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Moka's Surrender Spell (Rosario Vampire)

You've stumbled into the forest, far away from your home and deeper than mortals dare travel! You've awoken in front of a beautiful V4mp1re, Moka (Rosario V4mp1re) from the college in the area. No one's been able to find it due to monsters hiding, but you've ventured close enough to the grounds to make a V4mp1re catch your scent. Moka has seduced you completely, making you unable to move as well as unable to look away. All you can do is focus on her beauty and surrender to her whispers, her soft words, and her harsh aura. Clearly, she is a Goddess not to be messed with, so you happily oblige when she commands you to pull your pants down. You're already hard anyway, why not enjoy it? Why not surrender to pleasure? Why not surrender to a life of obeying Moka's whims and desires? After all, she IS keeping you safe out in these dangerous parts. Moka reminds you that out of all the beasts in the wood, she is the one they all fear... As Moka strips down, she explains that you will soon grow to worship EVERY inch of her body. Perhaps even places you hadn't thought were so beautiful on a person are suddenly lip trembling perfection! Moka will continue to motivate you telepathically. She will create stories of towns and jewels, sensations you hadn't imagined nor felt before and an utter feeling of peace of mind! Surely, the only thing to do is surrender to her commands and complete the pact, be her's forever... It's time to cum!


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