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Expectations Ruined: Asthalia tied, teased and tormented

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32:17 | Added 10 months ago

Asthalia has spent the last week denied and edging, a good little tease toy getting ready for the shoot. By this point they're nicely desperate and ready for release... but they're going to have to work for it.

Or maybe it's more accurate to say they're going to have to suffer for it. Because once they're tied down, there's not much more they can do but take whatever Sinister chooses to inflict on them. Asthalia is quickly reduced to nothing but a needy slut, their early bravado lost to moans and whimpers and begging. Their mind utterly focused on the orgasm that is held just out of reach.

Whether it's pleasure from toys and fingers or pain from slaps and cane strikes they just can't get enough. They beg for more, beg for release, until finally Sinister gives them a countdown to the orgasm they so badly need.

Such a shame that he decides to remove all stimulation just as they tip over the edge, ruining the orgasm and leaving Asthalia panting, whimpering, and utterly unsatisfied...

More Asthalia can be found at twitter.com/Asthalia1

More Sinister can be found at twitter.com/SinisterDenial


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