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My name is Dani and I have been a cam model since January 2016. A big (pun intended) reason why people love my shows is because of my out of nowhere huge ass, that is 100% real and natural. Its like two giant bubbles that have their own gravitational pull! I love to shake it and it doesn't take much to move it or make it clap. I love to do a lot of naughty things and try new, fun stuff when I can. Help me fulfill your fantasies and mine ;)

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POV Suck and Fuck with Will Tile video from
POV: Brother's First Sexual Experience video from
POV: Brother's First Sexual Experience We are watching a movie together and then I, your sis, notice you have a hardon. It is hard to ignore it as it is making a big tent under the covers. I start talking about it and you mention that you are a virgin. Not only that, but no one else has ever seen or touched your cock. That isn't right! I ask to see it and as I take it out I start to automatically touch it. It looks so nice and you start to enjoy the feel of my hands on it. I keep stroking it and then use my mouth as well. We have to be quiet as everyone is still awake in the house. I keep teasing, but then make out a plan with you to come back later when we can be a little more open. We meet back later and I start to tease your still hard cock by taking off my clothes. It is about time you saw a naked girl in front of you. I notice you staring at my ass and so I rub my big cheeks against your hard dick. We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves though, this is your first time with anyone after all. So I drop down to my knees and continue to stroke and suck you. I think my mouth is a bit intense for you so I switch to just my hand again, but its too late. You shoot your load all over me! It gets on my face, dripping down my chest. I look down to see the mess, but don't realize you are still cumming. I can't believe how much cum you have in you. I don't even care about the mess. I tell you how incredibly hot it was having you cum all over me. We will definitely be playing again! (custom clip, solo female, bro/sis roleplay, adult role play, POV cam, dildo sucking, dildo stroking, handjob, blowjob, hj, bj, suck toy, pajamas, tank top, shorts, bikini panties, strip tease, striptease, dirty talk, teasing, virgin fantasy, no make up, natural hair, brunette, brown eyes, eye contact pov, squirting dildo, grinding, assjob, fake cum, giant facial, messy, cum play, curvy, bbw, chubby, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattoos, on knees, 38dd tits, 51in ass, barefoot, size 11 feet, 32in thighs, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Eat My Fat Ass To Keep Your Job video from
Eat My Fat Ass To Keep Your Job You have been working here for a month now and I call you into my office. I don't think things are working out here with you. Sadly you seem to be getting worse at your job so I am gonna have to let you go. You beg me not to and say how much you need this job. I think for a minute and tell you there is one way I can let you keep your job. You have to eat my ass. I'm not joking. If you want to stay then you have to get down on your knees and stick your tongue out far to put between my fat cheeks! It is the only option for you to keep your job. Show me how much you wanna work for this. I stand above you as you get on your knees behind my desk. I lower my skirt and white panties just below my big ass. I spread and tell you to show me what that tongue can do. I taunt and humiliate you the whole time. I then switch to bending over on my chair so you can get even deeper. Don't stop until I tell you to, lick everything. I want to you taste my ass, licking up and down the crack and all the way deep in that tight asshole. After I tell you to stop, I pull up my clothes and let you know that this will be your new daily task from now on. Every single day after work you will eat my ass, working hard to keep your job! (custom clip, dirty talk, fetish talk, POV ass eating, solo female, boss/employee roleplay, adult role play, button up shirt, close ass view, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, ass spreading, big cheeks, round ass, huge booty, ass shake, pencil skirt, white panties, bikini spandex panties, long hair, brunette, straight down hair, brown eyes, light make up, femdom, humiliation, ass worship, slave training, bent over, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Big Yoga Ball BBW Booty Bounce video from
Big Yoga Ball BBW Booty Bounce I thought I had the biggest yoga ball out there, but I was wrong! I found an extra large one that is 95cm and can hold up over 2,000 pounds. I fell much more comfortable testing out this big ball against my huge booty. It makes my first ball look so small next to it. In just a bra and thong set, no need to worry about ripping any leggings, I sit on the yoga ball. It seems like the perfect height for me, like sitting in a soft chair. My giant ass still makes the ball sink down quite a bit, but it doesn't feel like I am on the floor. I decide to test this one out even more than the last one by confidently bouncing hard up and down on it. I don't show much restraint as I literally lift my feet off the floor while bouncing my big jiggly cheeks on it. I show a straight back view and some views of me swirling and bouncing on the new large yoga ball. This one should lasts with me! (custom clip, inflatable toys, yoga ball, weight talk, bbw, 245lbs, 5ft 11in, 52in ass, 32in thighs, 38dd tits, workout clothes, blue with red bra and panties, matching undergarments, sitting, ass view sit, bouncing booty, bouncing on inflatables, blow up toys, deflating, ass fetish, big booty, bubble butt, huge cheeks, thong, pawg, curvy, tall, thick thighs, tattoos, barefoot, hair up, high pony tail, brunette, brown eyes, no make up, all natural, spankdani, dani sorrento, calvin klein underwear, dkny bra, white leggings, tight pants, strip out of pants, squat, thigh workout, working out, gym equipment, size 11 feet, painted toes, yellow toe polish, long hair, ass slap, butt squeeze, custom clip, inflatable toys, yoga ball, weight talk, bbw, 245lbs, 5ft 11in, 52in ass, 32in thighs, 38dd tits, workout clothes, black bra and panties, black undergarments, sitting, ass view sit, bouncing booty, bouncing on inflatables, blow up toys, deflating, ass fetish, big booty, bubble butt, huge cheeks, thong, pawg, curvy, tall, thick thighs, tattoos, barefoot, hair up, high pony tail, brunette, brown eyes, no make up, all natural, spankdani, dani sorrento, calvin klein underwear and bra, squat, thigh workout, working out, gym equipment, size 11 feet, painted toes, long hair, butt squeeze, compare ball sizes, size comparison)
Slut Dirty Talk and Booty Clap video from
Slut Dirty Talk and Booty Clap I talk about what a dirty slut I am and how much I love it! It satisfies my need to be a slut when I use my holes and take cock. I tell you all the ways I enjoy a dick and sometimes more than one dick at a time. I can't get enough of it. I am such a fucking slut! I tease you with my filthy mouth and then I show you what my ass can do to help you cum. I have my long brown hair down and my thick curvy body is barely fitting in a sheer black one piece thong outfit. I even have some high heels on to lift my booty up even more. After staring at a close view of my face and tits as I dirty talk, I move farther away and show off my whole body. I clap my giant cheeks nearly nonstop as I beg for your cum. I turn to the side sometimes and other times I show you my ass straight on. I know you can't get enough of my bubble butt shaking for you. You are holding out so I give you a 10 second countdown and make you cum for me. I love being a good slut for you! (custom clip, dirty talk, slut talk, solo female, no penetration, long brown hair, brunette goddess, straight hair down, brown eyes, make up, dark lips, big eyes, sheer lingerie, one piece thong, black outfit, 38dd tits, big tits, perky breasts, chubby, bbw, fat girl, curvy, thick thighs, tattoos, 32in thighs, 51in ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, big cheeks, giant ass, booty shaking, ass clapping, butt jiggle, ass wiggle, bare cheeks, high heels, stiletto pumps, open toe shoes, shiny black and chrome heels, size 11 feet, tall girl, 5ft 11in, sweating, hot and sweaty, twerkout, twerk work out, cum encouragement, cum countdown, jerk off encouragement, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Step-Daddy Spies and Spanks in Tub video from
Step-Daddy Spies and Spanks in Tub After the clip "Step-Daddy Spanks for Stealing Money" I was sent to go shower. I do exactly as I'm told as I don't want to upset him anymore than I already have. I don't realize that he is spying on me as I soap up my breasts and sore bottom. He watches for awhile before I finally notice him and what he is doing. He just yells at me to get out and run the tub. I wait patiently while the tub fills up, not sure what he has in mind for me after already spanking my butt hard. He tells me to get in the tub and dip my butt down. I do so, but I don't know what he is thinking with this. I am told to stand back up with my wet and soapy bottom, then to bend over with my hands on the side of the tub. I thought my spanking was over with, but this one hurts even more! He uses his belt on me again, but the water brings an extra sting to these swats. I know to hold my position, he is in charge and can do whatever he wants to me. I try to be good as he keeps bringing his belt down hard on me. He has me soak my cheeks again as he grabs some more implements. It is starting to warm my booty up even more with the hot water. I am told to keep bending over, but this time he switches to a thick leather strap and that really has me howling! I still try to not move much, hoping it'll be all over soon. Lastly, he switches to a leather paddle with holes for the final strokes of this punishment. I am really being obedient now and learning my place and how he can punish me however and whenever he sees fit. I make it through the spanking and he adds further embarrassment to the situation by making me soap up my breasts in front of him while he lectures me some more. (role play, consensual roleplay spanking, slight taboo role play, step-dad, obedience training, naked, clothed male naked female, punishment, spanking m/f, spank, strap, leather straps, strapping, belt spanking, leather strap, leather paddle, bubble bath, washing body, soapy, suds, bubble butt, thick thighs, pawg, whooty, big ass, huge cheeks, pink bottom, sore butt, ass shaking, tall, curvy, thick girl, bbw, chubby, fat, jiggle, brunette, hair up, brown eyes, make up, strip out of clothes, shower, multiple cameras, multiple angles, Universal Spanking, UniversalSpank, Dani Sorrento, SpankDani, dirty talk, whimper, ass slapping, ass grabbing, caress body, hanging tits, 38dd breasts, 51in ass, 32in thighs, 5ft 11in tall)
Bubble Butt Yoga Ball Bounce video from
Bubble Butt Yoga Ball Bounce I tried the beach balls against my big booty, but this time I got a sturdy yoga ball. Thicker material and should be able to put all my weight on it. I was expecting the ball to be bigger, but maybe everything just looks smaller next to my tall thick body. It even looks small just compared to my giant ass! I sit on it and it feels like I am squatting low to the ground. I don't know if it is supposed to have that much give or if it just can't handle all of me sitting on it. I feel like I am gonna fall to the floor and rip my pants. I take off the skin tight white leggings and try sitting on the yoga ball in just my thong and sports bra. I try sitting down on it slowly now. I don't wanna pop it! I bounce a bit more and then try sitting where I don't put all my weight down. Kind of like a thigh work out. I mean that is what I wanna use it for, stretching and working out. I sit on it in a few different ways, all so you can see my ass better. That's it though, I think I need a bigger ball! (custom clip, inflatable toys, yoga ball, weight talk, bbw, 245lbs, 5ft 11in, 52in ass, 32in thighs, 38dd tits, workout clothes, black bra and panties, black undergarments, sitting, ass view sit, bouncing booty, bouncing on inflatables, blow up toys, deflating, ass fetish, big booty, bubble butt, huge cheeks, thong, pawg, curvy, tall, thick thighs, tattoos, barefoot, hair up, high pony tail, brunette, brown eyes, no make up, all natural, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, Calvin Klein underwear, DKNY bra, white leggings, tight pants, strip out of pants, squat, thigh workout, working out, gym equipment, size 11 feet, painted toes, yellow toe polish, long hair, ass slap, butt squeeze)
Becoming My Cuck Boyfriend video from
Becoming My Cuck Boyfriend (Prequel to "Cuck Bf Comes Home Early" and "Bull Party: Nervous Bf Cuckold Tease" ) You and I have only been dating for a couple of months now and my black trainer has invited us over for a pool party. You walked away all frustrated and so I leave to check on you. I mean what is your problem? You think I am flirting? I can't be with a jealous man! I keep checking on my trainer and everyone else enjoying themselves outside. All while trying to talk you down from acting so crazy jealous it seems. I keep looking over at the guys while telling you it is all in your head that I am flirting. You even say that my bathing suit is inappropriate. Which is crazy since this is the only type of suit I own and everyone else seems to be enjoying it. Soon a bulge appears in your pants and now I really know what is going on. You aren't jealous, you are turned on! You like that these big black guys are looking at me and I'm flirting with them. Let me just pose for them while you watch. In fact, let me just go outside for a bit, I have a surprise for you. Just stroke your cock off quietly while I'm gone. I come back naked now and wiping my lips. We are all getting ready for a gangbang outside, waiting for you to come watch. I actually started dating you for this very reason. I feel safe with you and I knew you were openminded. Come join, we are gonna start even if you aren't there. (custom clip, fetish talk, dirty talk, cuckold, cucking the camera, POV cuck, role play, bitchy attitude, flirty, black eyeliner, black lingerie, one piece thong, sheer black, chrome heels, high heels fetish, open toe stiletto pumps, walking, curvy, tall, thick, bbw, chubby, thick thighs, tattooed girl, brunette, brown eyes, bun head, hair up, painted toes, oily thighs and ass, oil fetish, oil on ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, big ass, huge cheeks, hip popping, standing, posing, naked, 38dd tits, 52in ass, belly, size 11 feet, 32in thighs, 5ft 11in, over 6ft in heels, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, prequel, custom series)
Punishing The Shrinking Captive video from
Punishing The Shrinking Captive You started off pretty small compared to me and definitely weaker. You were a frail thin boy when I took you and made you my captive. It has been months and you went from being just below my shoulder height to nearly at my waist! These suppositories that I have been giving you everyday have been working. You are getting smaller, weaker, softer, and even more feminine with this medicine. I don't know why you keep trying to fight me and insult me each time. Punching and yelling at me isn't gonna make it easier on you. Your feeble punches won't do anything to me. I just block the attempts with my hand, easily grabbing your wrists as you try to fight me. I let you keep trying until I have had enough and am ready to put you over my lap and give you the shrinking meds. First though, I have to punish you for trying to fight and insult me. I am laughing the whole time as it is just really cute to watch to try to struggle. You look over your shoulder while on my lap and stare up at me as I spank your small little bottom and then put multiple suppositories up your butt. I use lube to help, but I also apply some tiger balm to further punish you. You keep trying to kick and get away, but it is of no use. I am in control and you can't do a thing about it! I keep punishing you until I give you the last dose of your medicine. I then lay you down, since you tuckered yourself out trying to fight me. I do a little victory dance and remind you that you are mine! I'll see you later my weak frail feminine boy (custom clip, POV, punishment, shrinking fetish, up view, lower camera angle, solo female, no make up, messy hair, sweaty, naked, curvy body, brunette, brown eyes, eye contact pov, chubby, long hair, close tits view, angled cam over lap, otk spanking pov, anal tease talk, tattooed girl, tall female, bbw, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, 51in ass, 38dd tits, perky tits, fully nude, POV lifting, dancing, sensual dance, giantess, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, thick thighs, fat, belly, butt spread, asshole flash, booty shake, ass jiggling, wiggle body, spanking noises, hand spank pov)
Is My Ass Too Fat?- Jeans Tease video from
Is My Ass Too Fat?- Jeans Tease I come home from shopping and I am a little down. As my boyfriend you are concerned and so I tell you all about the skinny bitch sales ladies that were laughing at me and talking about how fat my ass looks in my jeans. I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but now I am feeling down. I walk around and show you my ass in my tight jeans. Do you think it looks too big? I mean don't just say it if you don't mean it. I keep showing it off and grabbing it. You know what, I think it is just that you don't have the right angle to really see how big it is. Why don't you get lower. From a seated view you now can see my ass looks even bigger. I am just so thick! I show off my ass some more in the jeans and even stand over you so you can see my tummy bulging out over the pants. I am gaining a little confidence and tell you to come meet me in the bedroom. I am laying over the side of the bed and asking you if you still wanna spank my big butt. I mean it is just so huge, I deserve a spanking just for that right?! You are still hesitant and so I change into different clothes now. I come out with sexier make up on, a black bra, darker jean capris and the new heels I got at the mall. I don't say anything at first and just put strut around, putting my hair up in high pigtails as I stare at you. I am really feeling myself and know how sexy I am. I tease my ass again and this time I come up to you and talk about how you just can't handle me. That's gotta be it. Why you just aren't appreciating me and my thickness. I take off my bra and strut around some more. Stopping to lower my jeans a bit and reveal my giant cheeks before clapping them. I can't believe you aren't enjoying this. I strut back to tell you off and talk about how I just wanted to shop around and look good for you to get your cock hard. I am just so cock hungry, but since my fat butt isn't gonna get you hard then I'll put it away. In fact, why don't you just leave. I'll find someone else to worship my big booty. Now a new person is standing there watching me bent over the bed. I am teasing a little bit and asking if they wanna worship and spank my fat ass. I can see they are enjoying it from how hard their cock is getting. Now I can finally suck a cock like I wanted, with someone who is gonna appreciate my thick body! (custom clip, teasing, POV boyfriend view, role play, shy and submissive to confident and bitchy, bbw, chubby, belly roll, bulging tummy, crop top, tight light jeans, denim pants, walking, posing, bent over, tall, curvy, thick, thick goddess, ponytail, hair pulled down, hair put up, pigtails, high ponytails, black bra, dark jeans, denim capri pants, white strappy heels, ass clap, thick thighs, bubble butt, big ass, huge cheeks, round booty, ass jiggle, butt grabbing, strip tease, perky tits, 38dd tits, 51in ass, 32in thighs, size 11 feet, 5ft 11in tall, solo female, body worship, light makeup to dark makeup, brunette, brown eyes, dirty talk, long hair, topless, booty slapping, spanking ass, self spank, booty clapping, ass clap, mouth tease, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Short Breaks JOI- Big Booty Wiggle video from
Short Breaks JOI- Big Booty Wiggle You know I love telling you how to stroke to my big booty. I hit my hand against my ass in just a tight dress and my hair up in a clip. This time it will be a little different though. I am going to give you a lot of breaks, but not long ones. I stop every couple of minutes or so to give you short little breaks- just a few seconds to calm down. Then we go right back at teasing your cock. I get all hot again, pumping my hand against my big ass. I give you one little bit longer break just for me to take down my long brown hair and strip out of my dress so I am completely naked! We go right back at it, make sure to pay attention to how I stroke. Telling you how tightly to grip your cock or to just tease one part of it or the whole thing. Always switching it up on you to make it a bit of a challenge. If you make it to the end then you'll be rewarded with a 20 second cum countdown to finally release that big load for me. (custom clip, JOI, jerk off encouragement, JOE, jerk off instructions, sweaty, full body view, tall, curvy, hair up in clip, hair pulled down, long brown hair, brunette, brown eyes, cum encouragement, big booty wiggle, ass shaking, huge cheeks, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattooed girl, tattoos, barefoot, painted toes, dark toenail polish, 5ft 11in tall, bbw, thick and curvy chick, solo female, 51in ass, 38dd tits, tight dress, size 11 feet, 32in thighs, strip out of dress, dress lifting up, big butt shake, jiggle, jiggly, chubby, little tummy, perky breasts, round ass, cum countdown, 20 second count, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Big Booty Brief Panties: Model and Ride video from
Big Booty Brief Panties: Model and Ride I get all dressed up for you in white thigh high stockings, a sexy dress and your favorite style of panties underneath. Some big full back briefs! These are light pink with thin white stripes on them and they are super stretchy. My ass still pokes out a bit cuz it is so round and juicy. I start by teasing you in my outfit, showing off the panties from all sides. Then it is time to enjoy the outfit even more as I ride a big hard cock til I cum. I slide down onto the cock, just sliding my panties a little to the side as I do. First my big ass faces you so you can see those big cheeks bounce and clench. I switch between riding up and down and then just grinding on the dick. It is feeling so good, but I don't cum yet. I switch around so you can see my face as I enjoy the dick to an intense orgasm. Grinding, sitting up and then leaning back to bounce hard! All in my dress, stockings and panties that you love. (custom clip, brief panties, fullback panties, light color underwear, light pink and white panties, tight sexy pink dress, white thigh highs, sheer stockings, panty modeling, full body view, long brown hair down, brunette brown eyes, tall, curvy, bbw, chubby, belly, thick thighs, long legs, perky tits, no bra, VPL, visible panty line big ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, huge booty, ass shaking, booty bouncing, ass clenching, clench cheeks, 51in ass, 38dd tits, size 11 feet, grind on dildo, white torso sex doll, male torso toy, solo female, face view orgasm, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, tattoos, tattooed girl, make up, bouncing tits, boobs bounce, solo orgasm, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Disrespectful Dani- Jeans Belt Spanking video from
Disrespectful Dani- Jeans Belt Spanking Dani decides to be a brat and dress inappropriately for family picture day. She was told to wear jeans and a white t-shirt, which should have been a simple request. Rebellious Dani wore skin tight jeans with a thong poking out, a thin white crop top that is basically see thru, and of course no bra. Her step-dad gets straight to the point and tells her to come in and bend over the desk. He starts spanking her right over her tight jeans with his belt. It doesn't take long for her to start saying she is sorry and drops the attitude, but her punishment is far from over. Since she didn't mind everyone seeing her tits through her shirt, she should just pull her tits over. The sting of the strap is really starting to hurt and that is when he brings out the dreaded wooden paddle. She takes her punishment and hopes it is over, but of course the jeans must come down. That thong isn't gonna protect her as he lays back in his belt. For further embarrassment though, he strips that thong down also! Dani can't take much more and is begging for it to be over, but her words fall to deaf ears. She earned this punishment. Another belt comes out that hurts even more and finally he brings out the paddle again. The end of her punishment is here, she just has to take 20 hard paddle swings to her bare bottom. (two different camera angles, one with butt view and some face view in the mirror, the second one is just straight clear face shot with part of the body in view. Switches between the two angles, but ends with the last bit with picture in picture) (spanking m/f, spank punishment, discipline, brat, attitude, strip, hanging tits, bare butt, denim jeans, thong fetish, leather belt, belting, strapping, strap implement, wood paddle, wooden paddling, big butt, ass jiggling, booty wiggle, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, thick and curvy, bright red hair, reaction cam, butt cam, bent over spanking, 38dd tits, 51in ass, 32in thighs, make up, long hair down, painted nails, butt rubbing, ATP spanking, assume the position studios, Dani Sorrento, spankdani)
JOI Strip Tease and Big Oiled Ass video from
JOI Strip Tease and Big Oiled Ass Let's get all hot and sweaty again as I tell you how to stroke your cock. I start off with my hair in a bun, a tight red dress on and a thong underneath. I go right into it and tell you how tightly to squeeze your cock as I show you with my hand how fast I want you to stroke. Always keeping you on your toes for how I am gonna switch it up and when I am going to give your cock a little break. Pay attention and listen to exactly what I tell you to do. My dress is struggling to stay on and I am already sweating. I take it off and am left in only a little white thong. I keep going with the tease, giving you random breaks and switching between showing you with my hand and making you follow along to my clenching cheeks. I told you I like to mix things up and make sure you are really listening to me. That is what makes it so much fun! I eventually strip completely naked and my long brown hair comes down. Of course I have to complete my look with some oil on my giant cheeks. I am just a hot mess and I know you are struggling to contain your cum. I make you hold out a little bit longer before I eventually give you a good 20 second countdown, when I get to one you can cum. Can you last the whole 30 minutes? (custom clip, JOI, jerk off instruction, JOI games, dirty talk, strip tease, bodycon dress, little red dress, white thong, naked, bun hair, hair pulled down, long hair, brunette, brown eyes, make up, sweaty, hot, oiled up booty, oil fetish, cum countdown, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, bubble butt, curvy, tall, bbw, 38dd tits, chubby, belly, tattoos, 51in ass, size 11 feet, barefoot, cock tease, solo female, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Big Booty Oil JOI: Shorts to G-string video from
Big Booty Oil JOI: Shorts to G-string You all ready for me to show and tell you how to jerk your cock off for me? I am wearing another cute outfit for you: Jean shorts, crop top and a little g-string underneath. I beat my hand against my ass to show you how fast to stroke your dick. Listen as I tell you how tightly to squeeze or which part of your cock to tease for me. I won't be too mean, I will give you some breaks. Maybe I'll even let you cum quickly >:) Just pay close attention to my motions and words. Now I think I am wearing too much clothing. I strip out of the very tight shorts, revealing my giant round cheeks to be seen fully. It is getting really hot in here though, so I eventually take off my top as well. I pull my hair clip out and let my long brown locks flow down. I even grab your favorite thing, oil! I rub it onto my bubble butt, keeping just my g-string on now. The oil from my hands getting all over my body and in my hair. I always keep you on your toes with the different ways I tell you to stroke. Never keeping it the same. I finally give you a cum countdown and let you release that big load for me. Did you listen well and wait til I let you cum? (custom clip, dirty talk, strip tease, short shorts, jean short cut offs, crop top, summer outfit, g-string, tiny panties, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, thick thighs, topless, oily ass, oiled up booty, ass shaking, long hair, brunette, hot and sweaty, 38dd tits, 51in ass, 32in thighs, barefoot, size 11 feet, full body view, tease and denial, cum countdown, cum encouragement, hair up, tattoos, jiggle, bbw, curvy, tall, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
Cuck BF Comes Home Early video from
Cuck BF Comes Home Early (related to/continuation of my clip "Bull Party: Nervous BF Cuckold Tease") I am all dressed up cuz my black trainer is over and I walk out to find you home from work surprisingly. I can't believe you didn't even call, how rude! You know what I am allowed to do on my own time and I plan on doing it now. Since you are here, you can either jerk off real quick or come watch me fuck him while you jerk off. You choose to take out your dick here and just watch me model for you. I am frustrated with you, but I pose in this tiny outfit you got me. Making sure to not leave my guest hanging, I keep checking on him while you stroke your dick. Showing off my body for both of you, but mostly him as I can't stop eye fucking him in the other room. I have my ass and thighs oiled up and I am strutting around in my sexy high heels. I keep telling you to hurry up and that I am here for you right now, but you know my attention is elsewhere. You finally cum and I go into the other room with my boy toy, ready to play with him. I come back out and am upset that you are still here. Now that you came you are upset that I am gonna fuck my trainer, but that isn't fair. I get to have fun, we agreed to this. Just leave already! (custom clip, dirty talk, tease, walking, chrome open toe stiletto pump heels, sheer black one piece, black lingerie, light make up, hair up in bun, bun head, brunette, brown eyes, tall, curvy, thick, bbw, tattoos, oiled up booty, oil on ass, oily thighs, slow walk, talking to cam, POV cuck, role paly, fantasy talk, fetish talk, naked, 38dd tits, 51in ass, size 11 feet, white girl, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, solo female, nude, side view walk, full body view, brat girl, bitchy attitude, annoyed, flirting, posing, rushed jerk off encouragement)

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About Me

Joined Nov.29, 2016

My name is Dani and I have been a cam model since January 2016. A big (pun intended) reason why people love my shows is because of my out of nowhere huge ass, that is 100% real and natural. Its like two giant bubbles that have their own gravitational pull! I love to shake it and it doesn't take much to move it or make it clap. I love to do a lot of naughty things and try new, fun stuff when I can. Help me fulfill your fantasies and mine ;)

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  • Dani Sorrento photo
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  • Dani Sorrento photo
Age 28
Height 5'11"
Weight 175 lbs
Bra Size 34DD
Body Type Curvy
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Other (dyed)

My Stats

Videos 244
Views 117,603
Loves 65
Faved 251

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Let me make your fantasies come to life! I can tease you, please you or make you obey. Tell me your deepest desires and I will put them to life... if you don't inquire then you'll never be satisfied

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