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You’ve managed to score big tonight - you took a goth girl home from the club!!! You’re so excited you can barely thing straight! Or was that all the Ach.0hol? Anyway, don’t worry about it because you’re about to see what more fun the both of you can get up to tonight… She offers you something from her mouth and you’re having trouble resisting, why resist a good thing? Unfortunately you’re suuuuuuch a lightweight and the combo of Ach.0hol and extra’s has really knocked you on your ass! Is this girl… No, she couldn’t possibly be a demon, could she?! She moans and whispers in your ears and all the fear washes away as she teases and strokes your cock. She needs to keep collecting seed if she wants to stay on Earth, luckily you **** after a few loads! Are you secretly hoping she traps you? Comes back to continue milking and draining your balls? That’s the sort of Torment a man could get behind!


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