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duration 6:47
Friends to Armpit Lovers video from MsCakes
Friends to Armpit Lovers by MsCakes Custom vid with the name “Ian” used once at the beginning. We’ve been good friends for quite awhile, but I have a little confession to make. I was too nervous to tell you in person, so I decided to make this video for you instead! First of all, I’m really glad we’ve been able to spend a lot more time together recently… but in that time, I’ve started to develop feelings for you. My instincts are telling me that you feel the same way, and I really hope you do! But there’s another thing - I’ve noticed whenever I lift my arms to stretch or tie my hair up, you always look over at my armpits. Well I’ve never told anyone else this before… but I’ve always had a bit of an armpit fetish myself. So if you wanted to admire my armpits that much, you should’ve just asked me! I’ll gladly take off my t-shirt to show them off for you right now. There… you love these pretty armpits, don’t you? Sometimes I find myself imagining you sniffing and licking them, and it gets me so turned on. I’ve never sniffed and licked my own armpits before, but I really wanna try it for you right now. They’re a little sweaty since it’s so hot in my room, so they definitely smell quite a bit. The scent is pretty arousing though, I have to admit… I can see why you like them so much! Now let me stick my tongue out and run it along the edge of my armpit. Mmm my warm wet tongue feels so good on my armpits, and I love the taste of my salty sweat on them. Don’t you wish you could smell and taste my beautiful armpits too? Well I’m looking forward the next time we hang out, when we can try doing some of this in person. I’m so glad I found such a great friend to share my armpit fetish with!
duration 46:11
Threesome with GF and best friend video from Brea Rose
Threesome with GF and best friend by Brea Rose My best friend PeachySkye has recently split up with her bf, she has came out with us for the night, she asks if we find it awkward with it just being the three of us, but we don't mind at all. In fact, we think this is the perfect time to tell her that we fancy her and that we would like her to join us in the bedroom.. she comes home with us and we are all so excited as this is new to all 3 of us. We strip eachothers clothes off, kiss each other and play with each others boobs. We know your cock is rock hard for us, we both take turns sucking your big hard cock, before peachy eats my pussy until I cum, then have to return the favour and make her cum too :P I then show her how I take your big hard cock and ride it while she plays with my boobs. I then get out a strap on, she fucks me from behind while I suck your cock before switching and I fuck her from behind too! Now its time for you to fuck my best friend, she bounces on top of your cock while sucking my strap on, you blow a huge load of cum in her pussy giving her a nice big creampie, I eat it out of her pussy because it looks so delicious and then we play with it in our mouths by kissing and tasting it off each other, you still look so horny for us so we encourage you to jerk your cock off to your girlfriend and her best friend. Maybe we should invite her round more often ;) Custom vid using the name Greg. Tags; role play, girl girl, kissing, boob play, blow job, pussy licking, orgasm, strap on, doggy, cowgirl, creampie, cum eating, dirty talk
duration 15:23
Lick Pussy Closeup POV video from Adulting
Lick Pussy Closeup POV by Adulting Sophie is horny for your mouth on her pussy. She tells you to lick her pussy. You lick and lick until Sophie’s pussy is convulsing on your tongue and cumming in your mouth. Watch Sophie’s pussy closeup as she grinds against your tongue, riding your mouth, your tongue sliding up and down, licking her clit and tongue thrusting in and out of her pussy hole. Listen to her moaning, talking dirty, and getting wet while you tongue fuck her. Enjoy lapping up her pussy juices after she cums right in your mouth. Video Tags: Pussy eating, pussy licking, tongue fuck, tongue, lick, eat, pussy eating, eating out, Cunnilingus, oral, oral sex, going down, closeup, cream, dirty talk, moaning, ASMR, eating, riding Channel Tags: Cervix, womb, uterus, reproduce, breed, pregnant, impregnate, breeding, cum, creampie, cream, cunt, closeup, close-up, 4k, dirty talk, eye contact, asmr, internal, endoscope, cinematic, professional, wedding, wedding night, honeymoon, newlywed, bride, wife, bred, raw, primal, horny, lustful, animalistic, intense, hard, ram, thrust, fuck, sex, missionary, POV, intimate, Internal, Extreme Close-ups, Magnified, Microscope, Endoscope, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Face, Eyes, Eye Contact, Smile, Giggle, 18, 19, 4k, POV, body, Adulting, Anatomy, Breeding, Clit, Creamy, Cute, Dildo Cam, Exploration, Face, Giants, Giantess, Gyno, Gynecologist, Internal, Labia, Lips, hymen, Magnification, Medical, Microscope, cream, creampie, moan, Squirt, Swollen, Talk, Tight, Tongue, Vagina, Pussy, ahegao, fuck, hard, loud, sex sounds, novel, unique, 360, tits, elf, fantasy, fairytail, Vore, Unbirth

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