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duration 19:22
Pegged In A Medical Trial video from Fiona Dagger
Pegged In A Medical Trial by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and can be watched as a sequel to Fucked In A Medical Trial, but it's not necessary) You've arrived for your second visit as part of the medical trial you signed up for. The doctor asks you some general check up questions about your health and sexual habits since your last appointment, then explains that the dose this time will be a little different. She tells you that you should still expect the same sensations of euphoria and suggestibility, but this time there will be a couple of other effects that she wants you to focus on. You take the pill from her and are surprised by how quickly it kicks in, with a warm rush of joy coming over you, as well as a new sense of submissiveness. You find yourself hanging on the doctor's every word, and wanting to do whatever she tells you. She calmly suggests that you get down on your knees, and you obey her instantly. She seems pleased by this reaction and takes some notes about what a strong reaction you appear to be having to the medication. She gets you to remove your shirt and twist your nipples for her, and confirms with you that the pain in your nipples is now in fact feeling very pleasurable. She notices that you have an erection and examines it closely, taking lots of notes and gently touching and lifting it with her pen. She gives your balls a hard squeeze and seems amused when you breathlessly thank her, noting down that the patient has become very submissive indeed. She questions you about your anal experience, and seems pleased when you tell her you have none at all. She asks you if you would enjoy something being inserted into your anus right now, and you find yourself agreeing enthusiastically! She gets you to lie back on the examination table and pull back your legs, exposing yourself completely as she takes her time putting on a strap on and taking notes out loud. She begins to fuck you slowly, taking notes in a cool, detached voice as she narrates you becoming more and more desperate and debased. She remains detached and professional as she pounds you harder and harder, until finally you're begging incoherently for her to let you cum. Instead of answering or acknowledging your desperate cries, she simply fucks you harder, narrating your condition, until you just can't help yourself and a huge load of cum shoots out of your cock and covers your torso all over, leaving you sticky and trembling with humiliation and joy! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, posh accent, medical, doctor, nurse, bedside manner, cold, professional, personal attention, examination, solo female, roleplay, pegging, strap on, strap-on, strapon, anal dildo, pov, femdom, domme, submissive and breedable, mind wash, mindwash, mind control, slut training, sissy training
duration 30:34
Your Sister, The Escort video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister, The Escort by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've always been super close with your sister, so you're happy when she comes over to your place for a catch up, but you can quickly tell that there's something on her mind. She admits that she has something to tell you, and asks that you try and keep an open mind, before confessing that she's actually been working as an escort for the last 6 months. She tells you that your relationship with her is so important to her, and she knows how lucky she is to be so comfortable with her brother, so she was nervous to tell you in case it made you see her differently. You reassure your sister that you would never judge her and you're not mad at all, only wanting to check that she's being safe and is looking after herself. She assures you that she's being very careful, and is actually really enjoying the work - she likes sex, and she likes money, so this is a win win! You realise that there might be an opportunity here, and casually ask her if she would really have sex with anyone for money. She says yeah, pretty much, and you then ask her... What about you? Would she fuck you for money? Of course, your sister thinks you're joking and laughs at the idea of you hiring her services, but she gradually comes to realise that it's a serious question. She's surprised, and concerned that doing sexual stuff would have an impact on your close relationship, but you promise her that it wouldn't. It takes a little while to convince her, and she seems very nervous about the idea, but eventually she agrees to give it a go. She awkwardly undresses, unable to stop herself from giggling at the strangeness of the situation, and kneels down to suck your cock. You're rock hard and so excited as she stares at your dick, psyching herself up to actually put it in her mouth... Once she does, the first couple of minutes keep being interrupted by her helpless laughter; it's just so weird sucking her own brother's cock! She begins to realise that you get even more excited whenever she mentions how you guys are related, and so she ramps that up, enjoying your reactions. You can tell she's starting to get turned on in spite of herself, as she relaxes into it and sucks your cock more and more intently. She asks if you still want to fuck her, and admits that her pussy has gotten quite wet while she was sucking you off; she's really surprised at how much she's enjoying this... She lays on her back for you to slide your cock inside her, and it's not long at all before she's moaning about how good your cock feels, and how dirty it is to be enjoying her own brother's cock! She forgets all about her nerves and begs you to fuck her harder, so you flip her over and pound her in doggy style, pumping your cock into her until she orgasms intensely, shaking and groaning about how it's so crazy that her own brother could make her cum so hard... She kneels down and starts dirty talking to you about how she bets you're dying to cover her face in cum, begging for her brother's spunk, and you oblige her by shooting a whole load onto her face! TAGS: british, english, taboo, family affairs, wincest, redhead, ginger, posh accent, tattoos, tattooed, roleplay, dirty talk, bro sis, brother sister, escort, pussy fucking, blowjob, cock sucking, facial, cumshot, bg, boy girl, fam play
duration 7:39
Staring Contest Leads To Sex video from Fiona Dagger
Staring Contest Leads To Sex by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the name Seven is used throughout) You and Fiona have spent the whole night at this party flirting and teasing each other, and now she suggests you play a game! She asks if you ever did staring contests when you were younger, and warns you that she's very competitive... Taking you over to a quieter corner of the party, you begin to stare deeply into each others eyes, and the tension mounts quickly! Fiona giggles and tries to distract you, standing close to you and trying to make you nervous... But when this doesn't work, she decides to do something dramatic, and slips her hand down your pants to grab your cock! You're startled but manage not to look away from her eyes, and as she begins stroking you and giggling you decide it's only fair to put your hand up her skirt and start rubbing her pussy! She gasps and moans as you finger her but you both stay staring straight into each others eyes as it gets more and more intense, until Fiona is on the verge of cumming! You think she's bound to lose the game then, but she manages to keep eye contact with you all through her orgasm! She then steps it up another notch, stepping forward and positioning herself so she can slide your cock right inside her! You're amazed that she would go so far, but you keep looking into her eyes - that is, until she whispers dirty things to you to make you cum and you can't help but shut your eyes for a moment, it's so intense! She squeals and giggles in delight at finally having beaten you before reality sets in for both of you, and you realise you got so lost in each other that you completely forgot about the party happening around you! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, personal attention, up close, flirting, admiring, admiration, asmr, whispered, whispering, eye contact
duration 25:33
Messy Mom Son K9 Threesome video from Delphoxi
Messy Mom Son K9 Threesome by Delphoxi It's easter dinner and you and mommy are entertaining some family and guests, but mommy is just so horny now and you keep teasing mommy from under the table until she can't take it anymore!!! The two of you excuse yourselves and quickly get to a private room where mommy can finally have her way with her son's hard cock! Mommy quickly removes her dress and starts sloppily drooling all over her sons hard cock! slobbering begging and moaning !! Mommy couldn't wait much longer, she's simply going wild on your cock! There's drool dripping everywhere and mommy uses it to give you a footjob! She starts riding away at your cock and moans hungrily for more, but your dog approaches, he looks.....jealous! He's going to start barking and having a fit if we don't let him join. We don;t want the rest of the family in the next room to see our sick family display of affection so we invite the dog into our sex session to hush him! Mommy wildly rides your cock and starts sucking off your dogs big knotted dick!! Mommy is drooling everywhere while taking both of you at the same time! You love your whore of a mother and watching her suck and drool on that knotted cock just makes you fuck her harder and deeper until you blow a massive load in her pussy and it drips everywhere. You and the dog switch out and you watch and jerk as mommy takes his big knotted cock inside of her, using your cum as lube he has his way with your mommy while you watch! The two of you take turns cumming in mommy's pussy and mouth until she's covered with cum and slobber and completely used up by the two of you!
duration 24:36
Sharing A Hotel With Sis HD video from Fiona Dagger
Sharing A Hotel With Sis HD by Fiona Dagger (This video is also available in 4k!) Your sister was in charge of booking the hotel room for the night, and it seems she fucked up! She swears she asked for a twin room, but they've only given you the one bed. It's fine though, it will be like a cute little slepover like you guys used to have! She asks if you want to hang out or watch a movie or something, but you grumpily tell her you'd rather go straight to bed. Your sister shrugs and starts to get ready for bed, provocatively getting undressed just in your line of sight, and daring you to comment on it. You try not to watch but gradually find yourself staring as she gets changed, before sitting down on the bed in her short little nightdress. She bothers you for a bit and you can't help but notice how short her dress is! She laughs at you complaining about it, and tells you it's not like she's making you look - but you can if you want to! You're going to be sharing a bed together, so you might as well get comfy with each other, right? She pulls up her skirt to flash her pussy at you and at first you look away, horrified, but you soon find yourself staring at it. You manage to get a hold of yourself and tell your sister that she's being super weird, and you want to go to bed now. She sighs and huffs but lays down, pushing her ass closer and closer to you on the bed. After a while of wrestling with yourself you just can't help it, and you reach out to touch her ass and pussy, but quickly get freaked out and pull away. She sits up and demands to know why you stopped; telling you that she wanted you to do it, and she knows you want to as well! You try to protest, telling her it's wrong to do that stuff with your sibling, but she tells you she doesn't care. In fact, that's what makes it so hot. It's dirty and wrong, and that's why it feels so good. She takes your hand and puts it back on her pussy, taking your cock out of your pants to stroke it. You can resist less and less as she plays with your hard cock, and when she asks if you want more, you say yes... She begins sucking your cock, giggling and telling you how long she's been fantasising about this, and how filthy it feels to have her brother's dick in her mouth... She then rides your cock before you pound her in doggy until she cums hard on your cock, then begs you to cum on her face! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, roleplay, dirty talk, wincest, taboo, brother sister, bro sis, family affairs, boy girl, pov fucking, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, doggystyle, doggy style, cumshot, facial, cum swallowing
duration 15:36
Fucked In A Medical Trial video from Fiona Dagger
Fucked In A Medical Trial by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and is NON EXPLICIT - the sex is simulated off screen) You've entered into a medical trial and are going for your first appointment. Your doctor seems immediately attracted to you, complimenting you on your physique and telling you that she would remember you if she'd seen you before! She tries to stay professional as she walks you through what to expect from this trial - the pill you'll be taking will alter your suggestibility and make you more open to new experiences. She tells you that there shouldn't be any unpleasant side effects, in fact most participants report feelings of euphoria and peace. You say you understand and are ready to proceed, so she gives you a pill to take, then does a few basic tests on you while you wait for the effects to start - slipping in a few questions about your love life, how often you work out etc, which you're not 100% sure are entirely relevant to the test... Soon you begin to feel a warm glow and a tingling sensation in your body, and your doctor notices that you seem flushed and happy, asking you if you're beginning to notice some effects. You tell her you're feeling good, and she informs you that for the next part of the test she'll need you to disrobe completely. This seems fair enough to you so you happily strip your clothes off while the doctor watches, then stand there as she examines your body closely. She seems impressed with what she sees, taking her time to move around your body, and touching you gently. She checks with you that you're still feeling that euphoric glow, and when you confirm that you are, she tells you that for the next part of the test she'll need to remove her pants as well. You don't see anything strange about this so you tell her to go ahead, and watch as she quickly pulls off her trousers and panties. She tells you to lie back on the couch behind you and when you do she climbs on top of you and begins stimulating you with her hand, telling you that she's testing your responsiveness. You become hard very quickly, which seems to please her, and then you lie there as she mounts you, beginning to slowly ride your cock as she murmurs about how this is all a part of the test... She gets faster and faster, her breathing becoming heavy and flustered until you watch as she cums hard on your cock, just as you reach orgasm too! She quickly grabs a tissue to clean you up, then tells you that she got some very interesting data from you today but she'll want to see you next week for some further tests!
duration 16:23
Watching My BF Fuck Your Ass video from Fiona Dagger
Watching My BF Fuck Your Ass by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've just arrived back at your friend's dorm room after a class, and you sit down on her bed together to unwind a bit. Your friend asks you if you have a secret crush on her, and you don't know how to react! You try to deny it but it's obvious to her that you're crazy for her. She giggles and teases you but tells you not to feel bad, she doesn't mind at all that you've got the hots for her! It's not surprising anyway - you guys hang out a lot, and you're so shy and awkward while she's so popular and sexy... Of course you were going to develop a crush! She gets more and more into teasing you about how much you want her, and says she bets that you would do ANYTHING for a chance to fuck her. You try to deny this, but she begins caressing herself all over, lifting up her shirt and giggling as your jaw nearly hits the floor. She begins to strip off, gently mocking you about how desperate you are and how much fun she's having winding you up. She muses about how you're so shy on the surface, but perhaps there is a secret slut underneath, waiting to be let out... Suddenly she gets an idea and texts her boyfriend, explaining to you that she's decided to allow you to fuck her - but only if first you'll let her boyfriend fuck you in the ass while she watches! She's so turned on by the idea of watching you become a slut in front of her, and reassures you that you'll love it and you don't need to be nervous. Of course, you still are pretty nervous but the promise of getting to fuck her leads to you shyly agreeing! Her boyfriend quickly arrives and she tells him that she's got a treat for him - and for her, getting to watch! Her boyfriend grabs you and takes control as she watches closely, fingering her wet pussy and encouraging you! She tells you how proud of you she is as you begin to take her boyfriend's large cock in your ass, and gleefully labels you a slut like her now! As her boyfriend pounds your ass you can't hide how much you're loving it, and when you cum hard with his cock inside you it sends your friend over the edge too and she orgasms in front of you, before commanding her boyfriend to fill your slutty ass up with cum! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, bisexual encouragement, bbg, boy boy girl, bi, anal sex, anal instructions, domme, femdom, goddess, bratty domme, masturbation, fingering pussy, dirty talk, posh accent, gay encouragement, slut training, gentle humiliation
duration 23:46
Doctor Takes Sperm Samples video from Fiona Dagger
Doctor Takes Sperm Samples by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and is NON EXPLICIT - all the action is implied off screen) You're going for a testicular health check up, and the doctor looking after you calmly and soothingly talks you through the procedure, gently examining your balls and your penis to make sure everything looks healthy, before informing you that she'll now be taking several sperm samples for testing. She explains that they always like to get at least two samples as they often find that the first sample produced has much lower quality sperm, so she'd like to quickly get that one out of the way before moving onto the higher quality sample. For the first sample she simply strokes you with just her thumb and forefinger, rapidly making you cum and bottling away your sperm to be sent off for testing. For the second sample, she explains that she's going to cup your balls gently and change back and forth between a very rapid and then a very slow technique of stroking, as this edging style tends to produce the best quality samples. Once she's procured this second sample from you, she asks if you feel like you might have a third one left in you - as two samples was the minimum, but three would mean they could do even more tests. You agree to try, and this time as she's stroking you she seems slightly more flustered and distracted, as if she's unable to stop herself from becoming aroused by jacking you off over and over again. When you let her know you're about to cum, she suddenly decides that they don't need this sample after all, 2 was plenty, and that she doesn't want to waste a third specimen pot when it's not necessary - so instead she tells you that you should just finish into her mouth, holding out her tongue for you to cum on! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, posh accent, solo female, roleplay, professional, calm, bedside manner, detached, doctor, nurse, medical, medical exam, handjob, stroking, latex gloves, physical examination, glasses, nerdy girls, pov
duration 11:01
Eat His Cum Out Of My Pussy video from Fiona Dagger
Eat His Cum Out Of My Pussy by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Fiona greets you sweetly as you arrive home and tells you that she's been super horny all day! She asks if you'd like to eat her pussy and you agree eagerly, so she strips down and spreads her legs for you to kneel between them. As you begin to go down on her, she asks if you've noticed how wet she is today, and whether you like it... You tell her you love it, and she giggles, asking then if you like the taste? You tell her it tastes amazing and she encourages you to continue licking her, moaning softly and talking more about how much wetter she is than usual... After a while she asks you again if you really love the taste of her wet pussy today, and when you confirm that you do, she admits that only 5 minutes before you got home, she had a guy over - and it's his cum that you're tasting! You're surprised but curiously intrigued, as she explains that she's actually been meeting men for a while now, ever since you began to have trouble getting hard... She says that even when you manage to get fully hard, that your cock is so tiny that it hasn't been able to satisfy her fully! So it's fair enough that she should seek elsewhere to get her needs met, right? She asks if you want to carry on eating her out and is pleased when you tell her yes, you're actually quite enjoying the knowledge that she's just been with another man! She goes into more detail as you carry on licking the cum out of her, talking about all the huge cocks she's enjoyed recently. You keep licking and sucking at her clit, cleaning up all the jizz until she cums, then she tells you that next time she goes to see a guy you can go with her, so you can eat their cum even fresher! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, long hair, domme, posh accent, sensual, cute, playful, cuck, cucking, cucked, cuckold, size queen, cum eating, cei, roleplay, dirty talk, pov, sph, small penis humiliation
duration 12:34
Sis Teases You With Upskirt - No Subs video from Fiona Dagger
Sis Teases You With Upskirt - No Subs by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and this version has no subtitles - there is a version available with subtitles for the male speaking part!) Your bratty little sister barges into your room as you're chilling on your bed, wearing something that barely qualifies as a skirt. She seems to be wanting attention and tries to engage you in conversation, waving her hips around in front of your face - and it doesn't take long for you to notice that she seems to have forgotten her panties today! At first you try to ignore it, but as her movements become more and more obvious, you can't help but feel that she's trying to get you to look up her skirt. You try to hint this to her, telling her to stop her weird behaviour as it's not funny, but she insists that she doesn't know what you're talking about - all the while hitching her skirt up even higher! Eventually you call her out, saying that she's not wearing any knickers and she's clearly trying to get you to look, and she immediately accuses you of being a pervert - insisting that she didn't make you look up her skirt, you did that on your own! She becomes impossible to reason with, refusing to leave your room and being more and more provactive, and it's getting you more and more worked up. You're finding it impossible to look away, even as you protest and beg her to leave you alone, and your sister mocks your staring as she starts playing with her pussy. You're horrified but fascinated, and find yourself growing hard at the sight of your sister fingering herself and mocking you. As she gets more and more intense you try to warn her that she really doesn't want to carry on, but she doesn't listen.... And she keeps taunting and teasing you, with her pussy in your face, right up until she gets a surprise load of cum in her face! You couldn't hold it any longer - but hey, you did try to warn her! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, posh accent, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, taboo fantasy, siblings, brother sister, wincest, family affairs, upskirt, pussy, humiliation, brat, bratty, mean, bossy, facial, cumshot, fingering, masturbation

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