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Secret Fuck Doll for Big Bro

It seems you have caught your little sister in an awkward situation! Barging in on her typical weirdness wouldn’t be an issue, but there’s a heaviness in the air the suggests something darker is a foot… After you refuse to leave, her desperation really shows. Even though you’re her beloved Onii-chan, the tension between you two shifts! Vivi becomes incredibly horny as she admits to trying harness ties and watching herself in the mirror. Something about the way her nipples poke through her shirt, how her shorts ride up and give her a sexy wedgie, how she looks so much like a fuck doll! She has become obsessed with this new fuck doll trend and wants to see what it is like to fuck herself, so she gets a bit crafty with the mirror! She doesn’t even think of fucking you, well maybe for a second, just to laugh at the idea! Hell no! She is way too hot! You’ll have to watch and edge silently, and make sure you keep this a secret between s1blings…


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