy’s delight. Andy wanted to taste her pussy now, so Demi removed her lingerie so she was completely naked. Andy suggested 69 but Demi ignored this and suggested he do her cunt first. Andy did just that licking her out and fingering her as well. Suddenly Demi asked Andy to go easy on her pussy as it was “sensitive”. He suggested 69 again but she ignored this again and suggested she concentrate on sucking his cock. At this point Demi also worried about messing up April’s bed and the noise from the small room being heard in the corridor. It was all a bit stressful but Andy soldiered on. They started fucking in doggy. “Go easy on my cunt” said Demi. Bit strange for a porn girl but hey ho! They quickly switched to mish and fucked for a few more minutes, but Demi wanted to suck cock again. She does do this well, but Andy did want to fuck more. He eventually got to do her again in spoons and doggy. Andy ended the session by cumming over her face and tits. Demi is good at talking dirty while you do this and she genuinely seemed to enjoy the spunk all over her. Overall it was a rushed and stressful punt, mainly down to location. On reflection it would probably have been better to see Demi at her incall place in Leeds.
Francesca of Burton video from
Francesca of Burton Francesca was already in her lingerie with no knickers. They sat and chatted on the sofa. Francesca is very good at relaxing a client and before you know it the naughtiness starts. Francesca suggested Andy get undressed and she was quickly stroking his cock. Francesca got her tits out and Andy enjoyed sucking and licking her nipples. “I think you should bring your cock to my mouth” said Francesca. Andy did just that and was soon enjoying OWO. “It needs to be nice and wet” said Francesca spitting on it. “I like to devour it slowly” she explained to Andy as the blowjob continued with Francesca on her knees now. She paid good attention to his balls as well. Grabbing some lube Francesca suggested a tit wank between her lovely 36DD tits. “Sounds good to me” said Andy thrusting his hard member between her tits. They moved into the bedroom which was right next door. Andy immediately noticed the sex swing in the corner and suggested they fuck in it later. Francesca readily agreed. They made themselves comfortable on the bed. Francesca spread her legs and Andy went down on her. “Oh yea get that tongue in my fucking pussy hole” encouraged Francesca. She also told Andy to watch himself in the mirror so it was like being in his own porn film. A naughty minx this one! Francesca sucked Andy’s cock some more then rimmed him – no extra charge for this with Francesca unlike some other providers. “You are spoiling my cock today” noted Andy. “I like to worship it” explained Francesca and “I know if I do a good job I get a good fuck” she continued. Francesca certainly loves sex! Francesca teased Andy’s cock with her bum cheeks. She grabbed a condom, sucked him some more then bagged him up. Francesca climbed on board and rode Andy’s cock. It did not take her long to cum, squirting as she did. Fantastic! Francesca hopped off and gave his cock another suck. Andy suggested taking her from behind and they resumed fucking in doggy. Francesca told him to take it easy at first but then gave him the go ahead and Andy pounded her hard and fast. “Yes fuck me!” encouraged Francesca. He also slapped her arse which she loved too! They had a quick break and drink before deciding it was time for the sex swing. Francesca got into it and Andy started off by licking her out. “Should have got my dildo” said Francesca. Andy, ever the gentleman, fetched it for her. She switched it on and rubbed her clit. Andy used his cock to play with her pussy then pushed the end in. “Feels good on my cock” noted Andy. Andy held on to the straps of the swing and pulled Francesca onto his hard cock. He fucked her slowly as she continued to use the vibrator. Steadily he increased the pace until he was giving her a good sex swing pounding. “Om my god that is very fucking good” gasped Francesca. Andy licked her out then fucked her more! Francesca dismounted from the sex swing and as they both smoked, they had a short cigarette break in the kitchen. One of the good things about Francesca’s incall place is no room is off limits. They returned to the bedroom and Francesca declared she was going to ride Andy’s dick again. After a quick blowjob she bagged him up and climbed on board. This time she faced away from him. Francesca also allowed Andy to play with her bum hole as he fucked her. Francesca introduced her favourite wand toy to the action as she continued to bounce up and down on his hard cock. This worked wonders and Francesca soon made herself cum again. What a great punt! It was now Andy’s turn to cum and they decided he should finish over her face. He knelt up beside her and she sucked his cock some more. Andy took over and Francesca used a toy on herself. She encouraged him to cum and he shot his white hot spunk all over her face, some ending up in her mouth and a little drop on her eye. Great ending to a fantastic punt. This is the second time we have filmed Francesca and her service gets better and better. She knows what she likes and knows how to please a man. That’s what makes her so great in the bedroom. But she is also a lovely lady, easy to chat to in the breaks. Ideal companion! Highly recommended.
Jade of Milton Keynes video from
Jade of Milton Keynes Jade’s incall place is easy to find and there is plenty of parking right outside. Although it’s a pay car park the fee is only 50p per hour. Once inside the apartment Andy was shown through to the living room where there was a sofa bed. They sat down and chatted. Andy kicked things off by suggesting they get undressed. They did just that standing either side of the sofa bed. Jade removed her lovely dress to reveal nice lingerie and holdups. Sexy! “We’re going to use the bonkette today are we?” asked Andy and Jade confirmed they would. For the less adventurous punter she does also have a comfortable bedroom! They started off by feeling and stroking each other’s bodies. Jade bent over and suggested Andy feel her bottom. He readily agreed. It had after all been voted rear of the year! “Very sexy” noted Andy. Pulling Jade’s panties aside he checked out her pussy for the first time. Andy helped Jade out of her bra. She started playing with his cock. There was a short interlude while Jade sorted out some baby wipes. She gave Andy’s cock a quick clean up and asked him how he liked his cock sucked. A bit taken aback by the question he replied “surprise me.” He continued “your lips are hot so I know I am in for a treat.” How right he was! Jade’s OWO soon had him rock hard. “You are so good at sucking cock” said Andy. “I love cock” replied Jade. The blowjob continued. Jade then suggested a quick tit wank, encouraging Andy to wrap her tits round his member. Perfect. Andy asked if Jade like oral on her. “Of course” she replied and they switched to sixty-nine. “Fancy riding that cock?” asked Andy. Jade readily agreed and they sorted out a condom. Jade applied this with her mouth – always the sign of an experienced escort! Jade climbed on board and they fucked, although not for long in that position. Jade wanted to switch to doggy her favourite position. This was fine by Andy and he enjoyed holding on to her great bottom as he pounded her. They fucked for longer in this position. Andy pulled out as his knees were hurting! Jade sucked him some more and they resumed fucking in mish. Andy upped the pace during this position and really fucked her hard. You could tell Jade likes a good pounding. Andy suggested a short break for a drink and a cigarette. They had this out on the balcony. After the break they started touching each other up out there - on full view to passers by! One thing led to another and Andy was soon enjoying an outside balcony blowjob. They also had a quick fuck out there although with too many passers-by they had to curtail the outdoor action. Once back inside they fucked in doggy again. Andy was close now though and ready to cum. They agreed he would shoot his load all over her tits. Jade sucked him some more. Andy took over wanking his cock while Jade played with herself. What a sexy scene! Andy soon squirted a massive load of spunk all over Jades great tits. Epic ending to a good punt. Jade was great fun and very welcoming. She is a lovely lady who makes you feel at ease. Of course she also makes sure you have a great time. Perfect punt if you are in MK. The other good thing is she likes early morning punts, so you can see her before you go to work! Highly recommended.
Lois of Liverpool video from
Lois of Liverpool Lois Lust describes herself as a “Submissive Scouse Slut” so you kinda of know you are going to be in for a good time. Making a booking was easy and she arrived on time casually dressed. Andy invited Lois in to the apartment he had rented and they had a chat. Lois started escorting by working for an agency who advertised for new recruits by leaflets posted in phone boxes! She soon went independent after being fed up with handing over 50% of the fee to the agency (the highest agency fee we have ever heard of). Lois offers a couple of interesting services. Firstly there is a filming service – yes you can fuck her and film it! What is more if you let her have a copy of the film for her own use you get a discount on her rates. She also offers a stag party service and yes this does mean she will fuck multiple guys on the night. What a way to celebrate! After the chat Lois went off to get changed in the bathroom and Andy waited for her on the bed. She re-appeared looking sexy as hell in lovely blue lingerie with stockings and killer heels. It’s like Lois knew Andy was a Man City fan! He was not interested in discussing football mind and they started off snogging. Andy quickly undressed. Lois grabbed his cock and gave him some OWO. He quickly rose to the occasion. Lois removed her flimsy bra to fully show off her great tits. What a handful they are – lovely! Lois returned to the blowjob. Andy felt her curvy arse and gently pulled her panties aside. He played with her pussy and told her he wanted to taste it. They switched to sixty-nine. “You taste good,” said Andy. He asked if he could finger her. Lois readily agreed, “Nice tight pussy” noted Andy. “You got me rock hard” he continued, “you know how to suck dick.” Scouse girls eh? You can't beat them. It was now time to fuck. Andy bagged up and they decided they would start in doggy. “Fuck me your arse is amazing” said Andy as he entered her pussy for the first time and banged away. They both moaned and grunted with pleasure. It was a good fuck. At one point Lois seemed to genuinely cum. At the beginning of the punt Andy had talked to Lois about how flexible she was – she is a former gymnast. He now decided to try an interesting position to utilise her skills. Grabbing some pillows he positioned her upside down at the end of the bed. He then fucked her by drilling her from above. Andy whipped off the condom and inserted his cock in her mouth now. Bouncing up and down he face fucked her. In another twist he then picked her up in this position licking her pussy while she sucked him off. What a fun time he was having. BTW Lois sure is flexible! They took a short break, Andy sat in a chair to recover, Lois came over and gave him a tit wank. Boy is she good at that and wow does your cock look good between her fine tits. Lois gave him another blowjob and Andy grabbed a condom. He was ready to fuck again. Lois climbed on top this time and Andy gave a good pounding from below. Lois seemingly came again – fantastic stuff. Andy decided he wanted to be on top of Lois. She grabbed hold of him and switched the position with his cock still inside her. Andy carried on pumping away. He did slip out of her a couple of times. On the second one of these he got another cheeky blowjob. He was soon back to the fucking again though. It was during this point Lois put her legs right behind her head while he pumped away. What a great sight. “Oh god I’m going to cum” said Andy. Pulling out he whipped off the condom and knelt up above her face. Lois sucked and wanked his cock. He took over while Lois played with her tits and pussy. It did not take long for Andy to shoot his white sticky cum all over her face and gaping mouth. She sucked the last drips out of him. “I’m done in” said Andy. It had been quite an energetic session with a willing sexy slut who sure knows how to please a man. Highly recommended.
Tiana of Southbourne video from
Tiana of Southbourne Punter Andy found Tiana’s incall place easily and parked up in the cul-da-sac opposite (free parking). Once buzzed up to the apartment he was shown through to the living room. They sat on the sofa and chatted. Tiana has been escorting since 18 and has always been independent. At the moment she only offers incalls. As Tiana was casually dressed, she left the room after the chat to get changed into a sexy outfit. And boy was it sexy and revealing. Andy examined the goods as Tiana showed off her body. Andy got undressed and Tiana sorted out a condom (oral is covered). Dropping to her knees in front of him she applied this with her mouth. Tiana specialises in deepthroat and she was soon gagging on his cock. What a great noise she makes while doing this! She also paid good attention to Andy’s balls. Andy stood up so he could really thrust his cock into Tiana’s mouth and she took it all. She moved to a bean bag and lay down backwards so he could take his cock even deeper. Andy enjoyed feeling up her big tits as he slammed his hard cock in and out of her willing mouth. Tiana unbuttoned the gusset on her outfit to reveal her pussy. Andy took the opportunity to play with it while still face fucking her. “Wana ride this cock?” asked Andy. Tiana sure did and Andy made himself comfortable on the bean bag. Tiana mounted him and rode him hard for a short while. She soon suggested switching to doggy and Andy readily agreed. He really gave it to her in this position and she makes lovely noises as you fuck her. When Andy tired, he changed the position to spoons so he could lay down beside her. They were both working up quite a sweat. Tiana noticed her pussy was very wet by now. Andy decided he wanted to taste it. “You taste good” said Andy as he licked her out. He asked if he could use fingers as well and Tiana readily agreed. “Wonder if you can make me squirt?” said Tiana. Andy did a good job of trying and seemed to get there in the end. They had a short break and chatted some more. When Andy showed he was ready to continue Tiana grabbed a new condom and gave him another blowjob. “Where do you want me?” asked Tiana. “With your legs spread wide open for my dick” replied Andy. Tiana got prepared on the bean bag and told Andy to fuck her. They enjoyed some dirty talk as they shagged. Andy fucked her hard then licked her pussy some more. “So what we gunna do next?” asked Andy. “I wanna ride your cock” said Tiana. She had a special position for doing this which all her clients like. Once Andy was in position he could see why as it gave a great view of her fine bottom and his cock going in an out of her tight pussy. Tiana fucked him hard now and the visuals worked for Andy as he was soon ready to cum. They agreed he would finish with a facial. But first Andy wanted to experience a little more of the face fucking. Tiana was happy to oblige. She assumed the position and gagged on his cock for a short while. Andy could not hold back any more. He quickly whipped off the condom and wanked over her face. Tiana encouraged him to cum. When she licked his balls that did it for Andy. He shot white hot spunk all over her face. She was covered in it! Excellent ending to a good punt.
Brandi of Sheffield video from
Brandi of Sheffield Arranging a punt with Brandi was easy and she responds if you have good manners and are respectful which is how you should be to all escorts. Brandi even recommended a place to book for the outcall! Brandi arrived on time, causally dressed and changed into lingerie. They sat on the sofa and had a chat. Brandi is from Sheffield and is a proper Yorkshire lass. She has been a glamour model, Pornstar and is now escorting. Brandi used to work for local escort agencies but she has been an independent escort for 2 years now. Brandi is genuinely bisexual and has done many couple bookings where she has sex with the wife and fucks the husband. She is an expert at spicing up life in the bedroom for married couples! Brandi can also provide two girls and one of her partner’s is Scarlett Star. “Do you want to have your experience? Shall we go through to the bedroom?” suggested Brandi. Tony took hold of Brandi’s hand and led her through to the small bedroom. They started kissing and Brandi undressed Tony. Brandi removed her bra to reveal her lovely big tits. “Do you think their natural or fake?” asked Brandi. Tony hesitated. How does a guy answer that question? “They’re fake” laughed Brandi. Brandi suggested Tony lay on the bed and she demonstrated her oral skills. It was a good blowjob and Tony offered to return the favour. He enjoyed licking her beautiful pussy. From the noises Brandi made she seemed to be enjoying it too. Brandi wanked Tony off while he played with her tits. She gave him another blowjob. You can tell Brandi likes sucking cock. Tony asked her to lick his balls and Brandi happily obliged. He was now rock hard and they sorted out a condom. Brandi suggested they start off in doggy and got on all fours. Tony entered her and gasped with pleasure. “Oh that’s nice” he said. He pumped away but he soon had to slow down as her pussy was so tight. Tony was in greave danger of cumming quickly. He bravely carried on fucking her, but soon he needed a break. After a break and a drink of water for Tony they returned to the bedroom. This time Tony was much better controlled and they fucked a whole lot more – in mish, spoons and then mish again. Brandi is wonderfully vocal as you fuck her and Tony certainly enjoyed giving it to her. To finish his session Tony decided to cum over Brandi’s big tits. First he had a cheeky little tit wank and this actually turned him on so much he quicky shot his white hit spunk all over Brandi’s tanned tits. What a great finish to a good session with a lovely lady. Highly recommended.
Inked Mariah of Stoke video from
Inked Mariah of Stoke Mariah told Andy she started off lapdancing at the age of 18 in a local Stoke Club called Lace. She then went on to work in Birmingham at Spearmint Rhino, Legs 11, the Rocket Club, etc before moving on to the London Spearmint Rhino. Punters you may have seen her or even had a dance from her! From there she got into modelling work and presenting on Babestation TV, Studio 66, Playboy TV, Redlight Central. She still does Babestation webcams so you can chat with her on there before booking her! Mariah went on to chat about being bi-sexual including a threesome in Ibizia. Needless to say, she offers duos. Oh, and also tours. As the chat was coming to an end Mariah removed her dressing gown and asked Andy if he was comfortable. He stood up and removed his clothes. Mariah tends to start off with a quick massage before getting down to business. But she did check Andy wanted to start this way before grabbing some cream and getting to work. Mariah told Andy to turn over, checked he was OK with kissing and started snogging him. Removing her bra, Mariah got Andy to play with her tits. Mariah loves her tits being played with. She started giving Andy a handjob and his cock immediately responded to her nice touch. He was rock hard by the time Mariah's lips engulfed his member for some lovely OWO. "Fuck yea" gasped Andy. As she spat on his cock to lube it up Andy noted "that's definitely a Porn Star blowjob...bit of spit." Mariah got Andy to remove her knickers. "Sit on my face" said Andy and Mariah duly obliged. "That feels good" sighed Mariah. He got her to switch around into sixty-nine. "Your pussy tastes good" noted Andy as he continued to eat her out. "Your dick's nice and hard now" said Mariah. Time for a condom. They started off fucking with Mariah on top. "Feels nice and tight" noted Andy as Mariah mounted him and bounced up and down vigorously on his hard cock. "Oh, that feels good" gasped Mariah. She slowed things down a little and took to squatting on his cock. "See where the lap dancing skills come in...dancing on my pole" said Andy. They changed position to mish. "Play with that beautiful cunt while I fuck you" asked Andy. Mariah did just that enjoying Andy's cock. She asked for it harder and he duly obliged. "Fuck yea" gasped Mariah. When he slowed down Mariah told Andy to kiss her. What a great fuck she is! Andy changed position to spoons but continued pounding her hard. "Let me bend you over" said Andy and they switched to doggy. He grabbed hold of her arse as he pounded her. Mariah encouraged Andy to grab her bum more tightly. He did just that and slapped it as well. Mariah loved it! Andy pulled out and sat back to catch his breath. It had been a hell of a fuck. Mariah really is as she describes herself a "fuck doll." No false advertising here! Once he had a short rest Andy stood beside the bed and got Mariah to point her cute arse towards him. He entered that tight pussy once again for a final fuck before cumming. "I like it nice and deep and hard" said Mariah "that's it fuck me harder" she encouraged him. Wow what a great punt. "I'm going to cum soon" gasped Andy who had been holding off for a while now to enjoy that tight, fuckable body. "Where would you like to cum?" asked Mariah. "How about a facial?" replied Andy. "Yea why not" said Mariah who always seems more than happy to please her clients. Mariah sat on the edge of the bed and started wanking Andy's cock. Andy suggested he take over and Mariah re-positioned herself slightly so she was now looking down the slit of his penis waiting for his spunk to explode out of there and hit her directly in the face. It did not take long for Andy to shoot his load. Andy, being a gentleman, aimed it at her nose and lips. There was a lot of spunk and it dripped down over her big tits. "Well Mariah he is a very happy chappy" said Andy. "I'm glad" replied Mariah. This is one lady who definitely aims to please and does a really good job of that. Highly recommended. 10/10.
Sweet Exotica of London video from
Sweet Exotica of London Australian Escort Sweet Exotica is in the UK at the moment, but can often be found travelling around Europe. Great news for our European members – why not send her a message and ask if she is visiting your country soon? Punter Andy caught up with her while she was touring Leeds and her next stop was York. The incall place was a nice apartment and Andy had to wait for a few minutes as Sweet Exotica was running over from her previous client. Often the case with Escorts who are busy and actually a good sign! Andy was greeted by her at the door just wearing a shirt. It was a bit like visiting a girlfriend. Sweet Exotica is super cool, chilled and tactile. She puts you at ease straight away – a good choice then for newbies to punting. During a chat on the sofa Andy discovered that Sweet Exotica started escorting by first doing Seeking Arrangements and being a Sugar Baby. One of her UK Sugar Daddies introduced her to Adultwork and the rest is history. She actually prefers escorting and wish she had discovered it sooner. She finds punters so much better than Sugar Daddies! It was Andy who suggested they move to the bedroom. Andy got undressed and Sweet Exotica removed her shirt so she was now totally naked. “How would you like me?” asked Andy. “Lay down” replied Sweet Exotica. He did just that and they kissed. Sweet Exotica played with Andy’s cock and then gave him OWO. Once hard she started deepthroating him. Sweet Exotica has a very interesting oral technique when deepthroating. She will take all you cock in her mouth, down her throat and then hold it there while sucking for a good few minutes. “Fuck me” exclaimed Andy “you know how to suck cock.” It turns out she has no gag reflex. Andy was soon rock hard and suggested it was condom time. Sweet Exotica quickly bagged his member and then jumped on top to ride cock. She rides cock well. They switched position to mish and Andy upped the pace giving her a good seeing to. He was enjoying his session with this sexy Aussie. “So you’re a squirter?” asked Andy. “Yes but it’s hard for me to do it via penetration” replied Sweet Exotica. Andy pulled out and tried using fingers. Unfortunately he could not get her to squirt, but Sweet Exotica did say it was hard to get her there. Andy did not mind though he wanted to fuck her some more. He suggested doggy. “Wow that’s a lot deeper” noted Sweet Exotica. Andy took it easy for a while so she could get used to his big cock. After checking it was OK for her he upped the pace giving her a good seeing too. “Sexy body” noted Andy as he slammed her hard from behind. Andy wanted to try an unusual position now – fucking her while holding her up. Unfortunately this did not really work out for him and he decided to give up on it and fuck in mish again instead. After he tired of this Andy switched it to spoons. “Where can I cum baby?” asked Andy. “You can cum in my mouth” replied Sweet Exotica. Andy was well up for that and he pulled out and removed the condom. He cleaned his cock and returned to find Sweet Exotica on her knees by the bed. She popped his cock in her mouth and sucked him off. Once he was near the edge Andy took over and wanked himself off into her gaping mouth. He filled her up with his white spunk. She sucked the last drops out of him. Very horny! What a great ending to a good punt.
Hayley Hazard of Liverpool video from
Hayley Hazard of Liverpool Hayley answered the door already dressed for the session in nice lingerie (black stockings & suspenders) with her fantastic 30H tits on display. Very perky! Andy was shown in and they sat on the sofa next to the bed for a chat. Hayley is a true Scouser and a very friendly lady who immediately relaxes you. Good choice for newbies! Andy had a massive crush on Sinead O’Connor so Hayley’s alternative look was ideal for him. During the chat Andy learnt that Hayley used to work at the famous Sandy’s Superstars under the name Storm. It was Hayley who moved things forward suggesting they get started. Andy got undressed and Hayley moved to the bed. They started off snogging. Andy then admired Hayley’s bottom. He was getting hard already. Hayley suggested getting her lips round his cock and gave him some OWO. “Fuck yea” groaned Andy as she worked her magic. Andy made himself comfortable on the bed and Hayley continued the blowjob. “Oh fuck you know how to suck dick babe” said Andy. “Thank you” replied Hayley in between moutfulls. Andy suggested Hayley sit on his face so they moved into sixty-nine. “You’ve got a sweet tasting pussy” complimented Andy. They stood up again and Andy enjoyed a quick tit wank and another blowjob before they sorted out a condom. They started off fucking with Hayley riding cock. Andy slapped her arse as she fucked him hard. He got her to squat on his cock. “That’s a beautiful bald pussy on my cock” said Andy. “Do you want me to turn over for you?” asked Hayley. Andy agreed and he now had the delightful sight of her curvy arse on his cock. Hayley is certainly energetic on top! It was a great fuck. They decided to switch position. Andy got a quick suck before doing so and spanked her arse some more. “You’ve got a very spankable arse” he said. “There’s plenty of meat on the bone isn’t there” agreed Hayley. Andy stood up and Hayley got on all fours. He pushed his cock back into her tight pussy and fucked her some more. Andy was really enjoying this punt. “You like a good pounding don’t you” noted Andy. Hayley agreed! Andy decided to taste Hayley’s pussy. She lay back and he got to work with his tongue. From the noises she made Hayley enjoyed this as much as the fucking. At one point she seemed to cum. This got Andy fired up again and he pushed his cock up her once more and fucked her in mish. He got nice and deep in this position really giving it to her. Hayley loved it. “You are very flexible” noted Andy. “My balls are getting full” said Andy. “Should I get my lips round your cock?” asked Hayley. Andy readily agreed and they moved to the side of the bed. He enjoyed slapping his cock on Hayley’s shaved head as she licked his balls. Hayley then sucked and wanked him. Andy likes to finish himself off so he took over. It did not take him long to shoot white hot creamy spunk all over her face and mouth. It dripped down on to her big tits for a lovely finish. Excellent punt.

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