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Santas Helper Brings Me A BBC For Christmas video from Davina Davis
Santas Helper Brings Me A BBC For Christmas by Davina Davis I've been asking for the same gift EVERY SINGLE YEAR for Christmas. A BIG BLACK COCK! I stay up waiting for Santa all night, each year, but he never comes, and I NEVER get my BBC. I was determined to get my giant black cock this Christmas, so I decided to write to Santa and beg him to make me a happy girl!

Dear Santa,

For Christmas 2018 I want a BIG BLACK COCK! I've been a verrryyyy naughty girl this year, but my daddy said you would forgive me for being such a slut! Please please please don't put me on the naughty list this year! I promise if you bring me the BBC I've been wishing for that I'll be on my best behavior!!!!!! I'll even do my chores every day! Thanks Santa!

Love, Addison

After I wrote to Santa, I decided I would stay up and wait for him, to make sure he gave me what I wanted. I waited up until 5am and still no sign of Santa. I had just about given up when I heard a bump by the Tree. I creeped out of my room and OH MY GOSH. IT WAS.... IT WAS......IT WASN'T SANTA! It was some slut dressed like SANTA! I demanded to know who she was and why Santa wasn't here. Apparently he was to busy at the strip club to make his rounds this year, so he sent his naughty little helper. I was just about ready to give up on getting my BBC when I saw something sticking out of her sack. I grabbed it and ripped open the wrapping paper. My wish finally came true! IT WAS A BIG, BLACK, COCK! Just when I thought this Christmas couldn't get any better, Santas naughty helper decided to strip naked and start fucking herself with my BBC! One thing lead to another, and we ended up sharing my present until we both squirted! This was officially THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!
duration 10:51
Mommy's Little Sissy Keds Sneaker Slut video from Mister Cox Productions
Mommy's Little Sissy Keds Sneaker Slut by Mister Cox Productions A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! "So, you know Mommy knows about your little sneaker fetish right??" she says while looking at you and holding a single black Keds sneaker. Earlier today when she went looking for her favorite pair of black Keds she noticed that one was missing and she couldn't find it anywhere! She ended up putting her white pair of Keds on and began to look around the house for her missing black one. She looked ALL over the house for it and still couldn't find it... until she came to your room and peeked into your door. She saw you masturbating with her missing sneaker! She actually thinks it's kind of cute and decided not to bother you in the moment. As you come out to the living room, standing there caught red handed while still holding Mommy's other black Keds sneaker, she invites you to watch her masturbate with the sneaker she has in hand while you masturbate again with the Keds sneaker you still have in hand! She rubs her pussy with the sneaker while rubbing her clit with her other hand. It's making her SUPER HORNY watching your big cock play with her sneaker as she's masturbating with it's mate. "Yeah... you wanna be my little sneaker slut??!" she says as she continues rubbing her pussy with the Keds while pulling out her big natural tits. She sees your big cock sliding in and out of that sneaker and wants to help you! She takes the sneaker from you and begins to play with your cock. She continues the shoejob, tapping your cock on the canvas and rubber then inserting your entire hard cock all the way in to see if she can fit it AND your balls in the sneaker! "Oooooooh yeah get the balls in there!" she says. It feels Soooooo good on your cock!! She jerks off your hard cock while inserted into the Keds shoe saying "My little sneaker slut is getting harder and harder... Ooooh yeah you like my shoes don't you!?". With your cock hard and your nuts ready to burst you know you shouldn't cum on or in her favorite pair of Keds. She bends over the chair and allows her little sneaker slut to stick your big dick deep inside her sweet wet pussy, fucking her doggystyle as you hold onto her cute little feet in her white Keds and white frilly socks. Mommy knows how much you want to cum on her sneakers so she turns around and sits back on the chair as you bust a HUGE nut all over her little white Keds and frilly topped socks as she says "Oooooh yeah cum all over my shoes... Good boy!". She wants to have a taste of your young sweet cum so she slips off one of her sneakers and licks your cum off saying "Mommy is gonna clean these up now!". This Stepmom / Mommy roleplay video is filmed entirely in POV / point of view with lots of dirty talk from Stepmom / Mommy Vivian with awaited responses. No male voice in this video. For fans of: POV, Point of View, sex, fucking, Keds, sneakers, sneaker fetish, shoe fetish, shoes, shoejob, shoe job, licking sneakers, licking shoes, shaved, Stepmom Roleplay, Stepmom, Stepson, Mom, Mommy, Family, Taboo, slut, sissy, Dirty Talk, Eye Contact, cumshot, cum on shoes, cum on sneakers, cum on Keds, Cum Eating, Cum licking, Cum, MILF, Big Natural Tits, Big Ass, Big Butt, PAWG, Big Cock, Big Dick, doggystyle, doggy style, masturbation, pussy play

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