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duration 16:32
knotty doggy video from Sloansmoans
knotty doggy by Sloansmoans ***MYVERY FIRST PET PLAY VID* Watch as I’m a sexy, lonely girl living with her dog. I come home after a long day and I’m so tired. I say hello to my sweet doggy and begin to strip naked. I just want to relax and watch tv naked on the couch. I lay down and he lays at my feet, playfully licking them as I’m watching tv until I drift off. I end up laying on my chest, with my ass slightly perked up and I wake up feeling my dog rubbing his huge, hard doggy dick against my back. I don’t like this feeling or sensation, I really want him to stop. His dick is SO big and hard but I let him rub on me because he’s lonely and has never had sex and I love my puppy so much. He speeds up and squirts pre-cum all over my back and I’m disgusted but I still let him rub his giant dog cock on me. Plus this doesn’t count as sex because it’s just rubbing. He keeps rubbing faster until he slips his cock into my asshole unexpectedly. I shriek out and tell him to stop but he won’t. He’s stretching my asshole with his doggy cock and I feel his Knot getting bigger and bigger. I haven’t had anything in my asshole and it hurts and I try to push him off but he’s pounding me so hard and his Knot is so big, he’s pushing his dick so deep into my asshole. He thrusts so hard and deep until he finally stops and he cums inside my ass. It’s so much cum, too much. I feel it leak out of my asshole and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m in disbelief and want him to get his cock out of me, but he continues to drain his doggy balls into me, he’s stuck inside. I lay there until I feel his cock shrinking and finally I’m able to push him out of me. I get up and lay him on his back and scold him for being such a bad dog… enjoy me, xo TABOO/PET PLAY/DOGGYSTYLE/POV SEX SIDE VIEW/POV SEX DOGGYSTYLE/DIRTY TALK/SUBMISSIVE
duration 30:15
The Professor's Daughter video from Fiona Dagger
The Professor's Daughter by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're a professor of literature at a distinguished university, where you've spent most of your career teaching Nabokov's iconic novel. One day, when you're out, your daughter steps into your office. She's a new student at the university where you work, and she's been struggling to fit in. She leaves you a voicemail telling you that she misses you, then settles into your office, allowing the atmosphere to soothe and relax her. She spots your cardigan hanging on the back of an armchair, and breathes in your smell. Then she spots a copy of the novel on your desk and picks it up, smiling to herself as she reminisces about the story. After a moment she begins caressing herself, still clutching your cardigan, and soon she is fully masturbating in your office armchair, rubbing her pussy vigorously through her leggings. As she cums she moans out for her daddy, then she suddenly realises that you've been standing in the doorway for some time, watching her! She jumps up, alarmed, and begins attempting to make excuses, but you tell her it's okay. She sees the look in your eyes and is shocked; hopeful but unsure. You gaze at each other for a few moments, both feeling the tension rise in the room but being nervous to take the next step. Your daughter steps closer to you and questions you; did you like what you see? Do you want her? You admit to her that you do, though you know you shouldn't. Your daughter is breathless and shyly elated, and you slowly undress her before lying her back on the chair and looking deep into her eyes as you penetrate her for the first time. The sex is slow, sweet and passionate at first until your daughter orgasms on your cock; then something unleashes in her and she begins begging you to use her, and to take out all your fantasies on her. She flips over and you begin pounding her hard in doggy as she encourages you to indulge every dirty forbidden thought you've ever had about her, and telling you how incredible it feels to finally have your cock deep inside her. You lay down on the floor of your office and your daughter gets on top to ride you, getting wilder and wilder until she cums again, then begging you to let her taste her own pussy on your cock. She kneels before you and worships your cock with her tongue until you're close to orgasm, then begs you to fuck her one more time and finish in her pussy. You lay her back on the chair and pound her tight, dripping wet pussy until you both cum together, intensely. As your recover your senses you try to tell your daughter that this was wrong, but she insists to you that it was the only thing that has ever felt right, and that this is only the beginning for the two of you! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, taboo, wincest, family affairs, dad, daddy, roleplay, dirty talk, solo female, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, professor, student, power play, cowgirl, doggy style, blowjob, missionary, creampie
duration 30:34
Your Sister, The Escort video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister, The Escort by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've always been super close with your sister, so you're happy when she comes over to your place for a catch up, but you can quickly tell that there's something on her mind. She admits that she has something to tell you, and asks that you try and keep an open mind, before confessing that she's actually been working as an escort for the last 6 months. She tells you that your relationship with her is so important to her, and she knows how lucky she is to be so comfortable with her brother, so she was nervous to tell you in case it made you see her differently. You reassure your sister that you would never judge her and you're not mad at all, only wanting to check that she's being safe and is looking after herself. She assures you that she's being very careful, and is actually really enjoying the work - she likes sex, and she likes money, so this is a win win! You realise that there might be an opportunity here, and casually ask her if she would really have sex with anyone for money. She says yeah, pretty much, and you then ask her... What about you? Would she fuck you for money? Of course, your sister thinks you're joking and laughs at the idea of you hiring her services, but she gradually comes to realise that it's a serious question. She's surprised, and concerned that doing sexual stuff would have an impact on your close relationship, but you promise her that it wouldn't. It takes a little while to convince her, and she seems very nervous about the idea, but eventually she agrees to give it a go. She awkwardly undresses, unable to stop herself from giggling at the strangeness of the situation, and kneels down to suck your cock. You're rock hard and so excited as she stares at your dick, psyching herself up to actually put it in her mouth... Once she does, the first couple of minutes keep being interrupted by her helpless laughter; it's just so weird sucking her own brother's cock! She begins to realise that you get even more excited whenever she mentions how you guys are related, and so she ramps that up, enjoying your reactions. You can tell she's starting to get turned on in spite of herself, as she relaxes into it and sucks your cock more and more intently. She asks if you still want to fuck her, and admits that her pussy has gotten quite wet while she was sucking you off; she's really surprised at how much she's enjoying this... She lays on her back for you to slide your cock inside her, and it's not long at all before she's moaning about how good your cock feels, and how dirty it is to be enjoying her own brother's cock! She forgets all about her nerves and begs you to fuck her harder, so you flip her over and pound her in doggy style, pumping your cock into her until she orgasms intensely, shaking and groaning about how it's so crazy that her own brother could make her cum so hard... She kneels down and starts dirty talking to you about how she bets you're dying to cover her face in cum, begging for her brother's spunk, and you oblige her by shooting a whole load onto her face! TAGS: british, english, taboo, family affairs, wincest, redhead, ginger, posh accent, tattoos, tattooed, roleplay, dirty talk, bro sis, brother sister, escort, pussy fucking, blowjob, cock sucking, facial, cumshot, bg, boy girl, fam play
duration 28:03
Homewrecking Secretary video from Fiona Dagger
Homewrecking Secretary by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your secretary Fiona has had her eye on you for quite some time, and it seems she's gotten fed up of waiting for you to notice her and leave your wife... So she hatches a plan! You gave her a key to your house for emergencies, so one day when she knows you and your wife will both be safely out of the house, she lets herself in and starts to cause some trouble! First she masturbates on your couch, fantasising out loud about how you'll soon be hers, then leaves her messy panties where your wife is sure to find them. Then, just to be sure your wife catches on, she takes a load of naked pictures of herself on your couch, from the neck down so your wife won't realise it's her husband's secretary, and sends them to her from a burner email address! Of course, your wife immediately kicks you out of the house, and that evening you find yourself at your secretary's door, explaining to her what's happened and asking her to book you a hotel. She's incredibly sympathetic and insists that your wife is crazy and doesn't deserve you, you're the perfect loyal husband! She offers to let you stay with her instead of at a hotel, and says she'll cook you a nice dinner and you can relax. Once you're in the shower, however, she sneaks into the room and undresses as you continue showering, unaware of her. Once she's naked she jumps into the shower, shocking you, but she quickly hushes you and tells you to just relax and go with it, kneeling down to give you a blowjob. She takes expert care of your cock, showing you just how badly she wants to replace your wife, and dirty talking constantly about how much better she'll be than her. You fuck her in doggy in the shower, then take her to the bedroom to let her ride your cock until she cums, then she begs for you to cum in her mouth, saying she's been fantasising for so long about tasting your cum! After she's swallowed your load she quickly takes her phone out to snap a photo of her with your dick in her mouth, gleefully sending it to your wife before you can stop her!
duration 26:24
Lexie of Oxford video from Jay Kennedy
Lexie of Oxford by Jay Kennedy Lexie greeted Andy in pink lingerie – boy did she look hot! She showed Andy through to the bedroom and they sat and chatted on the bed. Andy was keen to get started so he got undressed as Lexie showed off her booty. Mighty fine it is too! Andy quickly got his hands on it. “Wow you’ve got a sexy arse” he told her. They kissed then Lexie got on her knees and removed Andy’s hardening cock from his underwear. Lexie suggested he move to in front of the mirror and then she gave him some amazing OWO. Lexie’s reviews are correct she is so good at giving a blowjob. Andy was speechless enjoying the sight of this hot babe swallowing his cock. Lexie removed her pink lacey bra to reveal a lovely pair of 32D enhanced tits. She carried on with the blowjob much to Andy’s delight. “Can’t wait to taste that pussy” said Andy. “Let’s get on the bed” replied Lexie. She removed her shoes and asked Andy to help her undress so she was totally naked now. They moved into 69. “You ready for a condom?” asked Lexie. He sure was. She sorted one out and then hopped on top to ride his hard cock. My word Lexie is good on top! She really works it and knows all the positions. She even squat fucked without being asked – amazing as that’s a tough position to maintain. Andy was loving this punt. Lexie really is very good at her job. Lexie turned around on top so Andy could enjoy her bottom. “This is a good view” he noted. He grabbed hold of her arse cheeks as she pumped up and down on his penis. What a great fuck! “Can I spank that arse?” asked Andy. “Yea go for it” replied Lexie. Lexie suggested they switch to doggy and Andy readily agreed. “It’s one of my favourites” said Lexie. Andy entered her pussy again and banged away. “Pull my hair if you want” suggested Lexie. Wow awesome – Andy jumped at the offer and did just that. He fucked her hard for a good few minutes, but then needed a little breather, so they sat together on the bed. Lexie asked Andy where he wanted to cum when he was ready to finish. He decided on CIM. Lexie removed the condom and they discussed where she was touring next which happened to be Walsall. The session resumed with another blowjob. Well she is so good at them! Andy was soon rock hard and he told Lexie he wanted to fuck her again. They decided on mish. Lexie sorted out a condom and spread her legs wide. Andy stepped up and pushed his cock home. He pumped away enjoying that sweet pussy. Andy pulled out and licked her out. He switched it to spoons. He felt her tits as he fucked her. He encouraged Lexie to play with herself as he fucked her. He was getting close now. It was not long before he was ready for CIM. He pulled out, Lexie removed the condom and started sucking him as he knelt up on the bed. “Let me wank that cock for you” said Andy. Lexie played with his balls and her own pussy. It did not take long for Andy to shoot his load into her open mouth. She sucked every drop out of him. “That was a proper cum in mouth” said Andy. Followed by a “Thank you”. It had been an excellent session from an awesome escort who is very good value for money. Highly recommended.
duration 43:36
Cheating With Your Coworker video from Fiona Dagger
Cheating With Your Coworker by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Kenneth is used throughout) You and Fiona have been on the road for a few weeks, travelling together and training new staff for your job. Over dinner in the hotel one night, Fiona steers the conversation towards your girlfriend, asking you if you miss her? She admits to you that she misses her boyfriend, but mostly she just misses sex... You feel a bit awkward having this conversation with your coworker, but she laughs and insists that you're both adults, you can admit that you have needs. You chat and flirt a bit more at the table, before Fiona suggests you both go up to her room for a nightcap. Once you're up there, she confesses to you that she's always found you attractive, and you admit the same to her! You both try not to give into temptation, but soon the chemistry and atmosphere are too much to resist, and you find yourself kissing... You stop yourselves and talk about how you shouldn't, it would be so wrong... But you're both so frustrated... Fiona suggests that since fucking would be really bad, maybe you could just do other stuff instead... She tells you that she has a vibrator in the room, and says that maybe you could take turns using it on each other? Then it would basically just be like you were masturbating, not really cheating... She uses the vibe on your cock for a while until she can't stand it anymore and begs you to let her suck you off. She thoroughly worships your cock with her tongue, then admits that it's just gotten her even more frustrated, and she pleads with you to just fuck her this one time! You don't take too much convincing, and pound her pussy in doggy and then missionary until she cums hard. She then asks if you'd like to fuck her ass, and you admit that your girlfriend never lets you do that to her! Fiona insists you treat yourself, so you fuck her tight asshole in multiple positions until she cums again, then begs for you to shoot your load deep into her asshole!
duration 39:09
Francesca of Burton video from Jay Kennedy
Francesca of Burton by Jay Kennedy Francesca was already in her lingerie with no knickers. They sat and chatted on the sofa. Francesca is very good at relaxing a client and before you know it the naughtiness starts. Francesca suggested Andy get undressed and she was quickly stroking his cock. Francesca got her tits out and Andy enjoyed sucking and licking her nipples. “I think you should bring your cock to my mouth” said Francesca. Andy did just that and was soon enjoying OWO. “It needs to be nice and wet” said Francesca spitting on it. “I like to devour it slowly” she explained to Andy as the blowjob continued with Francesca on her knees now. She paid good attention to his balls as well. Grabbing some lube Francesca suggested a tit wank between her lovely 36DD tits. “Sounds good to me” said Andy thrusting his hard member between her tits. They moved into the bedroom which was right next door. Andy immediately noticed the sex swing in the corner and suggested they fuck in it later. Francesca readily agreed. They made themselves comfortable on the bed. Francesca spread her legs and Andy went down on her. “Oh yea get that tongue in my fucking pussy hole” encouraged Francesca. She also told Andy to watch himself in the mirror so it was like being in his own porn film. A naughty minx this one! Francesca sucked Andy’s cock some more then rimmed him – no extra charge for this with Francesca unlike some other providers. “You are spoiling my cock today” noted Andy. “I like to worship it” explained Francesca and “I know if I do a good job I get a good fuck” she continued. Francesca certainly loves sex! Francesca teased Andy’s cock with her bum cheeks. She grabbed a condom, sucked him some more then bagged him up. Francesca climbed on board and rode Andy’s cock. It did not take her long to cum, squirting as she did. Fantastic! Francesca hopped off and gave his cock another suck. Andy suggested taking her from behind and they resumed fucking in doggy. Francesca told him to take it easy at first but then gave him the go ahead and Andy pounded her hard and fast. “Yes fuck me!” encouraged Francesca. He also slapped her arse which she loved too! They had a quick break and drink before deciding it was time for the sex swing. Francesca got into it and Andy started off by licking her out. “Should have got my dildo” said Francesca. Andy, ever the gentleman, fetched it for her. She switched it on and rubbed her clit. Andy used his cock to play with her pussy then pushed the end in. “Feels good on my cock” noted Andy. Andy held on to the straps of the swing and pulled Francesca onto his hard cock. He fucked her slowly as she continued to use the vibrator. Steadily he increased the pace until he was giving her a good sex swing pounding. “Om my god that is very fucking good” gasped Francesca. Andy licked her out then fucked her more! Francesca dismounted from the sex swing and as they both smoked, they had a short cigarette break in the kitchen. One of the good things about Francesca’s incall place is no room is off limits. They returned to the bedroom and Francesca declared she was going to ride Andy’s dick again. After a quick blowjob she bagged him up and climbed on board. This time she faced away from him. Francesca also allowed Andy to play with her bum hole as he fucked her. Francesca introduced her favourite wand toy to the action as she continued to bounce up and down on his hard cock. This worked wonders and Francesca soon made herself cum again. What a great punt! It was now Andy’s turn to cum and they decided he should finish over her face. He knelt up beside her and she sucked his cock some more. Andy took over and Francesca used a toy on herself. She encouraged him to cum and he shot his white hot spunk all over her face, some ending up in her mouth and a little drop on her eye. Great ending to a fantastic punt. This is the second time we have filmed Francesca and her service gets better and better. She knows what she likes and knows how to please a man. That’s what makes her so great in the bedroom. But she is also a lovely lady, easy to chat to in the breaks. Ideal companion! Highly recommended.
duration 19:50
Seduced By Your Niece video from Fiona Dagger
Seduced By Your Niece by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your hot niece Fiona wants to hang out, and strikes up a flirty conversation with you, talking about how you're so much hotter than her dad, and how she can't believe you're single. She asks you how long it's been since you got laid, and if she wasn't your niece would you hit on her if you saw her in a bar? You're nervous but she insists you answer, saying it's fine and she won't say anthing about this conversation to her dad. You admit that you do find her attractive, and to your shock she suggests that since you must be lonely and sexually frustrated, and since you're both attracted to each other, you should just have some fun today while her dad is out... You say no, it would be too wrong, but she begins to slowly peel down her top to show you her tits, telling you it's fine and nobody will ever find out. She asks if she can suck your cock just for a couple of minutes, and then if you tell her to stop she will... You agree to this and Fiona kneels down to worship your cock, and it feels so amazing that when she asks if she should stop you tell her no, please carry on... She asks if you want to fuck her pussy and by now you're too turned on to say no, so she strips off completely and lets you pound her hard in doggy, dirty talking to you about how naughty it feels to have her uncle fucking her. She gets onto her back so you can fuck her in missionary, begging to be filled with cum and promisng she'll tell her dad that you need her help with projects around your house, so that she can visit you lots more and let you fuck her holes whenever you want...

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