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Vampyre Vaga Mezmerizes You JOI video from Vaga Bong
Vampyre Vaga Mezmerizes You JOI by Vaga Bong POV - You awake to see the beautiful Vampyre Vaga looming over you. You seem suitable to her needs so she takes you! You blink in and out, you find your mind hazy. Vampyre Vaga turns even darker, her eyes become black. She requires your devotion, your lifeforce and your every bit of essence. You are in a trance, you can't help but do what the beautiful vamp says. You begin to jerk off, but then she bites you, draining you! You come to on the floor, staring at her high heels, then Vampyre Vaga picks you up. She is not done with you, you've been such a good little bloodbag, but she still requires more from you. You must give her your everything. She tells you to jerk faster, and to give your mind to her. But she doesn't want a weak little cum, she stops you in the middle of a countdown. You can't cum yet, you must give her further control. And of course, more of your precious lifeforce. You gaze upon her, into her dark black eyes, and at her pale, round bosom, as she counts down again, until she finally reaches 1...and drains you of whats left as you cum. You have proved useful, she will be back. ***This video is slightly low visual quality due to my camera not reacting well to so much black :/ CONTAINS NO NUDITY*** TAGS: bbw, vampire, domme, fetish, halloween, costume, black eyes, goth, gothic, horror, scary, fangs, corset, cape, hood, femdom, mesmerize, joi, countdown, edging, orgasm control, sensual voice, domination, bdsm, tattoos, piercings, altgirl

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