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duration 6:54
Take My Strap On Or Get Fired video from Katherine Pine
duration 12:42
Analholics Anonymous video from MsCakes
Analholics Anonymous by MsCakes Custom vid with simulated anal - no actual penetration is shown. Hey hun, I know you had plans to hang out with my boyfriend today, but he had to cancel. He claims that he had some “work thing” to attend, but I know he’s off cheating on me again. He actually told me to text you earlier, but I thought the two of us could spend some time together instead. You see, I was having a little chat with your girlfriend the other day, and she told me how you’ve been asking her to do anal, but she’s totally not into it. Well, I know exactly how that feels, because it’s the other way around in my relationship. I really want and crave anal sex, but my boyfriend refuses to do it with me. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make our anal fantasies come true! Just look at my perfect asshole, fresh out of the shower… it’s begging to be eaten and fucked. I know you can’t resist, so get down on your knees so you can bury your face in between my ass cheeks. Mmm yes, your warm wet tongue feels so good sliding in and out of my tight asshole. I know you love the way I spread and wink it for you too. Now my asshole is all warmed up and ready for your cock, so go ahead and push it inside. Let’s start off nice and slow, and gradually go harder and deeper. Your dick feels so amazing thrusting in and out of my virgin asshole, it’s even better than we both imagined. When you’re ready to cum, I want you to pull out and shoot it all over my perfect ass. Mmm I love feeling your hot cum covering my ass and asshole. Our partners have no idea what they’re missing, but oh well, their loss is our gain!
duration 29:07
Jade of Milton Keynes video from Jay Kennedy
Jade of Milton Keynes by Jay Kennedy Jade’s incall place is easy to find and there is plenty of parking right outside. Although it’s a pay car park the fee is only 50p per hour. Once inside the apartment Andy was shown through to the living room where there was a sofa bed. They sat down and chatted. Andy kicked things off by suggesting they get undressed. They did just that standing either side of the sofa bed. Jade removed her lovely dress to reveal nice lingerie and holdups. Sexy! “We’re going to use the bonkette today are we?” asked Andy and Jade confirmed they would. For the less adventurous punter she does also have a comfortable bedroom! They started off by feeling and stroking each other’s bodies. Jade bent over and suggested Andy feel her bottom. He readily agreed. It had after all been voted rear of the year! “Very sexy” noted Andy. Pulling Jade’s panties aside he checked out her pussy for the first time. Andy helped Jade out of her bra. She started playing with his cock. There was a short interlude while Jade sorted out some baby wipes. She gave Andy’s cock a quick clean up and asked him how he liked his cock sucked. A bit taken aback by the question he replied “surprise me.” He continued “your lips are hot so I know I am in for a treat.” How right he was! Jade’s OWO soon had him rock hard. “You are so good at sucking cock” said Andy. “I love cock” replied Jade. The blowjob continued. Jade then suggested a quick tit wank, encouraging Andy to wrap her tits round his member. Perfect. Andy asked if Jade like oral on her. “Of course” she replied and they switched to sixty-nine. “Fancy riding that cock?” asked Andy. Jade readily agreed and they sorted out a condom. Jade applied this with her mouth – always the sign of an experienced escort! Jade climbed on board and they fucked, although not for long in that position. Jade wanted to switch to doggy her favourite position. This was fine by Andy and he enjoyed holding on to her great bottom as he pounded her. They fucked for longer in this position. Andy pulled out as his knees were hurting! Jade sucked him some more and they resumed fucking in mish. Andy upped the pace during this position and really fucked her hard. You could tell Jade likes a good pounding. Andy suggested a short break for a drink and a cigarette. They had this out on the balcony. After the break they started touching each other up out there - on full view to passers by! One thing led to another and Andy was soon enjoying an outside balcony blowjob. They also had a quick fuck out there although with too many passers-by they had to curtail the outdoor action. Once back inside they fucked in doggy again. Andy was close now though and ready to cum. They agreed he would shoot his load all over her tits. Jade sucked him some more. Andy took over wanking his cock while Jade played with herself. What a sexy scene! Andy soon squirted a massive load of spunk all over Jades great tits. Epic ending to a good punt. Jade was great fun and very welcoming. She is a lovely lady who makes you feel at ease. Of course she also makes sure you have a great time. Perfect punt if you are in MK. The other good thing is she likes early morning punts, so you can see her before you go to work! Highly recommended.
duration 23:57
Alissia of Nottingham video from Jay Kennedy
Alissia of Nottingham by Jay Kennedy Seth was keen to book a teenage escort for some Saturday afternoon fun. Alissia arrived at his hotel room on time smartly dressed in a black skirt and short-sleeved top. They kissed at the door, and then Seth told Alissia to take a seat. The money changed hands and they chatted. Alissia has lived in Nottingham since she was seven and loves going out in the clubs and bars. She has just returned from a holiday in Corfu. The talk ended when Seth explained he was looking for GFE and asked if he could kiss her. She suggested they move to the bed. They sat side by side on the edge of the bed and started snogging. “You’re a good kisser,” said Alissia. “Cheers, I like that tongue stud,” replied Seth. He undid his shirt and she suggested he remove his trousers. Seth stood up to do this and unleashed an already hard cock. Alissia got to work giving him some gentle deep strokes of OWO. “You have nice balls,” commented Alissia. “Why don’t you lick them,” replied Seth. She duly obliged. Then she returned to the blow job. “Let me go down on you then” said Seth. Alissia removed her black skirt to reveal a nice white g-string underneath. She removed this too and opened her legs wide. Seth licked and sucked her neat pussy. “It’s really tidy that is,” he noted. He checked with Alissia if it was ok to do so then fingered her. She joined in playing with her own clit as he licked her out. “Tastes nice as well,” said Seth. He suggested she remove her top so he could play with her tits. Alissia took it off along with her bra to reveal a nice pair of small pert tits. He sucked and licked her nipples. They kissed some more and Alissia started giving Seth a hand job. “Do you want me to get a condom?” asked Alissia. He agreed and she grabbed one from the side table. She gave him a quick suck before applying it. Seth suggested they start in doggy and Alissia got on all fours on the bed and pointed her cute arse towards him. He noted how amazing it looked then stuck his cock up her pussy. “That’s nice and tight,” he noted. Seth pumped her slowly at first wary that it would be easy to cum in that tight teenage hole. Soon he was banging her harder which Alissia seemed to love. Seth suggested changing position. He lay down and she climbed on top, squat fucking him with enthusiasm. At one point he had to slow her down. It was obvious he was going to shoot his load and he was enjoying her pussy too much to let that happen too early. “That looks mint,” said Seth as she bobbed up and down on him. When Alissia tired they switched to spoons. “Tickle them balls as I’m fucking you,” requested Seth and Alissia was happy to oblige. “Yea fuck me,” she told him, playing with her own clit to increase the sensation. He told her to play with her own tits as well. Seth moved into the mish position and banged her hard like that for a while. “Where do you want me to cum?” asked Seth. “Do you want to cum inside me?” replied Alissia. Seth preferred to cum over her tits. So he pulled out and Alissia removed the condom. He stood beside the bed and Alissia gave him some more of her great OWO followed by a hand job. “Can I play with your pussy while you wank me?” asked Seth. Of course he could. This seemed to turn him on even more and he soon dropped a load of creamy spunk all over her small tits. “Was that nice?” checked Alissia. Of course it was! Another great session from this hot teenager.
duration 21:52
Super Woman Turned Sex Slave pt3 (custom) video from XMochaPuffx
Super Woman Turned Sex Slave pt3 (custom) by XMochaPuffx A customer ordered an intense 5 part custom video series staring me as Superwoman! The original descriptions are a little too lengthy to include here so I've summarized their scene description in my own words below; Super Woman is in the grips of your control with the help of a mysterious object that has her completely obsessed with your cock. Although she keeps trying to fight it, its becoming harder and harder for her to resist. It's day 3 of training, and you'd like to use that mouth of hers some more. But before you get into that, you have her strip down for you so you can admire that sexy body. She twerks for you, taking notice of how turned on you get. It's time to fuck that mouth... She tries to fight it but the powers of the object are too strong. You fuck her mouth, then move to her pussy, making her cum all over the place, dripping in cream and squirt. You tell her your plans to keep her as your personal sex slave so you can use her body every single day for your pleasure. She rejects this plan, but that doesn't matter... She's already under the spell of this object and theres no turning back now. She cant stop cumming as your cock thrusts deep inside. You flip her around so you can have her pussy in doggy position, and she continues to bust all over the place. Finally, when you're ready to fill her with your load, she begs you to stop. You've already made your decision though... and with a final thrust you shoot all of your cum deep inside her horny cunt. (the name Chris is used in this video!)
duration 13:42
Impregnating Your Personal Trainer video from Fiona Dagger
Impregnating Your Personal Trainer by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're a boxer who's just had an incredible victory in the ring, and your personal trainer wants to check you over to make sure your injuries are all superficial, and you haven't done any lasting damage to yourself. She carefully examines you, breathlessly congratulating you on your performance, then when she's satisfied that you'll make a full recovery, she locks the door and tells you that she has a proposition for you. She explains that she is desperate to get pregnant, but she hasn't been having much luck with dating, so she recently decided that she would be on the look out for any man who seemed like they would be an ideal sperm donor for her; and after watching your incredible athleticism in the ring just now, she knows you would be the perfect match! She knows that you find her attractive, as she's caught you checking her out a few times over the months she's been training you, so she hopes you would be open to the idea of fucking and impregnating her. She assures you that she wouldn't want any money or anything from you afterwards, she just wants your high quality sperm, and asks what you think? You agree happily, which surprises and delights her, and she quickly starts to strip off, saying that this is the perfect time as all your adrenaline from your victory will help you produce a huge and virile load for her! At first she is concerned about your overworked muscles and insists that you lie down and relax, and let her ride you; but as she enjoys your cock she can't help but get more and more into it, and soon is forgetting all about trying to be gentle, and instead begging you to pound her harder and harder! You fuck her fast and rough in doggy until she cums hard on your cock, then give her exactly what she wants - a huge load into her tight pussy, which she tries to hold in but can't help let some of the massive load leak out of her! She then puts her clothes back on and sends you out to do your press conference, checking first that if she hasn't got pregnant today, would you be willing to have a couple more tries...? TAGS: british, ginger, gym, workout, gym clothes, impreg, bareback, solo female, tattoos, tattooed, redhead, posh, posh british, posh english, small boobs, small tits, trainers, sneakers, dildo riding, cowgirl, doggy, doggystyle, long hair, dirty talk
duration 20:49
Reunion With Your Cousin Part III video from Fiona Dagger
Reunion With Your Cousin Part III by Fiona Dagger **If you're a fan of my taboo content, check out my taboo (bro/sis, daddy/daughter, mom/son and more!) roleplay stuff at JustFor.Fans/FionaDagger !** (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is sequel to Reunion With Your Cousin parts 1 & 2) You've finally moved in with your favourite cousin and it's been amazing! Tonight she's taken you out for a fun evening on the town, and when you get home she asks if you're feeling sleepy, as the night isn't quite over yet - she has a couple of surprises planned for you, to celebrate you getting that promotion and moving in with her! She gets you to close your eyes, then when you open them you see her standing before you in incredibly skimpy lingerie. You immediately grab her and start feeling all over her body but she giggles and stops you, saying she wants to show you the second part of the surprise. She turns and pulls her thong aside to reveal a big buttplug in her ass; telling you that she's secretly had this in all night, and that tonight she wants you to fuck her ass! You agree before she can even finish getting her words out and she kneels down to suck your cock until you're rock hard and raring to go. You pull her up and fling her onto the bed, bending her legs back to eat her pussy until she's begging for your cock! She leaves the plug in while you fuck her pussy, starting slow and then building up the pace until you're pounding her hard and fast. She cums hard on your cock, then tells you that it's time for you to fuck her ass and to fill it with cum as a special treat! She pulls out the plug and bends over on the bed to let you lick her asshole and lube it up for your cock, before you slowly slide your dick into her tight ass and begin to fuck it. You gradually fuck her harder and harder until you can't hold it anymore and fill her ass up with cum! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, taboo, cousins, wincest, family affairs, anal, dildo fucking, solo female, dildo sucking, lingerie, big ass, dirty talk, posh accent

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