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Real Discipline: Part 2- Mouth Soaping and Hand Tawsing

In this video "Taken to Tears Twice" there are 3 major breakdowns of punishment. The first one was me taking two straps on my already sore bottom. This second clip here is two out of the ordinary punishments- an intense mouth soaping and a hard hand tawsing. It is a real punishment video that Universal Spanking and I shot after a serious of other spanking clips. I am sitting on my just strapped, and very sore, swollen bottom when he administers my first ever mouth soaping. Now that is bad enough, but he makes sure it is as embarrassing as it can be. He smears the soap all over my face and tongue after he gets it really wet. Then he makes me soap my own mouth until he tells me to stop. It drips down onto my tits and stomach. I look like a mess and the soap tastes gross. It starts to burn around my mouth and I cannot wait to get it off me! As soon as I'm cleaned up he takes me back to the bed for a hard strapping on my hands with the leather tawse. Only my second time ever receiving this as punishment, I struggle to take all 6 hits on each hand. There is still one more punishment left after this....the dreadful wooden paddles! ( serious punishment, real discipline, hand strapping, leather strap, leather tawse, unusual punishemnts, big hanging breasts, tummy rolls, soap, mouth soaping, wet and messy, self soaping, hair pulling, drip onto tits, soapy mess, white stuff on face and tits, reaction cam, topless, upper body cam, painful punishment, spankdani, universal spanking, clothed male naked female, tall and curvy, big tits, tattoos, red hair, long hair, part 2 of 3 series of clips, gagging, hand fetish, mouth fetish, @UniversalSpank) (video will also be posted on Universal Spanking's clip sites and please make sure not to purchase this video if you have on his sites)


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