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What you wish for: Dozens of orgasms torn from Kit's helpless body

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This was shot the day after Breaking Point, and so Kit is pretty desperate to cum. Luckily, Sinister isn't always mean. Sometimes she gives toys exactly what they ask for. And this is one of those times, something that Kit seems very excited about. Kit's going to get to cum.

Of course there's a bit of teasing first. Important to make sure that Kit is in the mood. But when she does get it, Kit's first orgasm seems to be rather intense. As does the second, and the third.

By the tenth, the poor bound girl is starting to be a little less coherent. By the twentieth she's thrashing around, the pleasure too much for her to handle. By the sixtieth the orgasms are almost constant, one following the next with barely a space between.

Sinister's fingers drive Kit over the edge again and again. Every degrading word thrown at Kit makes her cum harder. Every orgasm makes her more sensitive and ready for the next. She has no way to stop it, no way to avoid the pleasure that's overwhelming her. She just keeps cumming.

One hundred and two orgasms. By the end Kit is just a puddle of submissive, surrendered toy. Eager for whatever more is to happen to her. So surrendered to the pleasure that Sinister has brought that the last orgasm comes just from Sinister's command. And afterward, Kit just wants to see how much more broken she can get next time.

More Kit can be found at https://linktr.ee/LisaKitto

More Sinister can be found at http://sinisterdenial.com


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