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duration 10:51
Mommy's Little Sissy Keds Sneaker Slut video from Mister Cox Productions
Mommy's Little Sissy Keds Sneaker Slut by Mister Cox Productions A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! "So, you know Mommy knows about your little sneaker fetish right??" she says while looking at you and holding a single black Keds sneaker. Earlier today when she went looking for her favorite pair of black Keds she noticed that one was missing and she couldn't find it anywhere! She ended up putting her white pair of Keds on and began to look around the house for her missing black one. She looked ALL over the house for it and still couldn't find it... until she came to your room and peeked into your door. She saw you masturbating with her missing sneaker! She actually thinks it's kind of cute and decided not to bother you in the moment. As you come out to the living room, standing there caught red handed while still holding Mommy's other black Keds sneaker, she invites you to watch her masturbate with the sneaker she has in hand while you masturbate again with the Keds sneaker you still have in hand! She rubs her pussy with the sneaker while rubbing her clit with her other hand. It's making her SUPER HORNY watching your big cock play with her sneaker as she's masturbating with it's mate. "Yeah... you wanna be my little sneaker slut??!" she says as she continues rubbing her pussy with the Keds while pulling out her big natural tits. She sees your big cock sliding in and out of that sneaker and wants to help you! She takes the sneaker from you and begins to play with your cock. She continues the shoejob, tapping your cock on the canvas and rubber then inserting your entire hard cock all the way in to see if she can fit it AND your balls in the sneaker! "Oooooooh yeah get the balls in there!" she says. It feels Soooooo good on your cock!! She jerks off your hard cock while inserted into the Keds shoe saying "My little sneaker slut is getting harder and harder... Ooooh yeah you like my shoes don't you!?". With your cock hard and your nuts ready to burst you know you shouldn't cum on or in her favorite pair of Keds. She bends over the chair and allows her little sneaker slut to stick your big dick deep inside her sweet wet pussy, fucking her doggystyle as you hold onto her cute little feet in her white Keds and white frilly socks. Mommy knows how much you want to cum on her sneakers so she turns around and sits back on the chair as you bust a HUGE nut all over her little white Keds and frilly topped socks as she says "Oooooh yeah cum all over my shoes... Good boy!". She wants to have a taste of your young sweet cum so she slips off one of her sneakers and licks your cum off saying "Mommy is gonna clean these up now!". This Stepmom / Mommy roleplay video is filmed entirely in POV / point of view with lots of dirty talk from Stepmom / Mommy Vivian with awaited responses. No male voice in this video. For fans of: POV, Point of View, sex, fucking, Keds, sneakers, sneaker fetish, shoe fetish, shoes, shoejob, shoe job, licking sneakers, licking shoes, shaved, Stepmom Roleplay, Stepmom, Stepson, Mom, Mommy, Family, Taboo, slut, sissy, Dirty Talk, Eye Contact, cumshot, cum on shoes, cum on sneakers, cum on Keds, Cum Eating, Cum licking, Cum, MILF, Big Natural Tits, Big Ass, Big Butt, PAWG, Big Cock, Big Dick, doggystyle, doggy style, masturbation, pussy play
duration 23:32
Do You Really Wanna Fuck Me Brother video from Bella Bates
Do You Really Wanna Fuck Me Brother by Bella Bates The sister asks her brother to shooting her with a phone camera because the sister wants to make a birthday video for her boyfriend. Brother agrees and sister urges her brothers not to react at all to what she does, she asks her brother to focus only on shooting. They start shooting the video. The video is sexually toned, the sister takes off her clothes and starts masturbating. During the shooting, as the sister keeps her eyes closed, the brother begins to stroke his cock over his pants. The sister opens her eyes and notices this and she is abashed and tells her brother that he is so perv and it is not right because she is his sister. The sister asks her brother not to do it again, she just wants to make a video for her boyfriend. They keep shooting. However, the brother can’t do anything for himself but touches himself as he watches as his sister masturbates. The sister thinks her brother is really perv. "I'm your own sister" she tells. Then the brother takes the cock out his pants and starts jerk. Sister first asks her brothers to stop, but then she gets nervous and asks her brother if he really wants to fuck his own sister. The sister still can't understand that the brother is so perv but lets her brother fuck her. They start fucking then The sister remembers during fuck that they don’t have a condom. Sister gets an orgasm and brother cum big cum inside his sister. This makes sister so horny that she masturbates for another orgasm and squirts while her brother's cum is inside her. TABOO. DIFFERENT ANGLES (pov, side). VIRTUAL SEX SCENES (missionary and doggystyle). CREAMPIE (huge). SQUIRT. I have to say that this made me really horny when I looked at the finished version *blushing and getting wet* ;)
duration 5:19
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan video from Dani Sorrento
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan by Dani Sorrento (sequel/correlated to my other clip "BBC Bully Seduction" where I talk about what happens, this clip shows the action discussed in the other clip) I go over to your younger bully's house to try to get him to leave you alone. As your girlfriend, I really want to help you, but your bully Kashwan decides he will stop bullying you if I do this one thing. I had no idea he was going to record what he had me do, but this is what you see when he sends it to you. The recording starts off with me completely naked on all fours, the words "BBC SLUT" written across my giant ass cheeks and the tip of Kashwan's cock at the opening of my pussy. I confirm that he will stop bullying you if I fuck his young BBC and that is when he tells me he is recording it. I am not happy, but I have already come this far and I really want him to leave you alone. The fucking starts and I am completely shocked at how big his dick is. I mean it is huge! I am trying not to enjoy it at all and keep begging him to not send you this recording. I talk about how embarrassing it would be for you to see your younger bully fucking your girlfriend and how he has already humiliated you enough by beating you up. I swear I tried so hard to not like what was going on, but his cock was so big and felt like nothing I ever had before. I start to moan and get into it, even dirty talking to Kashwan a bit. I warn him that I am not on birth control, but apparently I said that too late....(custom clip, sequel, second clip in a series, name moaning, role play, solo female, bbc dildo, big black toy, simulated creampie, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, writing on body, lipstick written on butt, bright pink lipstick, bent over, doggystyle, doggy position fuck, chubby, bbw, curvy girl, thick thighs, thick woman, brown eyes, brunette, long brown hair, ponytail, no makeup, naked, nude, big ass jiggling, giant booty, huge cheeks, 52in ass, 33in thighs, ass shaking, shaved pussy, pussy flash, asshole flash, backing ass up, storyline roleplay, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, POV doggy, POV fucking)
duration 26:24
Lexie of Oxford video from Jay Kennedy
Lexie of Oxford by Jay Kennedy Lexie greeted Andy in pink lingerie – boy did she look hot! She showed Andy through to the bedroom and they sat and chatted on the bed. Andy was keen to get started so he got undressed as Lexie showed off her booty. Mighty fine it is too! Andy quickly got his hands on it. “Wow you’ve got a sexy arse” he told her. They kissed then Lexie got on her knees and removed Andy’s hardening cock from his underwear. Lexie suggested he move to in front of the mirror and then she gave him some amazing OWO. Lexie’s reviews are correct she is so good at giving a blowjob. Andy was speechless enjoying the sight of this hot babe swallowing his cock. Lexie removed her pink lacey bra to reveal a lovely pair of 32D enhanced tits. She carried on with the blowjob much to Andy’s delight. “Can’t wait to taste that pussy” said Andy. “Let’s get on the bed” replied Lexie. She removed her shoes and asked Andy to help her undress so she was totally naked now. They moved into 69. “You ready for a condom?” asked Lexie. He sure was. She sorted one out and then hopped on top to ride his hard cock. My word Lexie is good on top! She really works it and knows all the positions. She even squat fucked without being asked – amazing as that’s a tough position to maintain. Andy was loving this punt. Lexie really is very good at her job. Lexie turned around on top so Andy could enjoy her bottom. “This is a good view” he noted. He grabbed hold of her arse cheeks as she pumped up and down on his penis. What a great fuck! “Can I spank that arse?” asked Andy. “Yea go for it” replied Lexie. Lexie suggested they switch to doggy and Andy readily agreed. “It’s one of my favourites” said Lexie. Andy entered her pussy again and banged away. “Pull my hair if you want” suggested Lexie. Wow awesome – Andy jumped at the offer and did just that. He fucked her hard for a good few minutes, but then needed a little breather, so they sat together on the bed. Lexie asked Andy where he wanted to cum when he was ready to finish. He decided on CIM. Lexie removed the condom and they discussed where she was touring next which happened to be Walsall. The session resumed with another blowjob. Well she is so good at them! Andy was soon rock hard and he told Lexie he wanted to fuck her again. They decided on mish. Lexie sorted out a condom and spread her legs wide. Andy stepped up and pushed his cock home. He pumped away enjoying that sweet pussy. Andy pulled out and licked her out. He switched it to spoons. He felt her tits as he fucked her. He encouraged Lexie to play with herself as he fucked her. He was getting close now. It was not long before he was ready for CIM. He pulled out, Lexie removed the condom and started sucking him as he knelt up on the bed. “Let me wank that cock for you” said Andy. Lexie played with his balls and her own pussy. It did not take long for Andy to shoot his load into her open mouth. She sucked every drop out of him. “That was a proper cum in mouth” said Andy. Followed by a “Thank you”. It had been an excellent session from an awesome escort who is very good value for money. Highly recommended.
duration 18:49
Mommy Has Rights Too video from Bella Bates
Mommy Has Rights Too by Bella Bates You are in the living room with your mommy when you suddenly start to hear a moaning sound from upstairs. Your mommy knows right away that it is your sister and your sister has a boyfriend visiting again without permission. Your mommy is little angry because your sister is not allowed to bring boys into the house. Your mommy wants that you all (she, you and your dad) go to tell right away your sister that she is doing wrong. You go upstairs first and your mom couldn't find your dad anywhere. She also comes to your sister’s doorstep and she gets upset by what she sees. He who fucks your sister is not your sister's boyfriend, it is your dad. Your mommy can't believe that it really happens, your dad, her husband fucks his own daughter... "Should I stop that?" your mommy thinks. You go back downstairs, your sister and dad didn’t notice you, they are still fucking and you can still hear their voices upstairs. Your mommy is so mad. She needs comfort and she is glad that you are with her right now. She’s still so mad that she wants revenge to your dad and she decides to do it with you. If your dad fucks his daughter upstairs, mommy has the right to fucks her own son in downstairs.. You start doing "it" while the fucking-sounds of your dad and sister are heard from upstairs. That might make your mom even more horny... MOMMY ROLEPLAY. FAMILY TABOO. VIRTUAL SEX/POV (in sex scenes with mom is no real cock or dildo visible!). CUCKOLDING. CREAMPIE.

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