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duration 10:50
Free Use Wife video from Fiona Dagger
Free Use Wife by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're hanging out at your friend's house when his wife gets home from work. She chats with the two of you for a bit then says she's sorry but she's exhausted from a super busy day - she's going to have to head straight to bed. You expect her to head up the stairs then, so you're a bit confused when she kneels down in front of her husband, and even more confused when she starts sucking his cock! She notices you watching and explains that she always gives her husband a goodnight blowjob - then she realises, how rude, she hasn't offered you one! She inists that she take care of you too, saying that as you're a guest it's her duty to look after you, and begins to suck and stroke both your cocks whilst chatting to her husband about her day. Your friend doesn't take long at all and soon covers his wife's face in cum, but she realises you're not quite ready yet and offers to ride your cock instead, as it will be quicker that way and she really does need to get to bed! As she rides your cock on the couch she keeps chatting nonchalantly to her husband about the visitors they'll be having soon, and her husband tells her that he's invited all of his coworkers round on Sunday. She gets a bit frustrated with this, telling her husband that she has loads of errands to run over the weekend, and that taking care of all of his coworkers won't leave her with much time - so how about she does them all at once, gangbang style? Your mate isn't sure about this but his wife insists it will be fine, reminding him of the time on their honeymoon when she handled all the resort staff at once! She then insists to you that you bring your wife round soon for dinner, telling you that it will be so much fun and if your wife isn't a fan of strap-ons it's no problem, she can just eat her pussy instead... After you agree to schedule a visit with your wife, she tells you that she really needs to go to bed now and starts riding you fast and hard, even offering to fake an orgasm to help get you over the edge! You agree and she suddenly and enthusiastically starts moaning as she rides you, convincingly cumming and making you want to cum as well! She encourages you to empty your balls into her, then climbs off you bidding you both goodnight and telling you how much she's looking forward to having you and your wife over soon!
duration 16:21
Art Teacher Loves Your Body video from Fiona Dagger
duration 21:14
Reunion With Your Cousin video from Fiona Dagger
Reunion With Your Cousin by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your family is hosting your extended relatives for a big reunion party, and your cousin pops into your room to ask if it's alright if she gets changed for swimming in here - all the bathrooms are taken! She tells you to close your eyes and begins to strip off, chatting to you about how it's so great to see you again after so long, and how you used to be so close when you were younger! Just as she strips down to her bra she catches you peeking out of the corner of her eye, and immediately spots your erection in your shorts... She doesn't seem mad though, instead giggling and commenting on how much you've grown since she last saw you! She cheekily strips off further in front of you, telling you to get it out, she's curious to see your cock... When you pull your shorts down she's amazed by how big it is, and falls to her knees to stare before asking if it would be alright if she touched it... One thing leads to another and soon your cousin is stroking your rock hard dick, whilst telling you that she's actually secretly had a crush on you for years... She begins to playfully lick and suck your cock, talking about how fun and dirty it feels to be doing this to her cousin, then eventually confesses that sucking you off has made her pussy incredibly wet, and would it be alright if you fucked her?? Of course you oblige her, bending her over and beginning to slowly fuck her pussy before building up the rhythm to pound her hard, giving her the best orgasm she's had in years! She thens begs you to cum on her face, saying it will be so fun to go back down to the party afterwards with her face all messy...
duration 20:50
Demi Delight of Leeds video from Jay Kennedy
Demi Delight of Leeds by Jay Kennedy Demi was casually dressed and they sat on the bed for a chat. Demi asked Andy if he was into domination which he is not. If you are into this service Demi would seem to be a good fit. It turns out she also runs two escort agencies in Leeds – Vogue Escorts & Pink Lace. I have had trouble finding these websites so if any punters out there know of them do send us links so we can update this report. Demi changed into her underwear in the bathroom and returned in a sexy yellow lingerie. She instructed Andy to get on the bed and he made himself comfortable. Demi wanked his cock until it was erect and then sucked him off. She specialises in deepthroat. Andy certainly seemed to enjoy it. Demi got her tits out then carried on with the blowjob. This time she paid attention to this balls much to Andy’s delight. Andy wanted to taste her pussy now, so Demi removed her lingerie so she was completely naked. Andy suggested 69 but Demi ignored this and suggested he do her cunt first. Andy did just that licking her out and fingering her as well. Suddenly Demi asked Andy to go easy on her pussy as it was “sensitive”. He suggested 69 again but she ignored this again and suggested she concentrate on sucking his cock. At this point Demi also worried about messing up April’s bed and the noise from the small room being heard in the corridor. It was all a bit stressful but Andy soldiered on. They started fucking in doggy. “Go easy on my cunt” said Demi. Bit strange for a porn girl but hey ho! They quickly switched to mish and fucked for a few more minutes, but Demi wanted to suck cock again. She does do this well, but Andy did want to fuck more. He eventually got to do her again in spoons and doggy. Andy ended the session by cumming over her face and tits. Demi is good at talking dirty while you do this and she genuinely seemed to enjoy the spunk all over her. Overall it was a rushed and stressful punt, mainly down to location. On reflection it would probably have been better to see Demi at her incall place in Leeds.

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