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Use your words: Kayleth's begging deteriorates as her mind is overwhelmed

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Kayleth tells Sinister that she's not good with words. She doesn't find it easy to ask for things, and certainly not when in-scene. So, of course, he tells her that she's only going to get the touching that she's so desperate for if she asks for it. Properly.

After a few tries Kayleth finally convinces him to start teasing her properly, but of course it then gets a lot worse. She's quite the submissive, usually able to accept anything she gets... but edging is her weakness and before long she's truly begging. Each denial just gets her more and more needy, and drives her desperation to new heights.

Unfortunately for her, with such entertaining noises the result of denial Sinister sees little point in allowing Kayleth a release that would result in it stopping...

More Kayleth can be found at https://onlyfans.com/kayleth
More Sinister can be found at http://sinisterdenial.com


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