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Given away: Edging HypnoHedonista must give away her squirting orgasms to Eryn Rose

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Hedonista really enjoys cumming. Of course she does. Particularly when she's when the gorgeous Eryn is standing over her, teasing themselves with a wand. Particularly when she's tied down. And particularly when Sinister is doing her best to edge poor Hedonista to distraction.

But she's not going to be allowed that orgasm. Instead Eryn is going to get to cum, and cum, and cum. And Hedonista is going to beg for it. Because the only way Sinister is going to stop the edges is for Hedonista to ask Eryn to cum.

Which they do. Often. And messily. Soon Hedonista is soaked as a result of Eryn's squirting orgasms. Begging, desperate, her edges just coming faster and faster as Eryn cums harder and harder... it's all she can do to keep it together. Though the ropes holding her down ensure that she'll take as much as Sinister decides to give her.

By the end Eryn is very well satisfied. Despite how many orgasms she's been given - albeit someone else's - Hedonista is somewhat less so. Both very good toys, and both quite a mess...


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