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Francesca of Burton

Francesca was already in her lingerie with no knickers. They sat and chatted on the sofa. Francesca is very good at relaxing a client and before you know it the naughtiness starts. Francesca suggested Andy get undressed and she was quickly stroking his cock. Francesca got her tits out and Andy enjoyed sucking and licking her nipples.

“I think you should bring your cock to my mouth” said Francesca. Andy did just that and was soon enjoying OWO. “It needs to be nice and wet” said Francesca spitting on it. “I like to devour it slowly” she explained to Andy as the blowjob continued with Francesca on her knees now. She paid good attention to his balls as well.

Grabbing some lube Francesca suggested a tit wank between her lovely 36DD tits. “Sounds good to me” said Andy thrusting his hard member between her tits. They moved into the bedroom which was right next door. Andy immediately noticed the sex swing in the corner and suggested they fuck in it later. Francesca readily agreed.

They made themselves comfortable on the bed. Francesca spread her legs and Andy went down on her. “Oh yea get that tongue in my fucking pussy hole” encouraged Francesca. She also told Andy to watch himself in the mirror so it was like being in his own porn film. A naughty minx this one!

Francesca sucked Andy’s cock some more then rimmed him – no extra charge for this with Francesca unlike some other providers. “You are spoiling my cock today” noted Andy. “I like to worship it” explained Francesca and “I know if I do a good job I get a good fuck” she continued. Francesca certainly loves sex!

Francesca teased Andy’s cock with her bum cheeks. She grabbed a condom, sucked him some more then bagged him up. Francesca climbed on board and rode Andy’s cock. It did not take her long to cum, squirting as she did. Fantastic!

Francesca hopped off and gave his cock another suck. Andy suggested taking her from behind and they resumed fucking in doggy. Francesca told him to take it easy at first but then gave him the go ahead and Andy pounded her hard and fast. “Yes fuck me!” encouraged Francesca. He also slapped her arse which she loved too!

They had a quick break and drink before deciding it was time for the sex swing. Francesca got into it and Andy started off by licking her out. “Should have got my dildo” said Francesca. Andy, ever the gentleman, fetched it for her. She switched it on and rubbed her clit. Andy used his cock to play with her pussy then pushed the end in. “Feels good on my cock” noted Andy.

Andy held on to the straps of the swing and pulled Francesca onto his hard cock. He fucked her slowly as she continued to use the vibrator. Steadily he increased the pace until he was giving her a good sex swing pounding. “Om my god that is very fucking good” gasped Francesca. Andy licked her out then fucked her more!

Francesca dismounted from the sex swing and as they both smoked, they had a short cigarette break in the kitchen. One of the good things about Francesca’s incall place is no room is off limits.

They returned to the bedroom and Francesca declared she was going to ride Andy’s dick again. After a quick blowjob she bagged him up and climbed on board. This time she faced away from him. Francesca also allowed Andy to play with her bum hole as he fucked her. Francesca introduced her favourite wand toy to the action as she continued to bounce up and down on his hard cock. This worked wonders and Francesca soon made herself cum again. What a great punt!

It was now Andy’s turn to cum and they decided he should finish over her face. He knelt up beside her and she sucked his cock some more. Andy took over and Francesca used a toy on herself. She encouraged him to cum and he shot his white hot spunk all over her face, some ending up in her mouth and a little drop on her eye.

Great ending to a fantastic punt. This is the second time we have filmed Francesca and her service gets better and better. She knows what she likes and knows how to please a man. That’s what makes her so great in the bedroom. But she is also a lovely lady, easy to chat to in the breaks. Ideal companion! Highly recommended.


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