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duration 20:13
Sex Ed 3: Boy Girl Positions and Creampie 3 video from Buffy LeBrat
Sex Ed 3: Boy Girl Positions and Creampie 3 by Buffy LeBrat This is the third installment in my sex education series, and this time it features my co-star Jack Rush. We further your education by demonstrating sexual positions between male and female partners, and advise on how to enjoy sex more with your partner. We talk about getting affirmative, enthusiastic consent, and demonstrate how to make sure this happens before engaging in sex with your partner - it's as simple as just asking. When we're both ready to go, we talk about the important of taking your time with foreplay, and chat about a few options that might put you in the mood, such as stripping off for each other, touching, kissing and setting the scene with other items to put you in the mood such as music or lighting candles. We touch on the importance of communication, making sure you're checking in with your partner to see what they like, and recommend using this 'checking in' as a form of dirty talk to heighten the pleasure. We talk about introducing sex toys and other sex acts as a form of foreplay, such as oral, before even getting to P-in-V sex. When it's time for some penetration, we try doggy style penetration, missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, with some variations to spice up these favourite positions. We both pace ourselves, and cum at the same time, but remember, that the pleasure doesn't have to end if one person has an orgasm first. Jack's cum fills up my creamy pussy, and you watch the cream pie drip out of my pussy as he pulls out, and get a nice view of my pussy after it's been well and truly served when I turn around to kiss. We talk about how it's nice to connect with your partner and cuddle after sex, as intimacy doesn't just end with an orgasm. We recommend some ways to follow up sex with some after care, and relax together. We hope our video helps you to feel more informed and spices up your sex life!
duration 25:45
Busty BBW sister fucks sucks and tittyfucks her bro video from Bambi Lynn
Busty BBW sister fucks sucks and tittyfucks her bro by Bambi Lynn This is a custom video that uses the name Norman and I refer to myself as Sarah. The third in the series of customs I’m your slutty big sister, and you’re always perving on me. You can’t resist my big tits or juicy curves and have to spy on me. I’m minding my own business in my room, shaking my big tits and bouncing around, feeling my curves, not knowing you’re spying on me. I drop something and bend over to pick it up, and you smack my ass! You’re such a pervert, what are you doing in my room!? I can’t believe you just smacked my ass! Why are you naked?? I told you we couldn’t do this anymore!!! But you’re so hard.... do you want to fuck me? Is that what you want? You want to fuck your slutty sister? You can’t get enough of them? I tell you can fuck me, we just have to be really quiet so mom doesn’t hear us.... she’s in the next room!!! I smack my big ass and tease you some more. I pull out only big titties and bounce them, talking dirty to you while I strip my panties off and show you my hairy pussy. You make me so wet, I can’t help but rubbing my pussy for you. I close the door and start to ride your cock! It feels so good, I love my brother’s cock inside of me. I ride and bounce my big titties, right by the door where our mom could hear!!! Moaning and talking dirty! Mom asks me questions, and I answer, trying not to moan or scream! My pussy is so juicy and wet and your cock feels so good inside me! I tell mom we’ll be done with my “homework” in a little bit and shush you! She’s gonna catch us if we’re not careful!!! I know my brother likes it when I ride him cock, but what he really wants is to lay me on my back and fuck me deep like that and watch my tits bounce up and down. My legs are spread wide open for my brothers cock and you stretch me out and fuck me deep and make my big boobs bounce and jiggle while you fuck me so hard! I moan and talk dirty, telling you how good your cock feels! I know it’s wrong but my brother’s cock feels so good!!! Then you flip me over and fuck me from behind (with my face and tits facing the camera) I bounce my big ass on your cock, moaning and screaming for my brother’s cock! I take it so fucking good and love every inch!!’ You fuck me like that some more, but then you want my big titties. I get them all wet and messy for you, so ready for your big cock. I suck on my nipples and tease them, ready for your cock between them. I know you love your sister’s big titties more than anything. You stick your big cock between them and I suck you off and titty fuck you! I dirty talk and tell you how much I love my brother’s cock between my tits!!!! I beg for my brother’s cum all over my big tits, sucking and stroking and tittyfucking you, and you oblige! Giving me a MASSIVE cum shot all over my big juicy tits. I love my brother’s cum so much. TAGS: taboo, kinky, brother, sister, family, naughty, risky, tittyfuck, blowjob, cum on tits, big natural tits, huge naturals, hairy, bush

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