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duration 104:52
Extreme public dice game video from IviRoses
duration 10:09
You Always Lose video from Miss Audrey Arrow
You Always Lose by Miss Audrey Arrow It was so stupid of you to think that we were actually on a blind date. All it took was me grabbing your balls, and then it was so easy to get you to lie down so I could tie you up. Now that you're in bondage, vulnerable and completely at my mercy, I'm going to give you two options. One, we play a little game. Or two, I fuck you in the ass with my strap-on cock. Oh, the game sounds better? Well, here's how it works: if I cum first, you win, and I have to let you go. If you cum first, I win, and then I get to do whatever I want with you until your body is completely drained of cum. I'm gonna make you cum first. Even with a vibrator on my clit at max strength, I'm gonna suck your cock so hard that you won't be able to stop yourself from cumming first. ...Well, ok, so I came twice. What, do you really think that means I'm going to let you go? You're even stupider than I thought. When you're tied up like this, I'm completely in control. Whatever game I want to play with you, you will always lose. I take my silk nightgown off and command you to lick my tits, nipples, and wet clit. I tell you that you better shut up and kiss me as I slide my pussy onto your dick. I'm going to make you come inside of me again, and again, and again, and again, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. You lost my game, and you will always keep losing. This video was a custom request. Contact me today to get your own custom video. Show me your love and devotion for what I do. Use a markup code to give me a nice tip. 25%: MARKUP25 50%: MARKUP50 99%: MARKUP99
duration 33:23
Hypnosis vs Fucking Machine - Teased, Denied and Brainwashed into Chastity video from Mesmerotic
Hypnosis vs Fucking Machine - Teased, Denied and Brainwashed into Chastity by Mesmerotic Bound physically by ropes and mentally by Sinister's control, Imaginatrix is the subject of today's experiment. Desperately horny, Trix has spent 24 days edging, teased and denied orgasm. Sinister has been weaving his hypnotic words deep into her psyche, removing her ability to reach climax without his permission. And now it's time to put her obedient mind to the test... Our hypothesis was thus: Trix is so utterly mindfucked at this point that no matter how wonderful the pleasure feels, how many ways she's fucked or for how long, orgasm will evade her. Our method: A fucking machine, a doxy, and an emotionally sadistic hypnodom who's ready to make her suffer... FOR SCIENCE! Abstract: Alongside the denial, Sinister uses hypnotic stimulation to ensure the subject is whimpering with need and bucking her hips against the dildo before the machine is even started. What begins with Trix moaning with pleasure soon turns into melting her mind, her eyes rolling and fluttering as Sinister re-enforces the hypnotic hold he has over her pleasure. Mantras begin spilling from her mouth as she shudders and shakes, dissociating from her humanity into the understanding that she is just a toy who doesn't need to cum, as the machine relentlessly fucks her mind away. Will the victory be for engineering, or hypnosis? Will Trix's mind ever be the same again? Will she get locked away in the chastity belt that awaits if Sinister's machinations prove a success? Time to find out. Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://hypnohedonista.com Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 16:00
Fun Friend Activity- Tie Me Up! video from Dani Sorrento
Fun Friend Activity- Tie Me Up! by Dani Sorrento My friend and I switch off between choosing activities to do when we hang out. This weekend it is my turn to decide. I finally have gotten up the courage to bring up what I have really wanted to do. Have him tie me up! I tell him I just need to get ready, not filling him in on what we are gonna do yet. I come out in just my undergarments on and heels. I am wearing a thong under my full retro style girdle attached to thigh highs topped off with my closed toe stiletto pumps. I straddle him and reveal the rope in my hands. He is more than willing to do what I want. He starts to tie my hands behind my back as he questions me on why I didn't ask him to do this sooner. I was just shy and didn't know if he would since we are just close friends. He does a really good job tying me up and even finds some sponges and tape to gag me. My legs get 3 different ties on them for my ankles, knees and thighs. My hands behind my back and a rope bra with a crotch rope to complete the look! He decides to tease me now that I am tied and uses a hitachi on my clit, bending me over the couch. Taking it away to watch me struggle and beg for it back. I am then placed on the couch completely while he brings back the vibrator. Now it isn't fair that I should be the only one having fun now. (Steve Villa bondage, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, SteveVillaGNBD, roleplay, adult role play, bondage, BDSM, orgasm control, hitachi, ropes, tied up, damsal in distress, lingerie, retro undergarments, girdle, bustier, garter, stockings, black thigh highs, thong, g-string, high heels, stiletto pumps black, brunette, brown eyes, sponge gagged, tape gag, bbw, tall, curvy, female orgasm, thick thighs, tattoos, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, big ass, long legs, big feet, 38dd tits, 51in ass, size 11 feet, clothed male, tits pulled out, consensual play)
duration 30:28
Mommys Cross-Dresser video from Harley Sin
Mommys Cross-Dresser by Harley Sin What a loving, caring, encouraging mommy. She loves you exactly how you are. Her perfect, bisexual, cross-dressing son. And you know the house rule, you’re only allowed to cum when mommy watches. She wore your favourite dress today, she knows you have your own dresses and panties, but she wants you to wear hers today. She takes off her little black dress to your favourite. Black lingerie, stockings, and no panties. She has your favourite toy, she wants to see you put that plug inside your tight ass. She wore her panties all day, and kept them for you to wear. She send you away to get the stockings she forgot for you, and you come back, so pretty in her dress, panties and thigh highs. She knows you love to worship her body while you stroke it. Rule number 2? You’re only allowed to cum when mommy says so. And she’s got a surprise for you today, since she knows all your kink, all your fetishes. Mommy loves to watch you stroke it, but make sure you don’t cum until she says. She can see your cock jerking, and she’s close. She gets out her Hitachi, she knows if you get the spot just right, inside the panties, throbbing. Mommy knows how you like to cum, doesn’t she? Are you going be a good boy and cum for mommy? You have to hold back until Mommy is ready to cum, and she is is going to cum SO hard for her boy XO Fantasy includes: taboo, kink, mommy roleplay, cross-dressing, butt plug, Hitachi, panty fetish, dirty talk, virtual sex, mutual masturbation, lingerie, stockings, love

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