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Alissia of Nottingham

Seth was keen to book a teenage escort for some Saturday afternoon fun. Alissia arrived at his hotel room on time smartly dressed in a black skirt and short-sleeved top. They kissed at the door, and then Seth told Alissia to take a seat. The money changed hands and they chatted. Alissia has lived in Nottingham since she was seven and loves going out in the clubs and bars. She has just returned from a holiday in Corfu. The talk ended when Seth explained he was looking for GFE and asked if he could kiss her. She suggested they move to the bed. They sat side by side on the edge of the bed and started snogging. “You’re a good kisser,” said Alissia. “Cheers, I like that tongue stud,” replied Seth. He undid his shirt and she suggested he remove his trousers. Seth stood up to do this and unleashed an already hard cock. Alissia got to work giving him some gentle deep strokes of OWO. “You have nice balls,” commented Alissia. “Why don’t you lick them,” replied Seth. She duly obliged. Then she returned to the blow job. “Let me go down on you then” said Seth. Alissia removed her black skirt to reveal a nice white g-string underneath. She removed this too and opened her legs wide. Seth licked and sucked her neat pussy. “It’s really tidy that is,” he noted. He checked with Alissia if it was ok to do so then fingered her. She joined in playing with her own clit as he licked her out. “Tastes nice as well,” said Seth. He suggested she remove her top so he could play with her tits. Alissia took it off along with her bra to reveal a nice pair of small pert tits. He sucked and licked her nipples. They kissed some more and Alissia started giving Seth a hand job. “Do you want me to get a condom?” asked Alissia. He agreed and she grabbed one from the side table. She gave him a quick suck before applying it. Seth suggested they start in doggy and Alissia got on all fours on the bed and pointed her cute arse towards him. He noted how amazing it looked then stuck his cock up her pussy. “That’s nice and tight,” he noted. Seth pumped her slowly at first wary that it would be easy to cum in that tight teenage hole. Soon he was banging her harder which Alissia seemed to love. Seth suggested changing position. He lay down and she climbed on top, squat fucking him with enthusiasm. At one point he had to slow her down. It was obvious he was going to shoot his load and he was enjoying her pussy too much to let that happen too early. “That looks mint,” said Seth as she bobbed up and down on him. When Alissia tired they switched to spoons. “Tickle them balls as I’m fucking you,” requested Seth and Alissia was happy to oblige. “Yea fuck me,” she told him, playing with her own clit to increase the sensation. He told her to play with her own tits as well. Seth moved into the mish position and banged her hard like that for a while. “Where do you want me to cum?” asked Seth. “Do you want to cum inside me?” replied Alissia. Seth preferred to cum over her tits. So he pulled out and Alissia removed the condom. He stood beside the bed and Alissia gave him some more of her great OWO followed by a hand job. “Can I play with your pussy while you wank me?” asked Seth. Of course he could. This seemed to turn him on even more and he soon dropped a load of creamy spunk all over her small tits. “Was that nice?” checked Alissia. Of course it was! Another great session from this hot teenager.


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