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Teased to Tears: HypnoHedonista bound, edged, and begging

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Hedonista has been waiting... a while. 117 days without orgasm, to be precise. She's desperate, aching, eager for release.

Of course, Sinister doesn't give her one. Instead, bound and vulnerable, she's treated to edge after edge with toys and fingers. Making her wait for even the slightest stimulation, teasing her with penetration that doesn't quite happen. Then, of course, with fucking her with a dildo until the teasing is almost too much to bear. Spanks to her exposed cunt to keep her paying attention.

Hedonista starts off asking, then starts begging, then the tears begin. Her moans and whimpers are delicious, and no matter what she says her denial stays intact. Left aching, shaking, and utterly, frustratingly without orgasm.

117 days down... still more to go.

You can find more Hedonista at linktr.ee/hypnohedonista
You can find more Sinister at sinisterdenial.com


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