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Tiana of Southbourne

Punter Andy found Tiana’s incall place easily and parked up in the cul-da-sac opposite (free parking). Once buzzed up to the apartment he was shown through to the living room. They sat on the sofa and chatted. Tiana has been escorting since 18 and has always been independent. At the moment she only offers incalls.

As Tiana was casually dressed, she left the room after the chat to get changed into a sexy outfit. And boy was it sexy and revealing. Andy examined the goods as Tiana showed off her body.

Andy got undressed and Tiana sorted out a condom (oral is covered). Dropping to her knees in front of him she applied this with her mouth. Tiana specialises in deepthroat and she was soon gagging on his cock. What a great noise she makes while doing this! She also paid good attention to Andy’s balls.

Andy stood up so he could really thrust his cock into Tiana’s mouth and she took it all. She moved to a bean bag and lay down backwards so he could take his cock even deeper. Andy enjoyed feeling up her big tits as he slammed his hard cock in and out of her willing mouth. Tiana unbuttoned the gusset on her outfit to reveal her pussy. Andy took the opportunity to play with it while still face fucking her.

“Wana ride this cock?” asked Andy. Tiana sure did and Andy made himself comfortable on the bean bag. Tiana mounted him and rode him hard for a short while. She soon suggested switching to doggy and Andy readily agreed. He really gave it to her in this position and she makes lovely noises as you fuck her.

When Andy tired, he changed the position to spoons so he could lay down beside her. They were both working up quite a sweat. Tiana noticed her pussy was very wet by now. Andy decided he wanted to taste it. “You taste good” said Andy as he licked her out. He asked if he could use fingers as well and Tiana readily agreed. “Wonder if you can make me squirt?” said Tiana. Andy did a good job of trying and seemed to get there in the end.

They had a short break and chatted some more. When Andy showed he was ready to continue Tiana grabbed a new condom and gave him another blowjob. “Where do you want me?” asked Tiana. “With your legs spread wide open for my dick” replied Andy. Tiana got prepared on the bean bag and told Andy to fuck her. They enjoyed some dirty talk as they shagged.

Andy fucked her hard then licked her pussy some more. “So what we gunna do next?” asked Andy. “I wanna ride your cock” said Tiana. She had a special position for doing this which all her clients like. Once Andy was in position he could see why as it gave a great view of her fine bottom and his cock going in an out of her tight pussy.

Tiana fucked him hard now and the visuals worked for Andy as he was soon ready to cum. They agreed he would finish with a facial. But first Andy wanted to experience a little more of the face fucking. Tiana was happy to oblige. She assumed the position and gagged on his cock for a short while.

Andy could not hold back any more. He quickly whipped off the condom and wanked over her face. Tiana encouraged him to cum. When she licked his balls that did it for Andy. He shot white hot spunk all over her face. She was covered in it! Excellent ending to a good punt.


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